S.F. Performance Artist/Terrorist/Clown Booked On 5 Felony Charges


Did militant atheism just get a little bit more militant?

Terrorism, San Francisco Style:

A San Francisco performance artist, out on bail from charges that he prematurely torched the Burning Man festival’s namesake effigy in August, is back in jail for allegedly trying to set fire to the historic Grace Cathedral, police said Monday.

Paul Addis was taken into custody on the top steps of the cathedral around 11:40 p.m. Sunday with an ammunition belt of small explosives strapped around his waist, said San Francisco police spokesman Sgt. Steve Mannina.

This booking photo is from the August arrest. He posted the $25,632 bond for that charge, and was released from jail. This time around, he’s in much deeper doo doo:

Addis was booked on five felony charges attempted arson, possession of arson materials, possession of a destructive device, arson of a church, violation of a court order and a misdemeanor for altering a firearm, according to the sheriff’s department.

He remained in jail late Monday in lieu of $488,000 bail.

Let’s see him post that one.

H/T: Crime Scene KC

(AP Photo/Pershing County Sheriff’s Office)

No Bail For Goose Creek Pipebomb Suspect

Anybody hearing about this case in the MSM? I didn’t think so.

Michelle Malkin’s covering it, though:

On Friday, Judge Steven D. Merryday denied Goose Creek jihadi suspect Youssef Megahed’s bid for bail. He called him a flight risk and said he posed a danger to the community (hat tip: reader Lynne S.):

A University of South Florida student charged with transporting explosives will not be released on bail, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

In ruling that Youssef Megahed poses a flight risk and a danger to the community, Judge Steven D. Merryday overturned a Sept. 14 ruling by federal Magistrate Elizabeth Jenkins, who said the defendant could be released on $200,000 bail under strict conditions.

If you’re wondering why nary a word about this case is being covered in the MSM, Joel Mowbray from the Washington Times has some ideas:

When someone with seething anger toward U.S. soldiers drives a car filled with explosive materials two states away to a naval station, how is that not major news?

Contrast that to the coverage afforded the recent mistrial in the government’s case against Holy Land Foundation, an alleged front for Hamas.
The mistrial was spun by most mainstream media outlets as a major defeat to U.S. counterterrorism efforts. The New York Times dedicated over 1,200 words in a page-one story. The Washington Post was a bit more restrained, putting its coverage on page three, but the editorial page ran a stinging criticism by Georgetown Professor David Cole of supposed government overreach.

So how does this work exactly?

What is an appropriate terror related news story?

-American soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan…..check.

-American soldiers accused of malfeasance…….check

-Defeat of counterterrorism efforts……. check.

-Success in counterterrorism efforts……crickets

-Capture of suspected terrorists…….crickets

-Major attack on US soil………check, check, and double check.