Dane Cook: “God Bless You”.

My two oldest kids went to see this guy last night at the Sprint Center. My son wanted me to see “The Sneeze” bit, because it’s a hoot.

It’s also indicative of how far into the pop culture  evangelical atheism has reached. You can’t even say, “God bless you” when somebody sneezes, anymore?

British Teacher Faces 40 Lashes In Sudan…

For naming the class Teddybear Muhammad:

A British teacher was arrested for blasphemy in Sudan and could face up to 40 lashes for allowing her class of 7-year-olds to name a teddy bear Muhammad, the school said Monday.

Now the school staff is concerned for her safety.

Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, England, was arrested Sunday after several parents complained to Sudan’s Ministry of Education, Unity director Robert Boulos said.

He said Gibbons had allowed her class to vote on a name for the teddy bear.

“They came up with eight names including Abdullah, Hassan and Muhammad. Then she explained what it meant to vote and asked them to choose the name,” Boulos said.

The children chose Muhammad, a popular boy’s name in the Muslim world but also the named of Islam’s revered prophet.

“This was a completely innocent mistake. Miss Gibbons would have never wanted to insult Islam,” Boulos said.

I think this is what we call a “clash of civilizations”.

Boulos said the school had shut down until January for fear of reprisals.

Enter stage left: Islamic Rageboy and friends.

A spokesman for the British Embassy in Khartoum said embassy staff had visited Gibbons in jail.

“She is in good condition if unsurprisingly shaken up,” an embassy spokesman said.

I doubt they’ll actually go through with the 40 lashes, but whatever the outcome of her case, I suspect they’ve lost a decent, well-meaning teacher.

Michelle Malkin and Dr. Rusty Shackleford are also on the case.

Oh, for crying out loud, Ace has it too?


Ms. Gibbons awaits a ruling today (Nov. 27) from a judge on whether she will be tried on the blasphemy charge.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Swiftboat Challenge Update

Remember earlier this month, when Texas oilman, T. Boone Pickens offered to pay $1 million to anyone who could disprove a single charge of the Swiftboat Veteran’s For Truth, and Kerry promptly fired off a letter, saying:

“While I am prepared to show they lied on allegation after allegation, you have generously offered to pay one million dollars for just one thing that can be proven false. I am prepared to prove the lie beyond any reasonable doubt.”

He even had the presumption to list the charity Mr. Pickens could send the money to, the Paralyzed Veterans of America. But he sort of neglected to mention where the Swiftboaters lied.

Well, ten days have gone by…

We may as well get used to waiting. It took him a year and a half to release the Standard Form 180 (to himself), so why should we expect any different, here? World class obfuscation like this takes time. And T. Boone Pickens isn’t helping matters. As R. Emmett Tyrrell in The New York Sun points out, today:

Mr. Pickens responded immediately, politely asking to see the journal allegedly maintained by Mr. Kerry in Vietnam and “your military record, specifically your service records for the years 1971–1978, and copies of all movies and tapes made during your service.”

Kerry’s probably in his basement right now, foraging through boxes of old papers, military stuff that didn’t seem important enough at the time to keep close track of…. righhhht.

Tyrrell goes on:

As I said earlier, Mr. Kerry was a shameless ham in Vietnam and he remains one. At this writing, Mr. Kerry has failed even to reply to Mr. Pickens, perhaps with good reason; Mr. Pickens ended his letter by asking Mr. Kerry to make a “commitment.” “If you cannot prove anything in the Swift Boat ads to be untrue … make a one million dollar gift to the charity I am choosing — the Medal of Honor Foundation,” Mr. Pickens wrote.

You can view the Crybaby Kerry Clock at The American Spectator.

It keeps tickin’. We keep waitin’.

I’m thinking for a long while.

Hat tip: Lucianne

A Nuclear Attack By Terrorists Is “Inevitable”

We’ve heard this before. We’ve been hearing it for years, actually. But it seems the warnings are becoming more frequent….more urgent.

A NUCLEAR attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned.

