Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

Rudy has a new ad out in which his non endorsements from major newspapers are presented as a badge of honor. It’s a clever ad, and positions him to the right of McCain on taxes.

Sadly, this ad appears to be too little, too late. It’s only an internet ad, according to Allahpundit, and it needs to be airing on major t.v. stations in Florida if it’s to have any effect.

Giuliani’s lagging behind McCain and Romney in Florida, and is now in a fight against Huckabee for third. The early voting results are not looking promising, either, based on polling data.

Allahpundit wonders if he’ll quit before Super Tuesday if he comes in fourth. He may as well.

I feel bad for Rudy. I think he would have been a strong candidate in the general, but his position on abortion, and his late start in the primaries have prevented him from getting any traction.

I would have had no problem voting for him in November.


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