Stop The Memorial Blogburst #2: Why Only 38 Memorial Groves?

One prominently advertised feature of the Flight 93 Memorial is the “40 Memorial Groves,” one for each of the murdered heroes:

40 Memorial Groves graphic
Why then does the actual design only contain 38?

Graphic of 38 groves

The Memorial Groves are built into the crescent of what was originally called the Crescent of Embrace. The crescent forms part of the symbolic heavens in architect Paul Murdoch’s crescent and star shaped design. Infidels cannot be memorialized in the Islamic heavens, so the 38 Memorial groves have to be a memorial to someone else. Who?

It is a simple geometric fact that a line across the most obtruding tips of the crescent of Memorial Groves points approximately to the White House:

Graphic of White House to crash-site line
A line across the Memorial Groves has the same slope (129° clockwise from north) as a line between the crash site and area of Washington DC that contains the Pentagon, the White House and the Capitol.

Notice also that the 38 groves can be seen as a set of 19 nested crescents. Take two groves away from the arc of 38 and a line across the tips of the remaining 36 will also point to the White House. Ditto for 34 groves, 32, etcetera, down to 2. One nested crescent for each of the nineteen 9/11 terrorists, each pointing to Washington, the specific target of the Flight 93 and Flight 77 terrorists and the symbolic target of all nineteen 9/11 terrorists.

Architect Paul Murdoch proves that he intends the 38 groves to be seen as a set of 19 nested crescents by surrounding the Tower of Voices with its own set of 19 nested crescents:

19 nested crescents in Tower array
The Tower array contains nineteen nested crescents of various lengths, some as short as two trees, the same as with the Memorial Groves. Using arcs as short as two trees long is Murdoch’s trick for hiding the number of nested crescents in the Tower array. It isn’t until one finds the 19 nested crescents in the Memorial Groves, where the shortest crescent is made up of only 2 groves, that one knows to count the pairs of trees as crescents.

The Tower array also contains four single trees, giving special recognition to the four Flight 93 hijackers.

If anyone wants to think that this is coincidence, that is fine. (If not for all the other Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the design, it might even be reasonable.) But even if it is coincidence, the American people still need to know that the planned Flight 93 memorial does in fact contain two sets of 19 nested crescents, and decide for themselves whether it is okay that the memorial contain elements like this that can be interpreted as honoring the 9/11 terrorists.

Fuller explanation of the Murdoch’s 19-nested-crescents theme here.

What can you do? Some suggestions here.

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Yawn: Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Smeared By Campus Lefties

Gee, who didn’t see this one coming?

Since the dishonest smear is the left’s stock and trade these days, why should we be surprised when they disperse hundreds of fake fliers around and about George Washington University designed to make the Young America’s Foundation look like racist bigots?


The Washington times names the culprits:

A group of seven GW students sent an e-mail to The Hatchet late Tuesday night admitting to hanging hundreds of controversial posters around campus early Monday morning.The students – Adam Kokesh, freshman Yong Kwon, senior Brian Tierny, freshman Ned Goodwin, Maxine Nwigwe, Lara Masri and Amal Rammah – said their motives were misinterpreted. . . .
Kokesh, a graduate student and Iraq War veteran, gained celebrity over the past year because of his vocal opposition to the war. Nwigwe and Rammah are also graduate students.

They are weakly trying to pretend it was just satire, which is the usual lefty excuse for this sort of thing.

Bryon Preston at Hot Air recognized one of the names:

As soon as I saw it, the name Adam Kokesh rang a bell. He’s the Marine vet who got in trouble for wearing his uniform to anti-war protests, and who heads up the Iraq Veterans Against the War. They were so careful about who they associate themselves with that they touted phony soldier Jesse MacBeth — until Hot Air and others outed him.MacBeth is currently in jail for fraud. Kokesh, an actual vet, evidently didn’t notice all the problems with MacBeth’s uniform and outlandish stories, or didn’t care that his organization was propping up a liar.

Irony of ironies.

At his blog, Kokesh supposedly fights for the free speech rights of vets.

On campus, he uses dishonest smears to discredit the free speech of conservative students.

I guess the old adage, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it” doesn’t apply to conservatives.

Bryon thinks the involvement of Kokesh portends an intentional slander. I’m inclined to agree.

