Muslim Youths In Denmark On 8th Night Of Car-Torching Rampage

Thus far, hundreds of cars, and several schools have been set ablaze; a total of 20 towns have been affected.
For the love of God, can someone please start a midnight basketball program for these youths, already?

What? You say this is not about bored youths looking for an outlet for their abundant energy?

What are the social scientists saying?

Social workers believe an alleged plot to kill a Danish cartoonist for his drawing two years ago of the Prophet Mohammad may have fuelled the riots. Fifteen Danish newspapers reprinted his drawing on Wednesday in protest against the alleged murder plot.

Most Muslims consider depictions of the Prophet offensive.

And now Iran is looking at another state sponsored boycott of Danish products, and a militant group in the Gaza Strip is calling on the Muslim faithful to “Blow up the Danish embassies and kill the ambassadors”.

You can view the latest Ragin’ jihadi pix out of Gaza at Snapped Shot. 

Now that they’ve renewed their boycott Denmark threats, Michelle Malkin has renewed her buy Danish campaign. See her site for details.

I might get me some of that Danish chocolate.


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