A Very Perry Christmas

Okay, I realize this is the second video, I’ve swiped from Hot Air, this week, but I just had to.

Nobody suffered more than I did, when Journey was on top of the charts.



17 thoughts on “A Very Perry Christmas

  1. au contraire. I suffered, God I suffered. I wanted to drive a spike into my brain every time they hit the airwaves. I wanted to kill babies and punch kittens.


  2. I needed a good laugh after a hard day at the office. As always, your site is entertaining as well as serious. Your the best.


  3. HaH! If Deb remembered all she would not be so hard on Journey! Just because they are teh suk. She forgets their historical contribution in forcing the surrender of over 600 Cuban Regulars in Grenada, subsequently relieving the highly disgruntled airborne forces from 44 days of noise and light discipline without a bath!
    She also forgets their key role in forcing the surrender of Panamanian Mad Man Manuel Antonio Noreiga Moreno, after enraging Monsignor Laboa to the level that he threatened to throw Noreiga to the crowds outside the gates of the Nunciatura if he did not surrender to the tone deaf rangers.


  4. There’s a pretty direct correlation between the size of Neal Schons fro and the cheesiness of Journey. The smaller his fro got, the cheesier Journey got.


  5. Well, I didn’t even know about their contribution to that ordeal.
    I guess that makes them great patriots, at least. – DEB

    Naw, not really, they had no clue. It was just a matter of finding the most obnoxious, irritating, and haunting music they could find. 😉


  6. forged rite, it looks like Huey and the boys were insufficiently commited to the mullet. And that’s a pretty creepy intro (I know, that’s coming from me) with a bunch of guys standing over her bed singing “I wanta love you all over…”


  7. you have a history of actually defending Journey!

    Do not twist my words woman. I defended Neal Schon, who was and is a very talented guitarist. I admired pre-Steve Pussy Journey.



  8. forged rite?

    You are dead to me, man.

    Heh. Oh ok, i won’t dwell upon the greatness that is Journey anymore. But Dave’s right, Neal Schon himself said they gave control of the band to Steve Perry in the mid 80’s and he’s the one who turned them cheesy.

    forged rite, it looks like Huey and the boys were insufficiently commited to the mullet.

    Yeah, they did have those “designer” mullets didn’t they? A real mullet looks like your half-blind grandma did it after she drank a 12 pack of Schaffers.

    Merry Christmas everybody!


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