Bill Kristol Gets NYT Op-Ed Slot – Liberal Heads Explode

Apparently the announcement that Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol will be writing for the NYT’s Op-Ed page has caused “a frenzy” in the liberal blogosphere.

“The Gray Lady has been hijacked by neo-cons”!!111!!


Katha Pollitt of the Nation wants to be shot:

Just shoot me. First, it was Sam Tanenhaus, conservative editor of the New York Times Book Review being put in charge of the News of the Week in Review section. That means one conservative will determine how politics,culture and ideas are covered in TWO of the most important sections of the supposedly liberal newspaper of record.


Now, says the Huffington Post, the Times is set to announce that Bill Kristol will be writing a weekly op-ed column. That’s Bill Kristol ,Fox commentator , editor of the the Murdochian agitprop factory Weekly Standard, George W. Bush’s propagandist in chief, co-founder of the Project for a New American Century, relentless promoter of the war in Iraq , ideological bully and thug. This is the man who blamed american liberals for the Khmer Rouge and the Ayatollah Khomeini (!),

And your problem is…????

who will say just about anything, however bizarre or illogical or wild or (I’m guessing) cynical, to push the only ideas in his head: everything bad is the fault of Democrats and never mind the question, war is the answer.

She then goes on to list some of Kristol’s standard conservative opinions on a host of topics which she treats as intolerable outrages, proving his unfitness for the job.

Truly amusing.

More from Politico:

But Times editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal sees things differently.

Rosenthal told Politico shortly after the official announcement Saturday that he fails to understand “this weird fear of opposing views.”

“The idea that The New York Times is giving voice to a guy who is a serious, respected conservative intellectual — and somehow that’s a bad thing,” Rosenthal added. “How intolerant is that?”

This Rosenthal person sounds like he might have some Neo-Con type leanings to be saying such things!

“I was flattered watching blogosphere heads explode,” Kristol told Politico. “It was kind of amusing.”

Unlike The Times’ stable of biweekly columnists — including Maureen Dowd and fellow Standard alum David Brooks — Kristol will write only once a week, with his first column set for Jan. 7.

Well, once a week is still obviously too much for our tolerant friends on the left!

Hat Tip: Lucianne


Att. Wordsmiths: Your Knowledge Can Help End World Hunger

I’m going away for the next couple of days, so here’s that fun wordgame again, that you can play, and actually not be wasting your time doing it.

I’m not kidding; if you play the vocabulary game at the Free Rice Website, you have the opportunity to actually help end world hunger.

Here’s how it works: For every word definition that you get correct, ten grains of rice are donated to The United Nations World Food Program.

The website started on October 7, and earned 830 grains of rice. It has grown exponentially ever since with 128,386,810 grains of rice earned on November 23rd, for a total of 3,531,907,160 grains of rice. Not too shabby.

Who pays for the donated rice? Free Rice explains:

The rice is paid for by the advertisers whose names you see on the bottom of your vocabulary screen. This is regular advertising for these companies, but it is also something more. Through their advertising at FreeRice, these companies support both learning (free vocabulary for everyone) and reducing hunger (free rice for the hungry). We commend these companies for their participation at FreeRice.

If Free Rice has the rice to give, why not give it all away right now?

FreeRice is not sitting on a pile of rice―you are earning it 10 grains at a time. Here is how it works. When you play the game, advertisements appear on the bottom of your screen. The money generated by these advertisements is then used to buy the rice. So by playing, you generate the money that pays for the rice donated to hungry people.

Got it? Good. So go do a good deed, today, play this game, and win some rice for some hungry people.

My best level so far is 41, but I’m just getting started. Ecru means beige????

Hat tip: My son, who’s been playing this game in his Language Arts class.

UPDATE: (December 4)

More than a few people believe that the Free Rice site is a hoax, (judging from my search engine terms in the stats).

It’s not a hoax.

Sheesh, everything you see on the internet is not a hoax, folks!

Adam Gadahn Gone?

The latest OBL tape has been released and as expected there is no new image of Bin Laden. Instead we are treated to a still image over an audio message of what would appear to be Bin Laden’s voice. Video at the Jawa Report.

What is not expected is that there are no English subtitles, which Rusty over at Jawa’s says is significant because Adam Gadahn is believed to be Sahab’s chief English language propagandist and translator. So where the hell is Gadahn? Rusty:

Either Adam Gadahn is dead, or he is in a much more dangerous position than that of propagandist. I’m sure intel types are all over this, but sometimes this kind of info has a way of not filtering down to the troops on the field or those manning the border. So, be on the lookout for this man either on the ground in Afghanistan earning some street cred with al Qaeda or trying to infiltrate Europe or the U.S. using a false identity.

Adam Gadahn before and after he discovered cholesterol.

The Pope vs. Satan

From The Daily Mail:

The Pope has ordered his bishops to set up exorcism squads to tackle the rise of Satanism.

Vatican chiefs are concerned at what they see as an increased interest in the occult.

They have introduced courses for priests to combat what they call the most extreme form of “Godlessness.”

