Infamous Paint Huffer Update

I was wondering why I was getting so many paint huffer hits, so I did some googling to see if ol’ Patrick Tribett has been in the news again. It doesn’t appear that he has been in the news since last summer when I posted, Infamous Paint Huffer Nabbed Again! So I have no idea what’s causing the uptick.

But I did make a hilarious discovery. Click on the link and scroll down to my update.

People are so silly!


18 thoughts on “Infamous Paint Huffer Update

  1. LOL! We used to pick up a few of these every year. Everyone would make bets on whether they would figure out why everyone was staring at them or just go batshit crazy with paranoia.

    Even in a crowded tank full of drunks, prostitutes and petty thieves the huffer automatically gets half the tank to himself as everyone moves to the other side as far as they can. 😉


  2. Wet Heads are the prison term for people who smoke “blunts” or “More” cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid and allowed to dry.
    Marc Sappington the Kansas City Kansas Cannibal is probably the most notable example of what wet can do. Inmates also call them zombies, because they can’t comprehend anything going on around them for hours on end, even after it wears off.


  3. I knew him for a couple of years before they released him and he scared the hell out of stone cold murderers. The guy spooked them so bad that guys in segregation would flood their cells and get moved to a slam door just to get away from him and get some sleep.
    They said if they made the mistake of speaking to him he would talk all night long about what he would like to do to them and then sleep all day when more people were around.


  4. Whoa, no! LOL.

    What I meant was Sappington was just very recently released from Lansing when he committed the murders and cannibalisms that he is currently imprisoned for now.

    The KDOC is bad darlin, but, they are not THAT bad. (Unless they release Cade!)


  5. Howecome nobody ever mentions the fact that this guy was a Kc. crack dealer,who went by the name “Slim”.The freak actually had a pager a car;The whole nine,just to drive around all day and sell crack;he never had a job.He once locked me in his moms house and told me he was going to “eat my fat ass”.All because I made him give me my money back.He was smoking whet,he was yelling at me,spit was flying everywhere.if his surveylance camera hadn’t caught my friend in the van.I would have had to kill him.


  6. I didn’t know he was from KC. I thought he was from Ohio, where he was last arrested.

    I hope you’re staying out of trouble, now, that was an awful story.


  7. I was talking about Marc Sappington.He most definitely lived in K.C.Around 5th and quindaro.And yes I am staying out of trouble.A friend of mine ended up dead 24 hours after threatening marc.He told him not to try to contact me ever again,after I told him that he locked me in his house and tried to kill me.


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