“Chuckabee” Facts


Someone was bound to do this sooner or later… some wiseacre from the Indiana Daily Student News came up with these. They made me laugh….but also cringe at the Huckster facts. Here are a few examples:

Fact: Mike Huckabee calls himself a Republican, but functionally he’s a pro-life Democrat. He’s a big government, tax-and-spend proponent of the Nanny State, who supports a nationwide smoking ban, government-sponsored wellness programs and more government regulation of private industries, such as minimum wage increases. He also has a grossly liberal record on illegal immigration.

Fact: Chuck Norris is so painful to watch that nine out of 10 Americans would rather take a roundhouse kick to the face from him than sit through an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Fact: Mike Huckabee granted over 1,000 pardons and commutations during his 10 years as governor – roughly one clemency every four days. In 17 years, Huckabee’s three predecessors – which included Bill Clinton, by the way – granted only 507 clemencies combined. The Huckster’s clemency recipients included violent criminals who reputedly “got religion” in prison. Should this man have the power of the presidential pardon?

Fact: Chuck Norris is so pathetic that Jack Bauer tracked and killed him in only 21 hours, then took a three-hour nap.

Fact: According to the Arkansas Leader newspaper, Mike Huckabee, while governor of Arkansas, raised more taxes than Bill Clinton did while governor of Arkansas. His tax record is so bad that even the members of the Arkansas Republican Assembly chose to endorse Fred Thompson rather than Huck. When the Club for Growth, a prominent conservative anti-tax organization, sharply criticized his tax record, Huckabee responded by calling them the “Club for Greed.” There’s nothing greedy about the concept that the money you’ve earned belongs to you.

Fact: Chuck Norris is such a bad actor that even Keanu Reeves flips the channel whenever he sees Chuck on TV.



Please tell me this man has no chance of winning the Republican nomination….please!

People – are actually – talking – about – voting – for Obama if that – happens. Not just staying home….actually taking the time to switch party’s and go vote for the The Messiah.


Why vote for Obama if Huckabee is the nominee?

For the same reason some in our party are forcing a socialist Christian candidate on the rest of us: To let them know they can’t take our votes for granted and to teach an object lesson about political power.


Dave In Texas:

All it means. Is. If it comes down to Mike vs. Obama, I would rather kick it to Obama. For two very simple reasons:

a) if we have to have two socialist goofy-asses (as Warden likes to call them, who knows where he came up with that shit) running, and one of them is going to win, I’d rather blame Dems than Reps for the next 4 years for all the crap that we’re going to have to endure.

b) as an evangelical Christian I have serious reservations about Huck’s awful baggage. I am revolted by his “get out of jail free if a minister told him ‘asshole’s seen the light’ bullshit”. This list is not only unconservative it’s at odds with Christianity. Does his ignorance of the law, his apathy for evil-doers, his embrace of redistribution of earned livelihood for the “common good” have anything at all to do with Christianity? It does not.



Would Obama be better? At this point, I’m just thinking he couldn’t be worse and he at least has the virtue of seeming more…optimistically Reaganesque about America in his rhetoric than Huckabee. That’s a sad commentary on who is ahead in the race for president thus far. When Rudy Giuliani was ahead in the polls, evangelicals and social conservatives threatened to bolt the party, and warned (in a passive-aggressive way) that their decision to sit out the election was the fault of anyone who voted to make Giuliani the GOP nominee.

Now those who threatened to sit out the election are appealing to party unity in the face of a Huckabee primary victory. Too late, guys. Those who threatened to sit out then have very little basis upon which to criticize now. Maybe next time, they’ll reconsider using threats as a power play, lest their tactic be used against them.


You guys are breaking my heart…

Somebody wake me up from this nightmare!

4 thoughts on ““Chuckabee” Facts

  1. I wouldn’t worry, Deb. Huckabee hasn’t got enough national political muscle to secure the nomination. Iowa was basically “home turf” for him; he won’t do nearly as well in the Deep South or the coastal states.


  2. The recriminations from non-social cons will be bad enough. Really bad.

    I don’t think he can win it. But he’s not losing yet.


  3. I’m as pissed off at Republicans as anybody, but I am amazed at how fast everybody is willing to toss a vote to Obama.
    Like I said at Cuffys, there’s no way I’m contributing to the phrase “The President Of The United States-Barrack Hussein Obama” just 7 years after 9/11.
    But that’s just me.


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