Now fellow moron, Gabriel Malor seems to be poo pooing the rite of Exorcism, if I’m reading him right…

I worked for a Catholic church from high school through college. In my first week I got a call that started like this: “This is going to sound strange, but I’m totally serious. Can you send someone over for an exorcism?” He then proceeded to explain that things were moving on their own and the house was making sounds and that it had been going on for a few weeks. He was nominally Lutheran, but they wouldn’t do anything about it. Heh. We didn’t either.

P.S. I just noticed some unintentional (?) humor in the Daily Mail URL to this story. it ends with “Satan=Santa.” Hmmmm.

More: I meant to add this as part of the post earlier, but got distracted by my 13-month-old niece, who I’m visiting in Virginia.

The Vatican is particularly concerned that young people are being exposed to the influence of Satanic sects through rock music and the Internet.

AOSHQ commenter, Vercingetorix had this to say:

“…influence of Satanic sects through rock music and the Internet.

Eh, actually, that is not as prudish as it might seem. I used to listen to Ozzy, yadda, yadda, but also the Detroit rapper ESHAM (the Unholy) and his group NATAS (Satan, backwards, in case I need to spell it out), also the 3-6 Mafia, or as they were first named, the Triple Six Mafia. You hear more of this, and less of the Gospels, well, you figure out what philosophy becomes more important to you. You can only watch X number of Taratino films, slasher movies, listen to “KKKill the Fetus”, bang so many chicks, drink, use drugs, fight, etc, and miss Y many days at church before you start playing for the other team. There’s a reason why Earth isn’t paradise and why people suggest that Hell is jampacked, and Heaven has great parking.

I concur. I have no idea if Vercingetorix actually believes that demonic possession is possible, like I do, but he certainly has a good handle on how evil is perpetuated.

Anyway, I’m glad the Pope is doing what he’s doing.


Darn the luck! The Vatican denies the whole thing!

The Vatican is denying reports it plans to install more exorcists around the world so possessed people can get help quickly.

“Pope Benedict XVI has no intention of ordering local bishops to bring in garrisons of exorcists to fight demonic possession,” Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told reporters in Rome Friday.

Well, WTF???

Thanks to RWSI guess. 

The Exorcist in 5 Seconds:

“Christmas Miracle”:Toddler Sticks Screwdriver 5 Centimeters Into Head, Survives

This is simply amazing.

A two year old girl, Teagan Gislason, from Farmington MN, spent nearly a week at the Mayo Clinic after accidentally stabbing herself in the eye with a screwdriver during a church service. Teagan’s father was with his three girls at the church when she began to get restless, so he:

went into a room where children have adult supervision during the church service. Teagan somehow found a screwdriver, and a fellow church member saw it sticking out of her left eye socket.

I ran over to her, and she was standing up and walking around and not crying,” said Neil Gislason. “It was very heart wrenching to see that. Cause it was deep. And I knew it, but I didn’t want to believe it. And I was hoping and hoping and praying and praying.”

An X-ray shows the screwdriver penetrated Teagan’s eye socket, five centimeters into her brain. Doctors removed it after four hours, with virtually no bleeding.

I would have complete breakdowns where I couldn’t even keep myself standing,” said Katie Gislason, Teagan’s mother. She was at work when the accident happened, and found out when she got a phone call.

I can only imagine!

“I just could not believe this. This is the phone call that no parent wants to get,” she said.

Neil Gislason said his best guess is that Teagan found the screwdriver, and tripped with it in her hand. No one actually saw the accident, so no one is quite sure what happened.

A ll I kept thinking was I don’t care about scars, I don’t care about loss of movement, I don’t care about loss of vision, I don’t care about her speech. I just want her alive,” said Katie Gislason.

One week later, Teagan is home with her family, acting like a normal 2-year-old. Her vision appears to be fine, and the only remaining mark from the incident is a scar on her eyelid.

“She’s our Christmas miracle,” said Katie Gislason.

The little girl is taking antibiotics to make sure the eye doesn’t get infected, and will be getting regularly checked out by doctors to make sure her vision is okay, but her prognosis is very good. It looks like she will have no lasting effects from having had a screwdriver penetrated five centimeters into her brain!

Hat Tip: Crime Scene KC

There is a fund to help pay for Teagan’s medical bills:

Teagan Gislason Fund
C/O Provincial Bank
20280 Iberia Ave
Lakeville, MN 55044

A lot of people would be suing the church for negligence.

Liberals Say The Darndest Things!

The Media Research Center deserves kudos for wading through heaps of foul and fetid bull in order to present us with these video clips of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Rosie, Olberdouche, the Perky Princess, Goracle, a liberal dose of Chrissy Matthews, and many, many more nauseating buffoons, beclowning themselves.

Here’s a taste of The MRC’s Notable Quotables 2007:

The “Damn Those Conservatives” Award goes to…

“I’m just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.”
— Host Bill Maher on his HBO show Real Time, March 2, discussing how a few commenters at a left-wing blog were upset that an attempt to kill Vice President Cheney in Afghanistan had failed.


Hat Tip: Hot Air Headlines