Robber Uses Taxi As Getaway Car

Wow, you have to hand it to this guy for having the cojones to rob a bank with no weapon and no getaway car:

A man walked into a First Arizona Savings branch, in the 2900 block of North Scottsdale Road, raised his hand in his jacket pocket simulating a weapon and said, “This is a robbery.”

The man took an undisclosed amount of cash and ran from the bank.

A witness reported seeing the man get into a lime green taxi.

And yes, he actually got away.

Police described the man as a 55-year-old White male, about 5 foot, 9 inches, with a stocky build, black or gray mustache and a long ponytail. He was wearing a blue flannel jacket, blue jeans and a tan baseball hat.

Hah! An aging  hippy…figures!

Maybe he’ll use the money to buy himself some wheels.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC


One thought on “Robber Uses Taxi As Getaway Car

  1. Kansas has one of these deep thinkers. Mejia Jawon Pattillo #58318 was paroled from LCF in 1994. He took a bus to his fall town and caught a cab from the bus station. He then proceeded to a friends house while the cab waited. Then he took the cab to the nearest convenience store for a pack of cigarettes and just happened to rob it while he was there.

    He had the cab driver take him to his release address where he paid the cab driver with his ill gotten gains and went inside.

    The cab driver drove straight to the Police Station and dropped off Mr Pattillo’s parole plan that he had left in the back of the cab. Mr Pattillo held the record for a couple of years for the shortest parole in the history of Kansas at 9 hours.


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