Led Zep Considering Full Scale Tour

We can only hope…

Speaking to Guitar World magazine in the States, guitarist Jimmy Page suggested the one-off show may lead to something bigger.

“It’s a bit silly not to because there is such massive demand,” he said.

Until now, the band had said they were only planning to do the one show at the O2 Dome, in honour of Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun.

Oh yeah!

And just for the occasion, here’s 101 versions of Stairway To Heaven.

Just don’t click on the Pat Boone version, as Ace says, some … links lead to… places you don’t wanna go, baby.

GWU Crapweasels Get Wrist Slap For Smearing YAF

You remember the story…

On the morning of Oct. 8, the group hung more than 100 posters containing the text “Hate Muslims? So do we!!!” The poster also featured a picture of an Arab man, labeling Muslims with “lasers in eyes,” “venom from mouth” and a “suicide vest.”

Seven students admitted the actions to The Hatchet on Oct. 9. Two others signed confessions with UPD but chose to protect their identity by not coming forward publicly. An SJS report states the students involved met each other through the Campus Anti-War Network, a student organization.

The poster was meant to mock Islamo-Facism Awareness Week, an event organized by Young America’s Foundation, a conservative organization.

Graduate student Adam Kokesh, a prominent anti-war Iraq veteran, said the satirical posters were intended to be overtly racist, according to an SJS report.

(Covered here, at ND).

The political point of Adam Kokesh et al. is that those who oppose Islamofascism, and want to educate people to its dangers, are racist.

I know, I know…how imbecilic can you get?

That point would include Muslims who speak out, like Muslims Against Sharia. Apparently, moderate Muslims who go out on a limb, and vehemently oppose the radical Islamic ideology that leads to terrorism, are racists, too.

Orrrr, they’re non-Muslims pretending to be Muslims.

The protester’s arguments against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week inevitably amounted to, “The word Islamofascist smears all Muslims!”

But of course it doesn’t, it describes the dangerous ideology we’re all up against. Period.

So what does Kokesh and his band of merry “satirists” get for their moronic smears against a reputable organization, (Young America’s Foundation).

Disciplinary probation and a $25 fine each.

Whoaa doggie, that $25 fine is gonna break some banks, eh? They’ll never consider doing anything like that again, will they?

Sergio Gor, YAF’s president, said he was unhappy with the outcome of the judicial proceedings. He added that the students unfairly attacked his group and should be suspended or expelled.

“I think that’s absolutely unacceptable that, once again, we see the double standards that are being applied – because the punishment doesn’t fit the crime,” Gor said.

Well dude, cheer up, if they ever discover who the culprits of The American Fascist Awareness Week retaliatory hoax were, they’ll have to get a slap on the wrist, too.

Hat tip: Hot Air

House Dems Pass Their Iraq Withdrawl Bill

Let’s hurry up and get that white flag up before we win, damnit!

Of course, the retarded bill is ultimately doomed to fail, and make them look bad, but that doesn’t stop them….the nutroots must be assuaged.

Michelle Malkin has the roll call.

The New York Times covered the rancorous debate on the House floor.

Get this:

The debate over war financing also provided a forum for Republicans to praise recent developments in Iraq, including what they called a decline in violence.

Oh. My….GOSH!!!