Voter Fraud In MO. Already

The Democrats can shout “Voter disenfranchisement” all they want, but the dead are still not allowed to vote in America.

The St. Louis Election Board discovered that a woman dead since October cast an absentee ballot in the city presidential primary, an official said.

The case is being turned over today to the Department of Justice, said Scott Leiendecker, the Republican director for the St. Louis Election Board.

Leiendecker said officials at the election board believe that the woman’s son cast the ballot by purporting that his mother signed with an “X” and then he signed as a witness. Leiendecker would not divulge the name of the woman or her son.

Leiendecker said that the alleged fraudulent ballot was just one of the 2,000 absentee ballots already cast in the city.

Leiendecker said that with just one such case — and that it was caught right away by election workers — shows that the city’s system to catch voter fraud is working.

I’m glad Leiendecker is on high alert. He needs to be with groups like ACORN out there, collecting mass quantities of fraudulent voter registration cards. This will be a huge issue for Republicans everywhere in November.

Back in March of 2007, The Competitive Enterprise Institute reported on the St. Louis case:

St. Louis election officials received so many fraudulent voter registration cards from ACORN that they sent letters to 5,000 registrants, asking the recipients to contact them, John Fund reported in the Wall Street Journal. Fewer than 40 of the suspect registrants responded.

ACORN activists may have committed election fraud. In Missouri, ACORN and its union allies credit the minimum-wage issue with helping put Democrat Claire McCaskill over the top in her challenge to Republican incumbent Sen. Jim Talent. ACORN’s actions have raised eyebrows—and produced federal indictments.

St. Louis recently indicted 11 different people on voter fraud, according to Leiendecker.
Hat tip: Crime Scene KC


5 thoughts on “Voter Fraud In MO. Already

  1. Makes me proud to live in StL.
    Did I mention that the city leads the nation in STD’s and murder too?
    Let’s see you beat that, D.C, Detroit, Gary, etc.
    Thanks democrats!


  2. It only sounds that way.
    If I recall correctly, the board has a director from each party.
    Like so much of govt in the city, this is one of those deals where we get twice as many people (and their cousins) face down in the city trough than are needed, or wanted.


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