The Battle On The Homefront

When we speak of “the war of ideas”, we are speaking figuratively in most cases. The “real” war is in Iraq and Afghanistan. But on American Campuses, today, there is a real battle going on, as demonstrated by the pictures and videos that came out of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, last week. Conservative students, and speakers have their work cut out for them against a dug in leftist-Islamist alliance made up of students and faculty. Last week’s event also brought in outside interested parties, from the political left to help protest the protest.

David Horowitz expressed his gratitude, and admiration for the conservative students who braved the hostile crowds, and put up with much abuse to put on these events at 114 college, and university campuses:

Our speakers showed admirable courage in their willingness to endure the slander and attacks they knew that challenging the left would entail. But it was our students who braved the fiercest attacks from members of their campus communities. I can’t say enough how proud I am of the students I met this week on the campuses I visited, and the many others who worked with us to make this week a success. Without their willingness to stand up and be counted, there would have been no Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

I know why they did it. I have been speaking on college campuses for twenty years and I have never seen conservative students so ready to engage in conflicts that would invite such vicious attacks, alienate their professors and cause them to lose friends because of the vicious intimidations of the campus left. The reason they have become willing to do this now is simple. It is because of the example set by their brothers and sisters in the frontlines in Iraq.

He relates the story of one particular student:

When counter-protesters closed down my speech at Emory University, I remembered my first appearance in there in 2002, during the controversy over reparations. I had been invited by the chair of the College Republicans, a student named Lyle Rubin. Lyle was a bookish, intellectual type, a political science major. Our meeting left me concerned that he would not be aggressive enough to handle the attacks that were already coming his way not only from students and professors, but from “Student Life” deans who were instigator of the protests that attended my visit.

A few years later, I received an email from Lyle which he had sent to a list of his friends informing us that he was in his second week at Marine boot camp and asking if we would write him keep his spirits up so that he could survive the ordeals for which his previous life had not prepared him. Our students see members of their generation ready to put their lives on the line to defend their freedoms. They understand that the war is being waged at home as well. And they are not going to let their brothers and sisters in uniform shoulder the burden alone.

A well deserved kudos to all those conservative students fighting the good fight.


Left-Wing Bully Steered Jury In Holy Land Foundation Case

Powerline has a reader, Donna D. , a self described “HLF trial watcher”, who has forwarded some interesting information to them from the Dallas Morning News. One jurer, William Neal has spoken publicly about the government’s case, and the jury’s deliberations. His words, and attitude have caused some to believe that the case should be tried again.

Neal has ardently attacked the government case as well as certain of his fellow jurors, whose education and insight he finds lacking. He sounds like he imbibes his news and attitude from National Public Radio. Donna dubs Neal “the bully juror.” The Dallas Morning News article quotes Neal’s interview (audio accessible at the link) with a local Dallas radio station. Donna writes:

The Dallas Morning News article cut out some Neal’s most revealing statements — see comparison excerpts below. If anyone doubts this case should be tried again, they just need to listen to this bully juror’s interviews. As Jason Trahan noted in his article, “Mr. Neal admitted he ran roughshod over most other panelists, whose intellectual abilities he has criticized.” Among other things, Neal has gone on record to say that he didn’t even think the defense needed to stand up and present a case; that the prosecution case was “a waste of time;” that the case was only about George Bush. “George Bush shut them down and he’s just trying to make sure that he gets that case closed.” He said the reason for the loss of the first juror after a week was the juror thought they were guilty and just did not want to argue about it any more. He is taking credit for having turned the jury away from their own opinions that the defendants were guilty.

You can read the interviews over at Powerline. If ever there was somebody who needed to be excused from a jury, this prick, Neal, was it.