A Nuclear Attack By Terrorists Is “Inevitable”

We’ve heard this before. We’ve been hearing it for years, actually. But it seems the warnings are becoming more frequent….more urgent.

A NUCLEAR attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned.

Ian Dickinson, who leads the police response to chemical, biological and nuclear threats in Scotland, has painted the bleakest picture yet of the dangers the world now faces.

Efforts to prevent terrorist groups from obtaining materials that could be made into radioactive dirty bombs – or even crude nuclear explosives – are bound to fail, he said. And the result will be horror on an unprecedented scale.

“These materials are undoubtedly out there, and undoubtedly will end up in terrorists’ hands, and undoubtedly will be used by terrorists some time soon,” he declared. “We must plan for failure and prepare for absolute terror.

What a killjoy, eh?

He said: “An incident will continue for days and all the public will see is people dying without reason. What will we do when our children come home from school with blisters on their skin and their parents don’t know what to do?

“What happens if 10 deaths, 50 deaths, 100 deaths start occurring in an unconnected and random way all over the country? The public will be rightly and understandably terrified.”

Casualties caused by radiation, which most people don’t understand, would trigger widespread “panic and fear”, said Dickinson. And the response of the emergency services “would be chaotic” because of a shortage of resource.

Do you have your supply of potassium iodide, yet? Why not?

Dickinson’s nightmare analysis was backed up by Dr Frank Barnaby, a nuclear consultant who used to work at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire. “The amazing thing is that this hasn’t happened already,” he told the Sunday Herald.

We should expect it any minute. It’s an obvious thing for a terrorist to do. A primitive nuclear explosion would simply eliminate the centre of a city like Glasgow or Edinburgh.”

The Edinburgh conference heard a series of other warnings about the risks of radioactive materials being stolen and used to cause devastation.

“As the terrorists look for the next spectacular attack, we know that al-Qaeda in Iraq is calling on nuclear scientists to join in the jihad,” said William Nye, director of counter-terrorism and intelligence at the Home Office in London.

Richard Hoskins, from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Office of Nuclear Security in Vienna, revealed that there had been 1266 confirmed incidents in which radioactive materials had been stolen or lost around the world since 1993.

Oh, and have a happy Monday.

Hat tips to: Atlas Shrugs

and National Terror Alert


37 thoughts on “A Nuclear Attack By Terrorists Is “Inevitable”

  1. But what interest does the Scotland Yard have in our political affairs, I wonder?

    They’ll come up with something, I guess.

    I’ll get search engine hits of, “the nuclear attack by terrorists inevitable hoax” any time now.


  2. This worst-case horrific nuclear scenario certainly exists in the universe of possibilities but I think the magnitude and complexity of such an attack and the resulting death and destruction actually makes it less likely.

    Think about the number of people that had knowledge of and contributed to 9/11. Think about all the moving parts of that plan and how many things had to go just right for them to be able to pull those attacks off. And those terrible attacks resulted in the death of around 3,000 people.

    The worst case nuclear scenario these experts describe would be 100 times worse than 9/11 and the terrorists would have to be luckier than they were on 9/11 to pull it off.

    My point is that for Jihad Bob to strap a pipe bomb on his ass and blow up a market killing 12 people…that’s relatively simple, it happens frequently and the death toll is (relatively) small. 9/11 was much more difficult to pull off, had a much higher death toll and it’s happened once. The nuclear scenario would be much, much more difficult to pull off and that’s why I think it’s possible that it may never happen.

    Of course the guy you put in charge of preventing such an attack will think it’s inevitable, that’s his job.

    Should the government have contingencies for such an attack? Absolutely. Should the government actively try to prevent such an attack? Absolutely. Should we all fear that such an attack will most certainly occur in the very near future? I don’t think so.

    Nuclear material has been around for years as have terrorists and their desire to kill tens if not hundreds of thousands of people in a single spectacular attack. The complexities of pulling that off argues against its likelihood.


  3. The complexities of pulling that off argues against its likelihood.

    But they only have to do it once. And the law of averages is on their side


  4. I hear what you’re saying, Rosetta.

    And I’m not worried about a full scale nuclear attack — yet. But the possibility of some type of dirty bomb? You bet.

    And like Wiserbud says, they only have to do it once, to do a whole lot of damage.


  5. And the law of averages is on their side

    wiserbud! That statment is BobMunckesque in its retardedness. There can’t be a law of averages for something that’s never happened I don’t think.

    And don’t get me wrong; my disagreement with the thrust of the post is small. I just happen to think that a terrorist nuclear attack of any kind in neither impending nor inevitable.

