Adam Gadahn Gone?

The latest OBL tape has been released and as expected there is no new image of Bin Laden. Instead we are treated to a still image over an audio message of what would appear to be Bin Laden’s voice. Video at the Jawa Report.

What is not expected is that there are no English subtitles, which Rusty over at Jawa’s says is significant because Adam Gadahn is believed to be Sahab’s chief English language propagandist and translator. So where the hell is Gadahn? Rusty:

Either Adam Gadahn is dead, or he is in a much more dangerous position than that of propagandist. I’m sure intel types are all over this, but sometimes this kind of info has a way of not filtering down to the troops on the field or those manning the border. So, be on the lookout for this man either on the ground in Afghanistan earning some street cred with al Qaeda or trying to infiltrate Europe or the U.S. using a false identity.

Adam Gadahn before and after he discovered cholesterol.


4 thoughts on “Adam Gadahn Gone?

  1. He probably went home for Christmas. He’s still sitting by the tree in his flannel pajamas, wondering what happened to Santa and his iPhone. If he were a blog reader, he would know that Santa gave his iPhone to Allah.


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