Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #6

Support Tom Tancredo’s call to scrap the crescent memorial

The Park Service has a history of keeping the Secretary of the Interior in the dark about the decisions it makes in his name. It is likely that Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has never been told about the many warnings of Islamic symbolism in the planned Flight 93 Memorial. Please help bring Dirk into the loop by pasting the following letter (or one of your own) into an email for him.

Dear Secretary Kempthorne:

Please heed Congressman Tom Tancredo’s call to completely scrap the present design for the Flight 93 Memorial. The original Crescent of Embrace design would have planted a bare naked crescent and star flag on the crash site:

Crescent of Embrace and crescent and star
The memorial plaza that sits roughly in the position of the star on an Islamic flag marks the crash site. (Click pics for larger images.)

All the redesign did was add some trees to the west of the original crescent:

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Aside from the re-coloring of the site-plan image, the only actual change in the design is the additional arc of trees to the rear of a person facing into the original crescent.

The Park Service promised Congressman Tancredo in 2005 that Islamic iconography would be removed from the memorial. Instead, this iconography has only been very slightly disguised. Every particle of the original Crescent of Embrace design remains completely intact in the redesign.

The giant crescent points to Mecca
In September 2005, a half dozen different bloggers verified that a person facing directly into the original Crescent of Embrace would be facing almost exactly at Mecca. That makes the crescent a mihrab, the central feature around which every mosque is built.

Face into the crescent to face Mecca:

Cordoba mihrab and crescent orientation
Left: mihrab from the Great Mosque in Cordoba Spain. Right: Crescent of Embrace also faces Mecca. The green circle is from the Mecca-direction calculator at Islam.com. When it is placed over the original Crescent of Embrace site plan, the Mecca-direction line (the “qibla”) almost exactly bisects the crescent.

You can plant as many trees around a mosque as you want and it will still be a mosque. But this isn’t just the world’s largest mosque. The planned memorial is also full of terrorist memorializing features.

Please hear my voice along with those of Congressman Tancredo and Tom Burnett Sr., who is refusing to allow Tom Jr.’s name to be used in the crescent design. The memorial to Flight 93 should not be a terrorist memorial mosque.


Secretary Kempthorne’s phone number is 202-208-7351.


Hon. Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of Interior
Office of the Secretary
Rm. 6156, ms7229-MIB
1849 C St, NW
Washington, DC 20240-0001

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Who’s Dumber?


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday that Democrats won’t approve more money for the Iraq war this year unless President Bush agrees to begin bringing troops home.



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a proposal to temporarily fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and set the goal of pulling U.S. combat troops out of Iraq in a year.

The reason I ask?

The Pentagon has already begun to reverse its buildup of 30,000 troops—an act that would more than satisfy the bill’s requirement that Bush withdraw an unspecified number of troops.

But the administration says troop levels should be based on conditions on the ground and not predetermined by Congress.

Yet they choose to look like a couple of anti-Military trolls:

If Democrats refuse to send Bush the $50 billion, the military would have to drain its annual budget to keep the wars afloat.

In a recent letter to Congress, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England warned that the Army was on track to run out of money by February.

England also said that without more money the military would eventually have to close facilities, layoff civilian workers and defer contracts. Also, the budget delay could disrupt training efforts of Iraqi security forces and efforts to protect troops against roadside bombs, he said.

“The successes they (the troops ) have achieved in recent months will be short lived without appropriate resources to continue their good work,” England wrote in a Nov. 8 letter.

Plus, Bush has always said he would veto any legislation that sets a timetable for troop withdrawals.

A couple of geniuses we got, there.

Winter Awareness Day

The National Weather Service, the State Emergency Management Agency and the local Emergency Management Agency do not want you to be taken by surprise by winter, and are offering tips for the cold weather, this Wednesday.

They offer many well meaning and practical suggestions to help you prepare for cold, wintery weather, like:

Keep a winter car kit in the trunk of your car.

Conserve fuel by lowering the thermostat and closing off unused rooms.

Do not use charcoal or gas grills to cook or heat indoors.

Check on elderly neighbors.

And more. You can read the entire article for more helpful hints, (because I know most of you can’t think of these sorts of things on your own).

Because we’re all such helpless rubes, I thought I’d add some helpful hints of my own for “Winter Awareness Day”

1. Stay the hell indoors if at all possible. It’s cold out there!

2. But tell the kids to go out and get some fresh air.

3. If you normally get a lot of snow where you are, expect ice, this year because of global warming. Make sure your house is stocked with hot cocoa mix, a weather radio, batteries, and Valium because this means that the kids are going to be home from school on those icy days.

4. Speaking of Global Warming, if you’re not a huge fan of cold weather, DO NOT let your town invite Al Gore to a Global Warming Conference in your area. This has been a major cause of freak blizzards for the past several years, now.

5. Wear a warm coat, and additional stuff like hats and mittens and scarves to stay warm, when it’s cold outside.

6. They tell you not to drink alcohol when it’s freezing outside, but it sure warms you up.

If anyone else has some helpful hints, for “Winter Awareness Day”, please let me know. I’ll add them to my list.


7. (Patty Ann) If you live in Texas, don’t forget to turn your air conditioning back from High to Medium-High.

8. Also, don’t get caught wearing white shorts. Winter colors only.

9. (Wiserbud) 3 words – remote car starter

10. (bmac) Try not to put your tongue on metal objects. Even if you’re “Triple Dog Dared.”

11. (Wisebud) Have children, so they can shovel the driveway for you.

12. Not really a tip, but noteworthy: (Barry in CO):

Based on last winter, Colorado has new terms for measuring snowfall.

Light Snow= up to your ankles.
Snow= up to the bumper of your pickup truck.
Heavy snow= where’s my truck?

13. (Retired Geezer) Have your sprinklers blown out.
(I only do Idaho)