43 thoughts on “Ahem…

  1. Congratulations! And well deserved.
    Can’t vote ’til later today sometime. You definitely have my vote. I believe the “Michieville” for Best Canadian Blog is Retired Geezers brother? Anybody know? If so, I’m voting for RG’s brother-by-another-momma.


  2. Outstanding blog! I love these awards because they help direct me to great sites I’ve never been to before — yours may be the find of the year for me. Keep up the superlative work!


  3. Retired Geezer just confirmed that Michieville is his brother. I will be voting for my internet family–straight ticket.
    Jack Straw, if you had a blog I’d vote for you, too. You are always right on the money in your comments,


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  5. Thank you, PA, very sweet. Watch out, though. I compressed a disk in my back last weekend and between the lack of sleep and the, er, pain, I’m likely to be way off the money for a while.

    Maybe I should change my name to Rosetta.


  6. Can I be part of your entourage Nice Deb? Seriously.

    Congratulations! I’ll vote my ass off for you.

    JackStraw, how did you hurt your back, Lemon Party? I hope you get better quickly. I’m not comfortable mocking injured jackasses. Hire a fat woman to lay on you. That should help.


  7. Rosetta-

    I did this first in high school playing ball and it comes and goes, more coming than going last couple years. On the upside, I’m not going to be able to put off back surgery forever and then there will be candy stripers to bathe me and lots of drugs. Mmmmm candy stripers.

    Mock away, I walk like a fat old woman right now.


  8. I wonder if a massage would help?

    Oh. Hey. Yeah, um, my back hurts, too. Uh, in fact it’s way worse than JackStraw’s. Yeah, way worse. I think a massage is really the only cure.


  9. Hahaha.

    I set myself up, on purpose, P.A.

    I really feel stupid, because my blog is a finalist in this Weblog thing, and I haven’t been able to blog much, lately, because of Halloween, and…

    We just started our kitchen remodel, hallelujah! Praise Jesus!

    We had to move all of our kitchen stuff, to my husband’s shop, downstairs, (which has just been remodeled, with new floor, and cupboards), so things are a little disorganized, here, lately.


  10. By the way, do the posts on ND look normal to everybody, now? Some people had to scroll way down to get to the first post.

    I have no idea if that’s fixed, yet, and if it isn’t, how to even fix it.


  11. I still have to scroll down like a mofo. And it’s weird that it’s only that way for some people.

    I’m withholding my vote for best new blog until this gets fixed.


  12. I’m on Internet Explorer. It just started yesterday for some reason. Your archives, catergories, etc are all still at the top in the left-hand column like they’re supposed to be. I just have to scroll down to get to the first post.

    And don’t be embarrassed Nice Deb. I will still vote for you.

    But seriously. Get this fixed.


  13. There’s something very wrong, I can still see all of Rosetta’s comments.

    Actually, it’s fine for me. I’m on IE.


  14. JackStraw, you got called out by the IAOFW.

    NiceDeb, something else I just noticed. Once I scroll down to the first post, it’s left-justified underneath the blogroll and all that.

    Actually am I the only one having this problem? It’s really not worth any worry in any event.


  15. Normally the archives, categories and blogroll are all in a column and left-justified on the screen. Then to the immediate right of that column are the posts. I’m guessing the posts are normally centered?

    Anyway, the archives, categories and blogroll are left-justified like normal but I have to scroll past them to get to the posts which are now left-justified underneath the blogroll.

    It almost looks like the posts need to be centered again and then maybe they would be back at the top.

    Maybe my computer is being a jackass. Is anyone else seeing this?

    It’s really not that big of a deal Nice Deb.


  16. Little late to the game today, but big time congratulations, Deb.

    And to think, just a short time ago, you were making your virgin post at Ace’s.

    You realize you owe this all to Wickedpinto, right?


  17. Congratulations Deb!

    Is voting not open yet? I can’t seem to find any way to vote.

    And the site is working fine in IE and Firefox for me Rosetta. Maybe clearing your cache and cookies might help, or run a virus scan.


  18. Thanks, guys.

    They said voting would start Thursday night – late.

    It seems like you’re the only one having the problem, now, Rosetta.

    That’s what you get for downloading all that porn.


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