Black Friday Shopping (UPDATED)

I hate to shop.

I know I’m not the only one. I hear women all the time, say that they hate to shop….but I really, really hate it. I feel uneasy spending money on stuff we don’t *have* to have. I don’t enjoy the pressure of making the decisions on big ticket items. I tend to buy groceries and sundries, when I have to be out, anyway….picking my son up from pre-school, or the girls from dance class, and then I do it as quickly and efficiently as I can. I never go shopping just for “the fun of it”.

To me, shopping just isn’t fun.

So why would someone like me, be actually contemplating hitting some of the big sales on the busiest shopping day of the year? The one where, everyone knows, the “early bird gets the worm”, and I ain’t no early bird?

Which means that by the time I get my sorry ass out there to hit the earlybird sales (with one or two kids in tow, who begged to come), the sales are going to be about a half an hour away from expiring, and I’ll have about 5 stores to hit, and dammit, most the hottest items are going to be already gone.

Can someone tell me why I do this every year?

This year’s going to be different. I plan to get up earlier, and if no-one else is ready, that’s tough toenails. And I’m gonna keep the number of targeted stores to a realistic minimum…maybe 3…or 4. I’m not gonna buy crap for the kids just because it’s on sale, if they don’t really need, or want it. 

And I’m gonna keep a positive attitude…cup half full…cup half full…this is going to be fun.


UPDATE: (Friday evening).

Okay, here’s how it went down:

I was ready to get out there at 9:30, but my husband had to make an emergency trip to Lowe’s for some more tile, (we’re tiling the whole upstairs, as well as the kitchen —but not the bedrooms). So it was more like 10:30 when I got out there.

First stop – Kohl’s

I scoped the ads, yesterday at my sister’s house. Kohl’s had some killer sales; that one was at the top of my list. My twelve year old and I were heading for the shoe department when we discovered to our horror — a line — a line so long, you couldn’t see where it ended. It just kept winding, and winding around the store — even if I wanted at some point to get in this line, I wouldn’t be able to find the end, because, I swear to God…it went on forever.

Nice Deb doesn’t like lines.

We continued to look at boots, but at this point, I knew we were only going through the motions. No way was I going to wait in a line that long, I don’t care how good the sale is.

They had area rugs on sale, too, and I scoped them out, because they were going to be on sale all weekend, *I think* and I needed a nice area rug for my newly tiled living room.

Then I had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom. That was the only action taken at Kohls, this morning, because we had to skedaddle and get to Jo Ann’s for their earlybird sale that ended at noon. They had a pre-lit 7 1/2 ft. tree for only $29.98. Can you believe that? OMG, I can buy a new tree every year, at that price! I kinda do that, anyway, but that’s another story.

So we’re heading out there, and my cell phone rings — it’s my husband —we need to come back to the house because “the boys” need the boxes of tile still in the back of my van. So I have to run back home, and drop those off, and then head for Jo Ann’s. (Have you figured out how this one ends, yet)?

So I get to the shopping center where Jo Ann’s is supposed to be, and it’s not there…where the hell did Jo Ann’s go? Did it move? And here, I start to doubt myself…maybe this isn’t where Jo Ann’s is…I only come here once in a blue moon…What the hell?!

So I turn the car around and head in the opposite direction toward Old Time Pottery, and Toys R Us, two more on my list. I try to find Jo Ann’s using my GPS — I still have a few minutes left, dammit. Barbara (my GPS) says I’m going in the right direction, which baffles me, but I can make it if the traffic lights go my way, but no, suddenly we run into road construction issues, and the four way has to merge to a two way, slowing us down….tick tick tick….12:00 comes and goes. I have to give up on Jo Ann’s. It must have moved, by the way…no way was it there the last time I went!

Okay, the kiddo and I are hungry, so we stop at Steak and shake for some eats. It’s close to one in the afternoon, and so far, my Black Friday shopping has only produced two pit stops.

Old Time pottery was next. I didn’t even have to look too closely at their ad, because there’s always tons of good stuff, there.  Oh, by the way….Are we supposed to be boycotting China? Because if we are, I’m in big trouble. Pretty much everything there is made in China.

I find a 5’x8′  area rug that I think will go well in the living room, on sale for $28.00. You heard me, 28 bucks! Not bad. I also got a 7 1/2′ tree for $39.00, ten dollars more and not pre-lit, but oh well. I needed a fatter tree for the living room. The kids all thought the last one was too skinny. I bought a bunch of other Xmas related stuff, too, and a 15 piece knife set in a wood block, for $5.00. I didn’t even need it, but wow, five bucks!

My 12 year old wanted to go to the mall because the jacket she’s had her eyes on at Delia’s was on sale. We gave her money last week, to buy some items that she needed at the mall, and she came home without the jacket because she couldn’t afford the jacket and the shoes she picked out with the money we gave her. Now, she could afford the jacket.

