What’s Wrong With Henry Waxman’s Nose?

Someone actually found my site by googling that. Another one googled Henry Waxman Gay. Most people though, are just googling Henry Waxman. And they’re doing it so much that my Henry Waxman To Investigate Conservative Talk Show Hosts? post from last October, is currently my number one post.

I’m guessing all the interest in Waxman is stemming from the steroids in baseball hearings that he’s conducting. And since I have virtually no interest at all in anything sports related, and I wouldn’t know Roger Clemens from a figure skater, I will refer you to Rush, who discussed the issue yesterday on his show, saying that the hearing has broken along partisan lines:

CALLER: Well, we’ll hold that in abeyance. I want to get straight to the point. Last night I was surfing through the channels and came across C-SPAN and happened to catch the Senate oversight committee with the Clemens issue, and I am a conservative Republican in the state of South Carolina. I am so conservative, I make Bonnie and Clyde look like Dale Evans and Roy Rogers. I got so infuriated when I’ve seen and sit and listened to Henry Waxman — who reminded me of a woodchuck smiling through a picket fence — going after Clemens with just a travesty, never giving this man an opportunity to defend himself on the whole Democratic side reminded me of an 1800s lynch mob. If this is the best that this government can do in the Democratic oversight committee, and worry about steroid use based on a report by an ex-senator, Mitchell, then we’re in a world of hurt up there in Washington.

RUSH: This was the House committee that Chairman Waxman chairs.

CALLER: I understand. I misrepresented it. I’m sorry.

RUSH: I watched a little bit of this yesterday. You have to understand why this happened. I’m like you. To see a congressional committee go after a private citizen like this, it’s just infuriating.

CALLER: It’s an abomination.

RUSH: These hearings “never fed a hungry child.”

CALLER: No, they didn’t.

RUSH: If anybody ought to be going after this it should be the Justice Department. However, Roger Clemens asked for this opportunity. He wanted it. He’s looking at the circumstances, and he’s trying to preserve his reputation here, and he wanted this opportunity. And he got it. What I found fascinating about this — I don’t know if you noticed this, and I mentioned this yesterday. One of the things that fascinated me, is this was partisan. The Republicans were all on Clemens’ side. The Democrats were savaging Clemens.

CALLER: Isn’t that amazing? I watched that last night. I watched the representative from Massachusetts go after Clemens, and then the Republicans go off the trainer. I just looked at this and I’m going, “Is this the best that they can do?” It’s just amazing, absolutely amazing.

RUSH: Your expectations of these people are obviously way too high. This probably is the best they can do, something like this. But I’ve got another theory about this I want to get to in just a second. But let’s talk about the partisanship of this. How in the world does something like this become partisan? How in the world do all the Democrats line up savaging Clemens and basically, you know, almost taking the side of the trainer? What they really said was they believed Andy Pettitte, not the trainer. The Republicans… It was like Clemens was being appointed to the federal judiciary.

I don’t get it, either…but then I don’t really care.

Totally Unrelated, but weird!

Someone also found my site by googling:

Why do i want to be caught nude?


26 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Henry Waxman’s Nose?

  1. Yeah, it sounded like a complete circus.
    Nobody better than Nostrildomus to run it.
    However, that photo really curdled my milk. The guy’s got a cavern where his nose is supposed to be. If you look too hard, you’re almost certain to see his brain. And that can cause a steep drop in IQ.


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  3. Gosh darn you, Deb, for posting that closeup of Waxman’s hooter.

    That is sho nuff some gut wrenching shite right there.

    And don’t worry about how people find your blog- I just checked, and here are some recent search terms that got people to my blog:

    sara evans pictures
    big calf muscle work out
    horses ass

    I don’t think I care for that last one…


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  5. William Jefferson should have hidden the $100k in Waxman’s nose instead of his freezer.

    No one would have found it in there.


  6. I’m clicking on your blog to see a new post but you still have that horrible stomach-turning photo of Waxman’s ginormous, cavernous schnozz. Please for the love of G-D and all that is holy put some cute puppies or rainbows up there for next time I click.


  7. Heh!

    Sorry, I was out of town for the weekend. I got back last night. I’m trying to catch up, now.

    Lot’s of good political news out there….and a gross sleeze allegation against Obama I probably won’t touch…but tempting…


  8. Waxman’s bulbous snotlocker has been on steroids for years. It’s probably the strongest part of his entire body. His nose can bench press 500lbs of boogers.


  9. These comments are HILARIOUS. I noticed another part of him that is completely off…has anyone noticed how HUGE his EARS are? Perhaps after overlooking that turned-up nose you’ll notice the ears. I bet those things can fly.


  10. Does anyone have a picture of Henry Waxman’s wife Janet and/or his daughter? Just curious as hell about who would think that bringing him into the mix would improve her family’s gene pool. I have tried to find a family photo, and am wondering why he would be hiding his family. Could it be that bad?


  11. See those two boogers up Henry’s nose? Well, Janet and child walked in front of Henry when he was mimicking an Oreck vacuum cleaner by breathing….Thooooop! The bigger booger is Mrs. Waxman….

    And now you know….the rest of the story….


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  14. Why doesnt Henry Waxman get a nose job since he has all that money ? Also ear surgery too. He should feel embarrassed on tv news, people can’t focus on whatever he’s saying because they are so grossed out about the ugly pig nose and giant rat ears.


  15. If the ugly derf-wad is too stubborn to get the badly needed nose surgery, then why doesn’t he at least trim those gross nose hairs ? Who ever that hideous jerk talks to, they are getting a sickening view of nose hair jungle. Eeeww !


  16. OMG, I just had an awful after thought; what does ugly Henry do when he gets a cold ? Does everyone get a birds-eye view of overflowing snot and boogies ? Good question. Real gross stuff.


  17. Please, please, Mr Waxman, consider getting a “nose job”! Or . . . . . . . as a common courtesy, please wear a dust mask to protect yourself from dangerous inhalents and shield us from the unsitely view of your cavernous nostril cavities.


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