Left-Wing Bully Steered Jury In Holy Land Foundation Case

Powerline has a reader, Donna D. , a self described “HLF trial watcher”, who has forwarded some interesting information to them from the Dallas Morning News. One jurer, William Neal has spoken publicly about the government’s case, and the jury’s deliberations. His words, and attitude have caused some to believe that the case should be tried again.

Neal has ardently attacked the government case as well as certain of his fellow jurors, whose education and insight he finds lacking. He sounds like he imbibes his news and attitude from National Public Radio. Donna dubs Neal “the bully juror.” The Dallas Morning News article quotes Neal’s interview (audio accessible at the link) with a local Dallas radio station. Donna writes:

The Dallas Morning News article cut out some Neal’s most revealing statements — see comparison excerpts below. If anyone doubts this case should be tried again, they just need to listen to this bully juror’s interviews. As Jason Trahan noted in his article, “Mr. Neal admitted he ran roughshod over most other panelists, whose intellectual abilities he has criticized.” Among other things, Neal has gone on record to say that he didn’t even think the defense needed to stand up and present a case; that the prosecution case was “a waste of time;” that the case was only about George Bush. “George Bush shut them down and he’s just trying to make sure that he gets that case closed.” He said the reason for the loss of the first juror after a week was the juror thought they were guilty and just did not want to argue about it any more. He is taking credit for having turned the jury away from their own opinions that the defendants were guilty.

You can read the interviews over at Powerline. If ever there was somebody who needed to be excused from a jury, this prick, Neal, was it.

9 thoughts on “Left-Wing Bully Steered Jury In Holy Land Foundation Case

  1. While not related to Islamists, we had a high profile trial in STL County this year where a black guy who killed a white cop had a hung jury, despite all the evidence and confessions, because the jury had a couple of “urban activists” on it who kept sabatoging the process. Eventually, a mistrial was declared and the County has to do it all over again.


  2. As if I needed more fuel for my hatred of the Smug Left (is there any other type?).

    Living abroad can turn one into a raging Leftist or a hardcore Rightist. I am the latter.

    America is a special, gifted, blessed land. The evidence is simply so compelling.

    Which is why such anti-American idiots and anti-American traitors make my blood boil.


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