RE: Mitt Romney and Timetables

Huckabee supposedly dealt Romney a devastating blow when he mentioned Romney’s previous support for a timed withdrawal from Iraq:

Here is what Mitt actually said about timetables in an interview on Good Morning America back in April.

Listen carefully, he sounds very reasonable to me, but with clever editing it can be made to look like he’s flip flopping:

Coincidently, the creator of the last video happens to be a Huckabee supporter.


12 thoughts on “RE: Mitt Romney and Timetables

  1. His response to this particular attack was to say “no, you’re wrong” and to upbraid Huck, a little.

    He didn’t seem inarticulate there, to me.

    Mitt always comes off as very polished and formulaic to me.

    Example: The blithering about “change”.


  2. diff of opinion then. He said you’re wrong, but didn’t say why (I said it those timetable discussions should be private and not public, for obvious reasons.

    That’s the refutation. Not just “you’re wrong”, and then complaining that Huck should stick to talking about his policies and let Mitt talk about his own. This is a contact sport, and he’s going to be attacked (again) on his record.


  3. Eh, I thought it was an adequate response.

    The stuff about Huck sticking to his own policies was meant for public consumption because we (supposedly) all hate negative campaigning.

    Of course, Mitt has apparently been the worst negative campaigner of all for the negative ads he’s been running….(which is why they’re all gaining up on him)… that’s why I’m not crazy over Mitt…he just doesn’t come across as very sincere.

    But if he ends up being the nominee, he’s got my vote in November, no if, ands, or buts.


  4. Yeah but you’re a girl.

    I’m half-kidding. Men have a viscerally negative reaction when we perceive weakness. Crying “mommy make the mean man leave me alone” isn’t terribly persuasive. Suck it up Mitt and fight him.

    Remember “there you go again”?


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