Hospital And Police Wrangle Over State Senator’s Urine

For a change, there’s no guessing game as to the errant politician’s party affiliation:

Graham, D-Columbia, was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after police said Graham rear-ended a minivan near his south Columbia home.

According to an incident report released by police, Graham at first denied he had been drinking, then told an officer that he had “a few drinks.”

He was just being nuanced.

It seems Graham was not very cooperative with Donald Weaver, the officer, either. He steadfastly refused to do the necessary sobriety tests:

According to the report, at the scene of the crash Graham said his “paralyzation problem” made it impossible for him to undergo the sobriety tests. Specifically, he told police he could not move his eyes from side to side without moving his head.

Graham uses a wheelchair as a result of a car accident that left him partially paralyzed when he was 16.

The officer claims he asked Graham “no less than six times” whether he would submit to a breathalyzer. He finally agreed, but as Weaver was preparing the breathalyzer with a sterile mouthpiece, Graham changed his tune and said he needed medical assistance. He had a bruise on his arm.

Weaver then warned Graham that his statements constituted refusal under Missouri law, the report states.The license of a driver who refuses a Breathalyzer or other chemical test is automatically suspended for one year, according to a Missouri statute.

This is where it gets interesting…..Graham was then transported to University Hospital where Weaver attempted to collect a bag of Graham’s urine.

The report said Murray, emergency room doctor Scott Schultz, a nurse, a hospital administrator and two security guards attempted to prevent Weaver from taking the urine.

“Schultz was angry,” Weaver writes in the report. “His fists were clentched (sic) and the muscles in his forearms were flexed. His voice got progressively louder. He began pointing his finger at me as he continued to yell at me and order me to relinquish custody of my evidence.”

I can’t help but picture Schultz and Weaver engaging in a fierce tug of war over the sample, with “the evidence” sloshing all over both of them.

Weaver ended up winning the battle for the urine sample, and transported the prize to the police department for storage. The good officer was a man on a mission, so he returned to the hospital later with a warrant to collect a blood sample as well. Graham’s blood ended up being taken six hours after the police were dispatched to the accident scene.

A spokeswoman for University Hospital, said hospital workers did the right thing.

The Police Chief said his officer acted appropriately.

Boehm said the Police Department does not plan on pressing obstruction charges against Schultz.

The Missourian  tried to reach Schultz for an interview.

A man who answered the phone this morning at Schultz’s residence did not comment.

“I don’t know what you’re speaking about,” the man said before hanging up.


They were still waiting for the results of the samples when the article was written.

Quick Witted McCain

Jim Geraghty who writes the Campaign Spot at NRO spoke to John McCain about the “Bagdad Diarist”.

After Geraghty jogged his memory about the sordid affair, McCain said he was shocked that such a thing would occur at The New Republic.

McCain: (laughing) I’m shocked that gambling would be taking place in that establishment.

Good one.

Ace links to the Michael Yon post about Beauchamp’s decision to stay in an Iraq hot spot, and try to make things right.

You do have to give the guy credit where credit is due.

He must figure that he has to live with himself…

Soros Related Firm Raided By FBI

The American Thinker thinks this case bears close watching:

WellCare Health Plans of Tampa, a firm which has made scads of money administering government health care, and huge profits for George Soros, who was once its largest shareholder, has been raided by the FBI and shuttered. The St. Petersburg Times reports:

(emphasis mine for the reading challenged).

The company, which went public in July 2004 at $17 a share, has had a meteoric rise, with its stock more than doubling in the past 12 months. On Wednesday, WellCare’s shares dropped $6.77 or 5.5 percent, to $115.50 before trading was halted about 11 a.m. It ended the day down $7.10 at $115.17.

According to the St. Petersburg Times:

WellCare’s business practices have come under increased criticism over the past several months. Last spring, the company said independent sales agents in Georgia enrolled dead people in Medicare plans. In May and June, WellCare representatives appeared along with other insurance executives at hearings in the Senate and House into aggressive Medicare marketing practices. WellCare and six other insurers subsequently agreed to a temporary halt in marketing one type of Medicare plan, while promising to initiate consumer safeguards. In August, however, Medicare cited WellCare once again for violating several provisions of its Medicare contract, including sales practices.

George Soros is supposed to be a friend of the poor and downtrodden, right?

H/T: Lucianne

UPDATE (10/27):

From Michelle Malkin:

Soros Private Equity Investors had owned about 80 percent of WellCare at the time of its IPO. “In December [2004], Soros Private Equity Investors sold 5.6 million shares for about $170 million. In April [2005], Soros spun off the $1.3-billion private equity group and the new firm was renamed TowerBrook Capital Partners. TowerBrook is headed by Neal Moszkowski, who previously led Soros Private Equity. Moszkowski also is chairman of the WellCare board.”

Also on the board of directors: former Democrat U.S. senator and Florida governor Bob Graham.

Initially funded by far Left billionaire George Soros and now run by one of his acolytes….got that retards?

U Of Florida Campus Cops Cleared Of Wrongdoing

The forgotten heroes of the “Don’t tase me bro!” incident at the University of Florida have been cleared to return to work, after an investigation proved that they had followed state guidelines.

The officers decided to use the stun gun after Meyer resisted their efforts to remove him from the forum, according to a summary of the investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement released today.

Police had determined Meyer had become disruptive and should leave. Police said he used vulgar language and physically resisted the officers. The videotaped altercation and Meyer’s cries of “Don’t Tase me bro!” were played frequently on the Internet.

Meyer’s cries of “Don’t tase me bro!” were played frequently on the internet?

Dude! A whole franchise has been built around them.

It’s got two entries in the Urban Dictionary.

It’s part of the lexicon, now.