Man Uses Stun Gun On Toddler

I swear…I’ll never understand what could cause a person to abuse his/her own child, in this case an 18 month old. This man must be demon-possessed:

Prosecutor Reed Dinsmore said the stun gun delivered 30,000 volts during testing.

“This is a case of a father torturing his 18-month-old son,” prosecutor Reed Dinsmore said. “Why? We can’t tell.”

He said it’s not yet known whether the child will suffer long-term nerve or neurological damage.

The prosecution said the child’s mother saw marks on the boy in January 2007 and, thinking it was a rash, wanted to take him to a doctor.

But Wittman talked her out of it, Dinsmore said.

“He described to her that he used the stun gun to play peekaboo with the child,” Dinsmore said.

Someone please explain to this man that stun guns are not used in playing peekaboo. They tend to take the fun out of it.

“The mother did not report the incident, and that was a mistake on her part.”

Shame shame shame!

After a second incident in February, she took the child to her sister’s home and then to the police. Doctors at Samaritan Albany General Hospital found numerous wounds conforming to the stun gun’s electrode pattern.

“I spoke to a Department of Human Services careworker who was present, and she said the look in the child’s eyes will not easily be forgotten,” Dinsmore said.

The husband is saying that the injuries were caused by the mother, that they had had an argument earlier that day, and she had said, “You’ll be sorry as she took the boy from the home.

Well, all I know is, the Dept. of Human Services in Albany, Oregon had better figure out who’s telling the truth,  quickly. The child should be put in foster care until the truth is known.

This story makes the  Do’s And Don’ts With Baby jokes,  seem a lot less funny.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC 


2 thoughts on “Man Uses Stun Gun On Toddler

  1. Coochie coochi cooo…….coochie coochie cooo…

    who’s a cute little baby? whoo’s a cute little baby??

    Wheeere’s daddy? Wheeere’s daddy??

    I SAID WHERE’S DADDY, DAMMIT?!? Tzzzzzzzzzzzzzt

    Yeah, you know where daddy is now, don’t ya?


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