Happy Kwanzaa From The White House

How embarrassing.

I send greetings to those observing Kwanzaa.

Established in 1966, Kwanzaa is celebrated each year as an opportunity for African Americans to honor African traditions of family, community, and culture. During the seven days leading up to the New Year, millions of individuals reflect on the past and renew their commitment to the principles of Kwanzaa — unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

As family and friends gather to celebrate Kwanzaa, our citizens are reminded of the many African Americans who have contributed their talent and strength to this great Nation. I commend those observing this holiday for taking pride in your rich heritage. May the coming year be filled with the blessings of health and happiness.

Laura and I send our best wishes for a joyous Kwanzaa celebration.


Today is the first day of Kwanzaa, but I haven’t heard too much about it, this year.

It seems to be becoming less popular. I know some people still celebrate it, but I’d like to think that most blacks are on to the fakiness of the whole thing, as well as the unsavoriness of its founder, Ron Karenga who was arrested in 1971:

“for torturing two black women by whipping them with electrical cords and beating them with a karate baton after stripping them naked. He placed in the mouth of one of the victims a hot soldering iron, also scarring her face with the device. He put one of her big toes in a vise, and detergent and running water in both their mouths.”

Isn’t that special?

Also in the WND article linked to above:

At the time he was inventing Kwanzaa, Karenga had also organized a terrorist group at UCLA called “US” (for “United Slaves”). In 1969, Karenga’s followers killed two Black Panthers.

While he was in prison, Karenga converted to Marxism. This was regarded by California State University at Long Beach as evidence of his being rehabilitated. So they made him director of their black-studies program.

While I was an Episcopal parish priest in Northern California in the 1960s, I was challenged to debate Malcolm X – which I accepted.

When I arrived at an all-black audience in West Oakland (home of the Black Panthers), I discovered that a substitute had been made for Malcolm.

Mr. Karenga was the most foul-smelling person I had ever sat next to – which, I strongly suspect, was part of his debating technique.

Karenga’s argumentation was equally foul – an exceptionally hostile recitation of extremist black-power claims, which I found to be utterly preposterous. And I said so, and explained why.

That led to ominous sounds from this all-black audience – that Karenga began to manipulate.

I don’t know why George and Laura Bush should feel the need to extend Kwanzaa greetings from the White House.

It really is a bullcrap holiday.

I mean, really.



The mother of all Kwanzaa debates can be found here.

25 thoughts on “Happy Kwanzaa From The White House

  1. Along with the Star of David and the Christmas tree my kids came home with some sort of kwanzaa craft they’d made at public school.


  2. I don’t see it, Geoff.

    Well, phooey. Basically it linked to Mr. Minority’s thread from last year, where a passionate defender of Kwanzaa came in started in on Mr. M. I’m too lazy to link it again.


  3. Um…Deb? While I agree with some of what that article said, you may wish to check the bottom of the page. The “Martin Luther King Foundation” appears to be a front for a virulently racist neo-Nazi group called Stormfront. I’ll smooch Karenga on the lips before I ally myself with the likes of those clowns…


  4. Oh wow, John.

    I should have looked at that better. The article was written by Tony Snow, but seems to have been re-posted at this site, which doesn’t seem to have much to do with MLK.


  5. I need to put Mr. Minority on my Blogroll. I don’t know why I haven’t done it, yet.

    You do know that Mr. Minority hates kittens, right?


  6. Wiserbud, you slime dog! I love kittens, in fact the more the merrier.

    At one time I had 7 kittens running around on my back porch, to go along with the other 6 cats.

    And thanks for the Blog Roll link Nice Deb. I will reciprocate

    Mr Minority


  7. Excuse me Sarcastic Deb, 1) I am not senile 2) I am not a lady and 3) they were all outside cats, not living in my house. I have only 2 cats living in the house, all the rest live on my back porch, chasing birds, rodents and snakes.

    I have always been a cat lover. In facts when I was in the Coast Guard on a ship in Alaska, I talked the Captain into allowing me to have a cat aboard our ship (cats are a tradition in the sea going services). Great cat.


  8. There realy is no sucha cellebration of KWANZAA its all just another one of those fake celebrations like EARTHDAY,ALL SPIECES DAY or the BURNING MAN FESITVAL only celebrated by confirmed pagans


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