Goracle Endorses…..Gay Marriage

Out of the blue, God only knows why, Al Gore has come out with a video that strongly endorses gay marriage.

Not exactly the endorsement Obama was hoping for.

Most Americans, of course disapprove of gay marriage, while supporting civil unions, which puts the Democratic candidates in an awkward position:

It pushes the Democratic establishment that much closer to a position he now shares with Eliot Spitzer and some other leading Dems, and is prompting a bit of grumbling in gay political circles that this batch of candidates aren’t quite there.”Gay men and women ought to have the same rights as heterosexual men and women — to make contracts, to have hospital visiting rights, to join together in marriage, and I don’t understand why it is considered by some people to be a threat to heterosexual marriage,” he says on the video, which appears on his Current TV network. “Shouldn’t we be promoting the kind of faithfulness and loyalty to ones partner regardless of sexual orientation?”

Hillary and Obama say, er…thanks a lot, Al…great timing!

Gore’s video can be seen at The Politico.

In other good news for Democrats…Ralph Nader is considering throwing his hat into the ring!

Ralph Nader has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and said in an interview Wednesday that he will launch another presidential bid if he’s convinced he can raise enough money to appear on the vast majority of state ballots this fall.

I wonder if he’ll be running in his worn out shoes.


Wednesday’s Hero: Staff Sgt. Justin R. Whiting

SSgt. Justing R. Whiting
27 years old from Hancock, New York
3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
January 19, 2008                       

Staff Sgt. Justin R. Whiting, a Special Forces medical sergeant sustained fatal wounds when his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive devise 16 kilometers south of Mosul, Iraq.

He is survived by his mother, Estelline, of Colorado Springs, Colo., father, Randall, of Hancock, N.Y., sister, Amanda, of DuPont, Wash., and brother Nathan of Dover, Tenn.

For more information on SSgt. Justin Whiting, you can download this PDF file.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived.

By:Indian Chris

Voter Fraud In MO. Already

The Democrats can shout “Voter disenfranchisement” all they want, but the dead are still not allowed to vote in America.

The St. Louis Election Board discovered that a woman dead since October cast an absentee ballot in the city presidential primary, an official said.

The case is being turned over today to the Department of Justice, said Scott Leiendecker, the Republican director for the St. Louis Election Board.

Leiendecker said officials at the election board believe that the woman’s son cast the ballot by purporting that his mother signed with an “X” and then he signed as a witness. Leiendecker would not divulge the name of the woman or her son.

Leiendecker said that the alleged fraudulent ballot was just one of the 2,000 absentee ballots already cast in the city.

Leiendecker said that with just one such case — and that it was caught right away by election workers — shows that the city’s system to catch voter fraud is working.

I’m glad Leiendecker is on high alert. He needs to be with groups like ACORN out there, collecting mass quantities of fraudulent voter registration cards. This will be a huge issue for Republicans everywhere in November.

Back in March of 2007, The Competitive Enterprise Institute reported on the St. Louis case:

St. Louis election officials received so many fraudulent voter registration cards from ACORN that they sent letters to 5,000 registrants, asking the recipients to contact them, John Fund reported in the Wall Street Journal. Fewer than 40 of the suspect registrants responded.

ACORN activists may have committed election fraud. In Missouri, ACORN and its union allies credit the minimum-wage issue with helping put Democrat Claire McCaskill over the top in her challenge to Republican incumbent Sen. Jim Talent. ACORN’s actions have raised eyebrows—and produced federal indictments.

St. Louis recently indicted 11 different people on voter fraud, according to Leiendecker.
Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #16

The crescent-topped tower

Not all of the Islamic symbolism in the Flight 93 memorial is hidden. One of the things that Tom Burnett Sr. protested from the beginning was the overtly minaret-like Tower of Voices. The Tower is formed in the shape of an extruded crescent, and even has its top cut at an angle so that its crescent arms reach up into the sky, similar to the upturned crescent motif seen atop minarets all over the world:


Up tower view (left) shows the Tower of Voices to be formed in the shape of an Islamic crescent, covering about 2/3rds of a circle of arc, with a circular inner arc. The top of the tower is cut at an angle (right) so that the crescent arms reach up into the sky.

This sky-reaching crescent is a standard mosque motif, seen from the Abdul Gaffoor mosque in Singapore:


… to Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland:


… to the Uppsala mosque in Sweden:

Swedish mosque with crescents 55%

There is no way that the Islamic shaped crescent atop architect Paul Murdoch’s minaret-like tower is an accident, any more than THIS could possibly be an accident:


That’s before you even get to the hidden stuff, like the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent; the 9/11 date placed in the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag; or the fact that the Tower of Voices turns out to be a year round accurate Islamic prayer-time sundial:


Every particle of the original Crescent of Embrace design remains completely intact in the Bowl of Embrace redesign, which only disguised the original crescent with a few irrelevant trees.

That Islamic crescent reaching up into the sky is completely undisguised. How can anyone abide this?


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Bitter Pill: McCain Wins Florida

Michael Graham, sounding a tad bitter over at the Corner, expresses how many conservatives are feeling, tonight:

So it is over. Finished. In November, we’ll be sending out our most liberal, least trustworthy candidate vs. to take on Hillary Clinton—perhaps not more liberal than Barack Obama, but certainly far less trustworthy.

And the worst part for the Right is that McCain will have won the nomination while ignoring, insulting and, as of this weekend, shamelessly lying about conservatives and conservatism.
You think he supported amnesty six months ago? You think he was squishy on tax cuts and judicial nominees before? Wait until he has the power to anger every conservative in America, and feel good about it.
Every day, he dreams of a world filled with happy Democrats and insulted Republicans. And he is, thanks to Florida, the presidential nominee of the Republican party.
And on that note, I’m off to climb into a bottle of Bushmill’s. It’s going to be a LONG nine months.
It seems McCain’s a foregone conclusion at this point, no matter what Hugh says.  Or this guy, holding out hope for a Romney upset on Super Tuesday:
“Look,” I said to my young friends, “starting Wednesday at noon, Rush Limbaugh is going to pull out all the stops. He’s going to hammer McCain with everything he’s got. He’s going to come at him from every angle, for three solid hours, and then he’s going to do it for another three hours on Thursday, then Friday, then Monday, then Tuesday. You can count on 15 hours of Rush doing all he can to persuade conservatives not to vote for McCain, and that’s got to have some effect. Romney made it close, and a week is forever in politics. ….”

Wishful thinking. Rush has already pulled out all the stops against McCain. Take a look at his website, for crying out loud. He may as well rename it, “I Hate John McCain.com”.

Hell, he apparently even voted twice against him. Rush is a good soldier, but in the end, it wasn’t enough…for Florida, at least, and now Mitt has an increasingly difficult uphill battle ahead of him.

CBS News Analysis:

Still, it doesn’t seem likely that McCain will be able to land a knockout punch on Super Tuesday. Romney has what it takes to stay in the ring – deep pockets. And they are his own deep pockets to dip into.

The fact that these two men despise each other doesn’t bode well for the Republican party. One of them is going to emerge, battered and bruised as the party’s nominee, and then we have to expect him to beat the Democratic nominee whose rabid constituents are out numbering us at every contest, even the ones where there are no delegates at play.

The conventional wisdom has been that McCain is the only one who can beat Hillary, or Obama in November. Well, that may be true but what a bitter pill to have to swallow.

At least if his opponent is Hillary, we can look forward to “the most civilized election in American history”.

I guess congratulations are in order.