Sydney Blumenthal Caught Drunk Driving In NH

Sweet sweet schadenfreude:

Blumenthal, an unpaid senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was arrested in Nashua on the eve of the and charged with aggravated DWI, according two members of the Nashua police force.

Sgt. Mike Masella, one of the arresting officers, said the movements of a Buick caught his eye. “I observed all his erratic driving,” Masella said. “When I first noticed him it was at an intersection. He abruptly stopped. That caught my eye … He was drifting in his lane.” Masella followed the car, a rental, for a mile and a half, and clocked its speed at 70mph in a 30mph zone–more than twice the legal limit. Masella pulled the car over at 12:30 a.m. Monday morning. Blumenthal told the officer he was returning to his hotel from a restaurant in Manchester. After declining to take a Breathalyzer, Masella says, Blumenthal failed a field sobriety test. Blumenthal was handcuffed, booked, had his fingerprints taken and was held for four hours–standard operating procedure in such arrests in New Hampshire–before posting bail and being released.

Lucianne quips:

Police say he was a “perfect gentleman.” That’s before they Googled “Troopers.”

You may remember Blumenthal as Hillary’s attack dog and partner in crime during the Clinton White House days. He helped Hillary manage the Bimbo eruptions, and is credited with dispatching the troopers who were telling stories about bubba’s Arkansas days. He famously wrote an article in The New Yorker accusing the troopers of their own transgressions, such as attempted fraud, marital infidelity, and yes, drunk driving.

You may also remember Blumenthal as the man who wrote an article last year called, The President, The Stripper, And The Attorney General:

In 1996, Governor George W Bush received a summons to serve on a jury, which would have required his admission that 20 years earlier he had been arrested for drunk driving. Already planning his presidential campaign, he did not want this information made public. His lawyer made the novel argument to the judge that Bush should not have to serve because “he would not, as governor, be able to pardon the defendant in the future”. (The defendant was a stripper accused of drunk driving.) The judge agreed, and it was not until the closing days of the 2000 campaign that Bush’s record surfaced.

Well Syd, it was thirty years ago for W; for you it was last week, and it was aggravated.


Hat Tip: Lucianne

UPDATE (Jan. 13):

The mugshot:

MORE (January 14):

The New York Sun has discovered that Blumenthal is a ” research fellow” at the Center For Law and Security at New York University law school:

a center that describes itself as “committed to promoting an informed understanding of the legal and security issues defining the post 9/11 era.”

It turns out that a whole slew of Clintonites have somehow ended up with positions at NYU. I wonder how that happened?

Hat tip” Michelle Malkin

2 thoughts on “Sydney Blumenthal Caught Drunk Driving In NH

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  2. As you may recall, Sidney Blumenthal coined the phrase, “vast rightwing conspiracy” for Hillary Clinton. Blumenthal also penned the Clinton friendly New Yorker article He’s Lying, in which Sydney, writes:

    “noted facial recognition expert, UC San Francisco Psychologist Paul Ekman, says: “I was watching [Bill Clinton’s] facial expressions, and I said to my wife, This is Peck’s Bad Boy … This is a guy who wants to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and have us love him for it anyway. Dr. Ekman paused, then reconstructed that particular sequence of expressions on his face … rolled his eyes-and it was as if Slick Willie himself were suddenly in the room. Dr. Ekman felt that Clinton’s expression conveyed, I’m a bad boy. Says Ekman, I don’t think it’s a good thing. Dr. Ekman told a member of Clinton’s communication staff he could teach him how not to do that. The staffer said, Well, we can’t take the risk that he’s known to be seeing an expert on lying. Ekman rather liked Clinton, and wanted Clinton’s trademark expression to have been no more than a meaningless facial tick. Ekman shrugged, Unfortunately, I guess, he needed to get caught-and [Monica Lewinsky] he got caught.”

    Sydney Blumenthal, is as revealing, or perhaps more so behind a keyboard, than he is behind the wheel of a Buick – same for another unpaid political advisor, the now clammed-up Sandy Berger – and confidant Dee Dee Myers, along with her myriad DWIs:


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