Ian Dickinson, who leads the police response to chemical, biological and nuclear threats in Scotland, has painted the bleakest picture yet of the dangers the world now faces.

Efforts to prevent terrorist groups from obtaining materials that could be made into radioactive dirty bombs – or even crude nuclear explosives – are bound to fail, he said. And the result will be horror on an unprecedented scale.

“These materials are undoubtedly out there, and undoubtedly will end up in terrorists’ hands, and undoubtedly will be used by terrorists some time soon,” he declared. “We must plan for failure and prepare for absolute terror.

What a killjoy, eh?

He said: “An incident will continue for days and all the public will see is people dying without reason. What will we do when our children come home from school with blisters on their skin and their parents don’t know what to do?

“What happens if 10 deaths, 50 deaths, 100 deaths start occurring in an unconnected and random way all over the country? The public will be rightly and understandably terrified.”

Casualties caused by radiation, which most people don’t understand, would trigger widespread “panic and fear”, said Dickinson. And the response of the emergency services “would be chaotic” because of a shortage of resource.

Do you have your supply of potassium iodide, yet? Why not?

Dickinson’s nightmare analysis was backed up by Dr Frank Barnaby, a nuclear consultant who used to work at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire. “The amazing thing is that this hasn’t happened already,” he told the Sunday Herald.

We should expect it any minute. It’s an obvious thing for a terrorist to do. A primitive nuclear explosion would simply eliminate the centre of a city like Glasgow or Edinburgh.”

The Edinburgh conference heard a series of other warnings about the risks of radioactive materials being stolen and used to cause devastation.

“As the terrorists look for the next spectacular attack, we know that al-Qaeda in Iraq is calling on nuclear scientists to join in the jihad,” said William Nye, director of counter-terrorism and intelligence at the Home Office in London.

Richard Hoskins, from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Office of Nuclear Security in Vienna, revealed that there had been 1266 confirmed incidents in which radioactive materials had been stolen or lost around the world since 1993.

Oh, and have a happy Monday.

Hat tips to: Atlas Shrugs

and National Terror Alert

Environmental Wackos Refuse To Breed

The Daily Mail recently ran a piece about the growing trend of young women who are having abortions, and being sterilized in order to reduce their “carbon footprint”:

Had Toni Vernelli gone ahead with her pregnancy ten years ago, she would know at first hand what it is like to cradle her own baby, to have a pair of innocent eyes gazing up at her with unconditional love, to feel a little hand slipping into hers – and a voice calling her Mummy.

But the very thought makes her shudder with horror.

Because when Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet.

Incredibly, so determined was she that the terrible “mistake” of pregnancy should never happen again, that she begged the doctor who performed the abortion to sterilise her at the same time.

He refused, but Toni – who works for an environmental charity – “relentlessly hunted down a doctor who would perform the irreversible surgery.

Finally, eight years ago, Toni got her way.

Incredibly, instead of mourning the loss of a family that never was, her boyfriend (now husband) presented her with a congratulations card.

Now, you tell me? Should people like this procreate, anyway? Those of us who love, and value children are the ones who should be having them, and raising them.

While some might think it strange to celebrate the reversal of nature and denial of motherhood, Toni relishes her decision with an almost religious zeal.

“Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet,” says Toni, 35.

The temperature of the planet may rise a degree or two in the coming decades, so she thinks it’s her duty destroy any chance she has of bringing life into the world?

There’s no vocation more natural and fulfilling to a woman, than motherhood, unless you’re a moonbat. Then it’s an anathema to everything you find holy. People are the enemy of Gaia. Babies are baaaad polluters.

Toni’s not alone. There are tons of women just like her…the article goes on to chronicle another ‘childless to save the planet’ couple. You can multiply these couples by thousands, I’ll bet; perhaps hundreds of thousands of couples…lefty moonbat couples who are not having children to save the earth.

When I put my Political Pundit Hat on, I say, “That’s a good thing!”

But my Catholic Conscience says, “What a terrible waste.”

Hat tip: Right Truth