We hit a few stores… I bought a couple of blouses for myself at Sears. My husband kept calling because he wanted to check in at the motel we’re staying at tonight, because our whole upstairs is freshly tiled, and can’t be walked on. So, we called it a day, and headed for home.

I didn’t buy any toys.


16 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping (UPDATED)

  1. Ah, the joys of being a divorced incompetent male. Remember Deb, always make sure your Assistant/Office Manager/Receptionist passes out the paychecks and bonuses, ensuring her own is higher than anyone else’s.
    This way it is no problem at all to say…sure you can have the day off to go shopping, would you mind picking up this and this and this for me while you are out?
    By the second year, you’ll know 6 months in advance what everyone on your list would like, and what day you will be buying it. The only thing you have to remember is to bring your key to the alarm system on that particular day.


  2. This was my first time ever doing the “Black Friday” shopping adventure. I am first and foremost an internet shopper. I too hate shopping Nice Deb.
    If it weren’t for the fantastic deals I got today this would have sucked big time.
    The cashiers were grouchy, the customers were grouchy……..everyone was grouchy.
    I really, really got some good deals. Stuff my kids would never had gotten any other way. So the wait in the line at Toys R Us at 4 in the morning was worth it.
    Although I cannot for the life of me understand why I they were selling chili cheese dogs outside the store this early in the morning. How bout coffee and some sort of pastry?


  3. *NiceDeb shakes pajama momma violently by the shoulders*
    NiceDeb: Are you crazy?
    Pajama Momma: NiceDeb all four of my children have sinus and/or ear infections right now. I would have left at two if I’d been asked.


  4. Although I cannot for the life of me understand why I they were selling chili cheese dogs outside the store this early in the morning.

    For all of the drunk shoppers?


  5. >Can someone tell me why I do this every year?

    Brilliant marketing. It’s drummed into your head that the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year, and that if you’re not at the mall at the crack of dawn, there must be something wrong with you. Like, you hate puppies and want the country to lose the war.


  6. I have to admit, i’ve always liked Christmas shopping. Even those first few years on my own when i barely had enough money to buy Christmas cards, i still went to the stores just because i liked looking at all the cool stuff in the holiday atmosphere. When i decided to buy myself a new lawnmower for Christmas a few years back, i nearly went into convulsions of ecstasy.

    home depot sales lady – It’s self propelled with a 6.5 hp briggs and stratton engine on a 22 inch deck…..

    forged rite – “Oh yeah, that’s it baby, don’t stop……


  7. Oh NiceDeb! I just read your update. Weird I missed it.
    What you just described is exactly why I hate running errands. I deplore them.
    The worst is having to take little kids into public restrooms. blech
    Squatting with the baby on my lap. Telling the 3 year old to keep his head in our stall. Telling the 5 year old to stay out of that box, those are used mom bandaids.


  8. PJ, that reminds me of a story I’ll have to remind my 15 year old of.
    When she was around a year old, she was sitting on my lap in a public restroom, and grabbed a cookie out of the used tampon/pads box, and before I could stop her, she took a bite of it.


  9. My wife and I lost our Black Friday virginities this year. We hit JCPenney’s at 4, Sears at 5, Dick’s Sporting Goods at 5:30, and Staples at 6. We took a look at Circuit City, but the purchasing line was over an hour long, and everything was gone. Staples was also a bust (long lines, empty shelves), but we scored at the other 3.


  10. OMG NiceDeb!!! I’m cringing right now. *gag* *spit*
    I remember my son suddenly chewing gum at Mass…..ick, but I’m gonna have to say your story has me beat.

    Geoff I got some really good deals for my kids, stuff they would have never gotten otherwise.
    I got Madeleine a Barbie VW bug for $10 that’s normally $30 and a mp3 player for my son for $9 that’s normally $45.

    I just would not have bought that stuff otherwise. If my daughter wants a car normally I’m like ok, here’s a shoebox and some markers.
    Ok after typing all this, I’m still cringing about the cookie, lol. I hate taking them to public restrooms. I feel like we need to be decontaminated afterwards.


  11. I gave my son a fortune cookie when he was 3, and he set to with vigor. My wife and I ate ours, and then asked him, “where’s your fortune?” He looked us blankly, so we said, “you know, the piece of paper inside the cookie.”

    “What paper?” says he, having indiscriminately wolfed down the whole thing.

    Good thing we didn’t let him loose in the Ladies room.


  12. We’ve never done black Friday. This year we offered to keep 3 grandkids (8,7,2) overnight Thursday so their parents could go together to the sales. Right now, we think we should have gone to black Friday sales instead. Would’ve been less tiring.


  13. I’ve never done black friday either, i’m usually traveling back home that day. I hosted this year so i could have, but just sat around watching football and eating leftovers instead. Ill hit the stores next weekend.


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