Dane Cook: “God Bless You”.

My two oldest kids went to see this guy last night at the Sprint Center. My son wanted me to see “The Sneeze” bit, because it’s a hoot.

It’s also indicative of how far into the pop culture  evangelical atheism has reached. You can’t even say, “God bless you” when somebody sneezes, anymore?


8 thoughts on “Dane Cook: “God Bless You”.

  1. I had to google that.

    Heh, it’s funny.

    He throws a few F bombs around, but from what I’ve seen he’s harmless. My two oldest are a sophomore, and senior, it’s nothing they haven’t heard at school, etc.


  2. LOL! I thought it was great. I think I would have liked it better if he would have had the guy come back as a tree….In Malibu, but, that’s just the barbarian in me.


  3. I’m not The Lord, I can’t do that!

    Oh that cracked me up. I love how comedians can tell one story, but are able to intertwine several smaller stories like the Windex one.


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