When Transvestites Attack…

It gets really messy and ugly.

A trio of troublesome transvestites laid siege to a Memphis McDonald’s late Sunday night after an argument at the drive-through window. When they got out of the car and began tapping at the window, the manager ignored them.

Never ignore three hungry and troublesome transvestites…it’s not worth it:

The transvestites allegedly struck the manager with a tire iron, and when he swung back, the drag queens took off their stiletto boots, removed their earrings and prepared to attack. The manager, Albert Bolton, was covered with scratch marks after suspects clawed him with their fingernails.

Bolton grabbed a pot of scalding french-fry grease and hurled it at his attackers. One of the cross-dressers then smacked Bolton with a wet floor sign, sending him to the hospital in an ambulance, WMC-TV reported.


Police are on the lookout for three transvestites in a black car.


Rosetta swears he was nowhere near the scene of the crime.

Anyone buying it?


Okay, I guess Rosetta’s off the hook. The police caught the guys/gals/whatevers. Dan Riehl has pix at his website. I wasn’t even close with my ‘guess-timate’ photo, above.


More Transvestites In The News:

A Scottsdale AZ bar owner settled a yearlong tranny dispute by adding a unisex one-stall bathroom to the bar. Women had been complaining (understandably) when the trannies were using their bathrooms; apparently standing up at the toilets to go “number one”.

I’ll tell you what, that would freak me out.

So the bar owner banned the trannies from his bar, and naturally, they sued.

Thousands of dollars in attorney fees later, a five dollar sign was put on the extra bathroom.

More Related, YEESH: 

These drag queens are getting out of control alright:

French police have detained a 68-year-old man — reported to be a ‘drag queen’ performer — suspected of murdering 18 mainly homosexual men, a judicial source said Wednesday. The murders were committed between 1980 and 2002 in eastern France and the Paris region.

 The victims were killed by a violent blow to the head, followed by multiple stabbings. Each time the bodies were found partly naked, but the victims’ faces were covered up.

“Campy” is not always cool, n’est pas?

Reactions To Annapolis

I’ll just go down the line in ABC order:

Tammy Bruce: The Dangerous Hypocrisy Of Condi Rice 

Jules Crittenden: Peace In Someone else’s Time 

FrontPageMagazine: Palestinians Aggressors, Not Victims

Gateway Pundit:  Olmert Will Announce Division Of Jerusalem Today

“What a sad day for Israel”.

Andrew McCarthy: Farce

NRO Editors: Praying For Handshakes And Empty Words 

Danial Pipes: Accept Israel As The Jewish State? 

Unless the Palestinians recognize Israel as “a Jewish state,” Olmert announced on November 11, the Annapolis-related talks would not proceed. “I do not intend to compromise in any way over the issue of the Jewish state. This will be a condition for our recognition of a Palestinian state.”

Smooth Stone:  Saudi Official Rules Out Handshake With  Israelis

Arab States Insist Normalization With Israel Not On The Agenda At Conference

Hamas To “Step Up Attacks After Annapolis

My question is, how do you negotiate with people who aren’t willing to accept Israel as a Jewish state, or even shake an Israeli’s hand?

They should all just pack up and go home.