Keith Olbermann To Eat Crow Tonight?

The American Spectator is reporting that Keith Olbermann will air a correction to his erroneous Rudy Giuliani report from the other day. According to an MSNBC spokeswoman:

“There will be a correction on tonight’s show, and Keith will apologize.”

We’ll see, we’ll see.

The controversy started on Monday when the AP ran a story quoting Guiliani as saying if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were elected “we’ll invite (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad to the White House, we’ll invite Osama (bin Laden) to the White House.” Keith Olbermann fumed on his Tuesday show, “A year before the election and Rudy Giuliani is already publicly contending the Democrats are willing to invite Osama bin Laden to the White House to negotiate. Sure they are, buster.” Along with guest Arianna Huffington, he accused Giuliani of being a liar.

Of course, Giuliani said Assad, not Osama. The AP has already corrected its story.

Now it’s Olbermann’s turn.

I imagine he’ll do it in as douchebaggy a manner, as possible, though.


Hot Air has the video of the apology.

Unruly Trick Or Treater Gets Tased

And it sounds to me like she deserved it:

An off-duty officer was working a part-time job, patrolling Trotter’s Ridge subdivision near Snellville, when he noticed the girl cursing while talking with her group of friends, said Cpl. Illana Spellman, spokeswoman for the Gwinnett County Police Department. The officer reportedly warned her to stop cursing because there were other children walking nearby.

The teenager then cursed the officer, Spellman said. The officer told the girl that he would charge her with disorderly conduct if she continued the tirade. As she started to walk off, Spellman said, the officer told her to stop and touched her arm.

That’s when police say the girl turned and tried to punch the officer in the face. The officer used physical force to subdue and handcuff her with the help of another backup officer, but the girl continued to fight, Spellman said.

The officer warned her to stop or he would use a Taser to subdue her, but the girl kept struggling and punching the back of the patrol car with her fists, Spellman said.

“The officer stated she was extremely combative and he was unable to get her into the patrol car,” Spellman said. “After several attempts to urge the girl to comply verbally, the officer tased her.”

She was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of a law enforcement officer and released to the custody of her parent.

The girl’s foster mother didn’t doubt that the girl was fighting and swearing, but said that the officer should have tried talking to the girl more to try to calm her down.

Sounds to me, like this girl was not going to be reasoned with, even after “several attempts” by the officer to do so.

The tasing was justified.

But what an unfortunate, messed up child.

H/T: Crime Scene KC

Hillary! Must Reads Of The Day

Jonah Goldberg has some more “Gotcha” questions for Hillary, before the half alert MSM falls back into it’s zombie-like pro-Hillary trance:

After the Philadelphia debate, your campaign tried to explain away your lackluster performance by implying your male competitors were unfairly “piling on” because you’re a woman. Do you really think sexism is an issue here? Which of your Democratic opponents are the most sexist? Will you play this card with foreign leaders if you run into trouble as commander-in-chief?

Go read the rest at NRO.

At some point she’s going to have to answer some of these questions. Or at least try.

Hot Air has a post on The Amazing Shrinking Clinton.

Yesterday, she, along with 29 other Democrats, apparently signed another stupid, meaningless letter to President Bush designed to placate the nutroots.

Sen. Hillary Clinton signed a letter to President George W. Bush on Thursday warning he has no authority from Congress for an attack on Iran, setting off a new round of fighting with Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama.

The letter, if it were binding, (which it isn’t) would effectively negate the War Powers Act:

The president has 60 days before he has to tell you and your comrades what he’s doing, and during those 60 days he can tell you to talk to the hand. It’s been the law since 1973.

More symbolism over substance from the Democrats, on a profoundly important matter. What a surprise.

The Weblog Awards Voting Is Now Open

You can vote for me here, (if you’re so inclined). *ahem*

Just click on the Best New Blog link.

So far, I’m getting my ass kicked by Deputy Dog, and Jammie Wearing Fool.

Ace of Spades HQ is listed under Best Conservative Blog, and our pal Slublog is listed under Best Of The Rest – scroll down to the bottom of the page.

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Gateway Pundit, My Pet Jawa, and Redstate are all under top 250 blogs.

Sith Lord Cheney Dresses Dogs Up for Halloween


Cheney of course, is often referred to as Darth Vader, most Recently by Mrs. Clinton, who told supporters at a NY fundraiser in September:

“You can always tell when the Republicans are restless — because the Vice President’s motorcade pulls into the Capitol. Darth Vader emerges. And honestly I’m not invited to their meetings I don’t know what he says or does.”

President Bush’s dog Barney, also dressed up for Halloween:


A cowboy, what else??

Pictures courtesy of ABC News.