    I know it’s possible, that it only has to happen once and that the death and panic it would cause would be on a scale we can’t even imagine. I agree with all those things and I’m glad a lot of people are trying to prevent that from happening.

    But on the list of terrorist related things that I think or worry much about, the nuke scenario isn’t high on that list.


  6. law of averages – Belief that a rare occurrence will happen given enough time: For example, “If I send my resumé to enough places, the law of averages says that someone will eventually hire me.” This may actually be true assuming nonzero probabilities and the law of averages is simply named in place of the law of large numbers.

    wikipedia, I know, but still…..


  7. You leave pj momma out of this, Deb.

    By the way, Rosetta, Munck is still going for the last word in the atheism thread, thinking that means he’s won the argument. I love when we get to this point with him.


  8. I’m of the school that is surprised it hasn’t happened already. There’s plenty of fissile material floating around in the world. Hell, the soviets practically had a yard sale of the stuff after the fall of the Soviet Union. The AQ Kahn network was selling nuclear know how to anybody who would pay. Look how far Libya was down the road to a bomb before we had any idea they were even trying to build one and that was a country not a group living in a remote cave.

    Suppose al Qaeda or one of the countless other terror organizations put a nuke or a dirty bomb in a container and sent it to Elizabeth, NJ or Long Beach. Think that might cause an issue? How about flying a plane into a nuclear plant? Remember the fallout from Chernobyl? It doesn’t even have to happen in the US. If a nuke went off in a city anywhere in the world, the panic and resulting financial collapse, would be dramatic.


  9. When JackStraw disagrees with me, I then know for certain that I’m correct.

    law of averages – Belief that a rare occurrence will happen given enough time

    A nuclear attack by terrorists isn’t rare; it’s never happened. That’s like me saying I rarely have sex with Heidi Klum. Hahahaha. It’s possible but may in fact never happen.

    Munck is the worst. Normally dumb + arrogant = funny but he somehow isn’t funny at all ever. If his personality is anything like it appears, I bet he doesn’t have many friends and the ones he has probably think he’s a tool.

    I think on that atheism thread he’s convinced himself that he’s proved that God doesn’t exist. I like poking him with a stick.

    JackStraw how’s your back? Are you 100% yet or are you still a disfigured hideous freak of nature?


  10. A nuclear attack by terrorists isn’t rare; it’s never happened.

    That doesn’t change the fact that people have tried to make it happen and, in fact, are still trying to make it happen. Using your logic on the Wikipedia example, if the person sending out resumes never had a job before, he would never get a job, no matter how many resumes he sent out.

    That’s like me saying I rarely have sex with Heidi Klum.

    Okay, let’s not get ridiculous here. I’m sure you would like to have sex with Heidi Klum and, if you actually put the appropriate amount of time and effort into that endeavor, it could actually happen, except for one small thing. I sincerely doubt she would want to have sex with you.

    So that sort of kills your analogy, don’t ya think?


  11. Even when I was stooped, I still looked like Adonis’ better looking brother. I’m back to normal now, thanks for asking.


  12. Bob confuses boring you to death with besting you in an argument. I can barely work up the energy to read what he writes.

    I only do it for you morons, just to watch you play with him.

    Heh. Jack was stooped.


  13. I sincerely doubt she would want to have sex with you.

    Wrong!! wiserbud, he is stupid!

    Rosetta is hot and I would like for him to touch my munkey.


  14. I was thinking of you morons last week while on my trip to Kuwait and Egypt. Between reading about the highlights of the Pan-Arab Games, the camel races, checking out the latest in burka fashion and checking out the various personal hygiene implements in the bathrooms, it was a non-stop hoot. Just reading the Egyptian Mail was like reading an issue of Mad Magazine.

    Bloggers paradise for material.


  15. I sincerely doubt she would want to have sex with you
    Ok this is where you’re wrong. It’s not even a question of whether she’d want to. It’s a question of whether he can put the drugs in her drink without her seeing.


  16. The management wouldn’t mind a shot of you in your speedo.

    I’ll file suit if you continue to sexually harrass JackStraw.


  17. Deb-

    No, I didn’t bring my camera this trip but when I go back I will. Unfortunately, some of the stuff you have to see firsthand to believe.




  18. The management wouldn’t mind a shot of you in your speedo.

    I don’t really have one of those myself, it’s more of an emerald green thong. Try to imagine a pear, with a rubber band around it.


  19. Yeah, the neighbors complained too, when I was mowing the yard in it. Dogs barked, children cried. It wasn’t pretty.


  20. I was gonna comment but I see the conversation has whip-sawed from nuclear terrorism to Speedos. I don’t know what to say.


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