David Horowitz of FrontPageMagazine has more on the smear merchants:

Its authors, cowering behind anonymity, are part of what has become a national movement to attack Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

(The culprits have been made known since this was written)

This movement is the work of the Revolutionary Communist Party, the Socialist Workers Party and the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee. It has one unvarying, malicious theme: that we are anti-Muslim. The Socialist Workers’ Party has mobilized its cadre with the charge that IFAW will “demonize Arabs and Muslims.” The Revolutionary Communist Party, which has threatened violent disruptions of this event, claims that we are committed to “the vilification of immigrants from the Middle East and Muslims of all countries.”

Well well well….. Commies! Who’da thunk it?

UPDATE (10/10):

FrontPageMagazine has an article up today about a case of censorship at Columbus State Community College.

A former (disgraced in the House Banking Scandal) congresswoman is preventing student leaders of The Terrorist Awareness Project from posting the fliers about the upcoming Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

She now is the President of the Arab Anti-Defamation Committee (ADC) which purports to be a civil rights organization, which is, of course ironic because she’s trying to stifle the free speech of Campus conservatives.

Funny how leftists keep running into this conundrum.

The most notable characteristic of fascism is the separation and persecution or denial of equality to a specific segment of the population (conservatives) based on superficial qualities or belief systems.

Schmoozing With Terrorists

Well, this book, Schmoozing With Terrorists has been out for several weeks, but for some reason, today is the first I’ve heard of it.

Aaron Klein, a Jewish reporter traveled to terrorist enclaves in the West Bank and spoke directly to the militants themselves. They share their thoughts on American celebrities, who they would like to see in the White House, and why they kill and maim.

Atlas Shrugs blogged about it last month, when it first came out. She has an interesting video of Klein asking some terrorists about the 72 virgins, with an assist from Rusty Humphries.

Guess who the terrorists’ choice for president, is?

“I hope Hillary is elected in order to have the occasion to carry out all the promises she is giving regarding Iraq,” stated Ala Senakreh, West Bank chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorist group.

Abu Hamed, leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades in the northern Gaza Strip, explained in “Schmoozing” Clinton’s repeated calls for a withdrawal from Iraq “proves that important leaders are understanding the situation differently and are understanding the price and the consequences of the American policy in Iraq and in the world.”

The Iraqi resistance is succeeding,” stated Hamed. “Hillary and the Democrats call for withdrawal. Her popularity shows that the resistance is winning and that the occupation is losing. We just hope that she will go until the end and change the American policy, which is based on oppressing poor and innocent people.”

Not that that’s surprising.

Anyway, sounds like a good read.

Is “An Inconvenient Truth” Being Shown In US Classrooms?

After reading about the British court ruling on the showing of Al Gore’s controversial film in public schools, I got to wondering if it was actually being allowed in US public classrooms.

Although, The National Science Teachers Association rejected The Inconvenient Truth’s production company’s offer to donate 50,000 DVD copies of the film to schools around the country, because of concern that other special interests might ask to distribute materials, too, it is still being shown with impunity in some areas.

The Department of Education in Michigan, for instance, now requires public high school teachers to cover the subjects of global warming and the greenhouse effect.

An Inconvenient Truth is seen by some to be a useful teaching tool.

Lindsay Knippenberg believes she was teaching sound science when she showed her South Lake High School environmental class a documentary about global warming.

The documentary being, An Inconvenient Truth, of course.

She insists no alternative viewpoint is needed. Naturally, some disagree.

In Federal Way, Washington, a plan to show the film to a seventh grade science class sparked anger, and a backlash.

The teacher in that science class, Kay Walls, says that after Hardison’s e-mail she was told by her principal that she would receive a disciplinary letter for not following school board rules that require her to seek written permission to present “controversial” materials in class.

As a result of this, The Federal Way School Board was bombarded with thousands of emails and phone calls from eco warriors, many of them hurtful and obscene.

The ‘progressive’ Common Dreams organization has devised a strategy for igniting climate action in our nation’s schools.

Here is The Inconvenient Truth Educator’s Resource.

And sadly, here, a proud mom (from I don’t know where) gushes about her newly brainwashed children:

With a tear in his eye, and my son looking scared to death asked, “Mommy, will we have time to sell our house or will we be washed away in the big flood.”

My eldest daughter asked as I was tucking her in bed tonight, “Mom, if I am successful in becoming an astronaut and I go up in space for a long time, when I return will I still be able to breathe the air that’s left on planet earth and will it smell awful?”

My middle one asked, “Mom, can we start doing more to recycle and save on electricity around the house?”

I can’t help being reminded of Che Che.

Al Gore will probably win the Nobel Peace Prize for scaring the daylights out of people with his propaganda film.

In the meantime, why hasn’t anybody on this side of the pond considered court action to put an end to this blatant political indoctrination?