About That Kennedy Endorsement…

There are somewhat divergent views concerning its significance.

On the one hand…Bryan over at Hot Air, laughed it off:

Fossil from the Paleozoic makes the rounds with Obama, preaching “change”

(I loved that headline):

The most ridiculous spectacle of the 2008 campaign season might be 75-year-old Ted Kennedy, a man who has spent his entire career in politics, a man who has often personified divisive, attack-based politics, a man who owes his very existence on the national stage to his famous name, getting on the Barack Obama “change” bandwagon. The nation ought to be laughing up our collective sleeves about it, but instead Kennedy is treated seriously not just by the Clintons and Obama, but by the press as well.

Michelle Malkin saw it much the same way:

When I watched the Kennedy dynasty’s self-indulgent endorsement of Barack Obama yesterday, I saw a bloated, effete patriarch patting himself on the back and his candidate on the head. I heard empty platitudes and nostalgia and a desperate, windy plea for relevance.

But she takes note that David Brooks of the New York Times:

was enthralled by the “Kennedy mystique.” There was, gushed Brooks, “something important and memorable about the way the 75-year-old Kennedy communed and bonded with a rapturous crowd half a century his junior.”

Brooks goes on to say:

After his callow youth, Kennedy came to realize that life would not give him the chance to be president. But life did ask him to be a senator, and he has embraced that role and served that institution with more distinction than anyone else now living — as any of his colleagues, Republican or Democrat, will tell you.

Something is wrong with that guy!

Brooks, I mean.

Dan Riehl’s take:

Was watching Fox News with Brit’s group and Fred Barnes was laughing and dismissing the Kennedy endorsement of Obama as nothing. Without jumping on the whole group, many of these TV talking heads really are idiots, but what the hell is Fed Barnes smoking? He’s supposed to know something about politics.

As several stories indicated, this comes with access to Kennedy’s fund raising armada, not to mention that Kennedy’s sponsorship of immigration reform and other works has made him one of the favorites among a key Democrat constituency, Hispanics. Hillary is counting on huge margins there to win the nomination. And Kennedy has said, and already planned, to campaign actively for Obama.

His condescending laughter and alleged insight is nothing short of sheer stupidity.

Finally, my friend Francis W. Porretto commented here:

It’s not so much that that Clinton “ship is sinking” as that the Kennedy yin has re-ascended to equal and surpass the Clinton yang. Clintonite politics was the most successful Democrat politics of the postwar period. The Kennedys and their allegiants were regarded as yesterday’s news from roughly 1976, when Ted failed at his bid for the presidency, to 2000, when Al Gore was awarded the nomination without a struggle. But the Kennedy faction, which never completely resigned from its attempt to own the Democrat Party in toto, saw an opportunity for a renaissance in an unusual gambit: back an obvious loser in 2004 while elevating a credible candidate for 2008.

My own take:

The Kennedy “fund raising armada” Dan Riehl mentions is certainly a significant boost for Obama, but I think the “Kennedy Mystique” is just symbolic, meaningless B.S that will have no effect whatsoever on his campaign.


Oh Good lord. And now, this:

At the top of Tuesday’s CBS “Early Show,” co-host Harry Smith described Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama yesterday in biblical terms: “In the civic religion that is Democratic politics, the most treasured covenant was passed to the young Senator from Illinois.”

Ace has more of the latest on the Obama/Kennedy Crap Fest.


One thought on “About That Kennedy Endorsement…

  1. Talk about a kiss of death for Obama!!Ted Kennedy’s endorsement has surely condemn’d him to the also ran category. If I were he, I would have said, “thanks, but no thanks”. Teddy Boy is nothing more than a fat, blowhard, Liberal murderer who would sell his soul to get his name in the paper. I’m a Republican so I absolutely welcome him to Obama’s camp.


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