Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin On McCain’s V.P. List

August 30 UPDATE: Ms. Palin’s acceptance speech, in case you missed it.

August 29 UPDATE: *SQUEEEEEEEEAAAAAAL!!!11!!!* OMG OMG OMG!!! *Tears of joy!!!*

August 25 UPDATE: Via Hot Air: Laura Ingraham makes the case for Palin.

August 19 UPDATE: Interesting: McCain/Palin 2008 Stay tuned for important announcements? What’s that all about???

AUGUST 15 UPDATE: Sarah Palin leads by a wide margin in Insta-poll of McCain VP picks. Go Sarah!

AUGUST 1 UPDATE: Sarah Palin addresses Wooten Scandal, and her possible VP pick on CNBC.

JULY 24 UPDATE: New Sarah Palin For America Website, here.

JULY 23 UPDATE: Newt Gingrich says “no more boring white guys for VP”. Likes Palin

JUNE 23 UPDATE PM: Smart move: Sarah Palin sends letter to Harry Reid urging congress to drill.

JUNE 23 UPDATE AM: Captain Ed responds to the Politico piece, strongly favoring Palin out of the three. She’s still a longshot, but if McCain were smart, he’s go for it.

JUNE 22 UPDATE: The Politico counts Palin as one of three Republican women McCain should be considering for VP.

JUNE 9 UPDATE: Sarah Palin Web Ad HERE.


UPDATE (May 29):

The buzz is getting stronger…. in fact it’s starting to reach fever pitch.

Wizbang got a hot tip that that the head of McCain’s VP search team is in Juneau, *possibly* to meet with Palin. The Weekly Standard is psyched about the idea, and even the terminally morose, and pessimistic Allahpundit is warming up to her.

***crossing fingers****

This would be so good for the Republican party.


There continues to be much buzz about Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin being a potential nominee for Vice President on the Republican ticket. There’s even a Draft Sarah Palin For VP website. So who is this Sarah Palin?

Rush calls her, “Alaska’s Babe Governor”.

The American Spectator calls her “one of conservatism’s own:

She’s young being only 44 (two years behind Senator Obama), she is wildly known to despise government corruption. She defeated a horribly entrenched and corrupt Republican political machine in Alaska. She has a son in the U.S. military. She’s strongly pro-life, belonging, in fact, to Feminists for Life.

Gov. Palin could become the Republican Party’s Segolene Royal, the French Socialist Party’s glamorous leader known for her heels and political bite. She is the perfect antidote to Sen. Obama’s cheap thrills, and would help rejuvenate conservatism.

Slublog, posting at Ace of Spades HQ, a few weeks ago, said:

Palin is actually a good pick for serious reasons. She took on a sitting governor in a primary and beat him soundly. She fought corruption in the state government, is pro-life, anti-tax, a lifetime NRA member and has cut spending in her state. Having her on the ticket would undercut the “making history” soundbite that’s bound to come out of the Democrats no matter who they nominate.

Here’s the cute video Slublog posted:

I’m beginning to like this idea more and more.

More pictures…by popular demand (Geoff):

Former beauty queen: In the car:

Naughty librarian:

More from Vital Signs:

Governor Palin has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho but, thank goodness, she lives her life with much more common sense than most in that profession. Palin is the wife of a commercial fisherman and the mother of four children, the eldest of which joined the U.S. Army last fall. Palin is also a former beauty queen, cheerleader, musician, mayor, and was a point guard for the Wasilla High School Warriors when they won the state basketball championship in 1982.

And, oh yes, Sarah Palin is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a strong defender of the sanctity of human life.

What’s not to like?

89 thoughts on “Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin On McCain’s V.P. List

  1. Oh sure – now you’ve got a nice-looking photo of one of the good guys, and how big do you make it? A leetle postage stamp photo of Gov. Palin, but a full page spread of Ugly Bin London?


  2. Things you need to know about Sarah Palin:

    Sarah Palin, aka Sarah Chavez, proposed and pushed through the largest raise in taxes in Alaska’s history. She supports the idea that the State can seize the property of oil producers in Alaska if they don’t do what she wants. She has attacked almost the entire Republican majority in the house and senate. She stood by and giggled when a radio shock jock called the Republican President of the Senate a “bi*ch” and “a cancer”. She threatened to support Democrats running against Republicans if they did not support her tax and spend policies.

    Don’t be fooled by a pretty face.

    Oh and, her husband’s “real” job is working on the north slope for British Petroleum… a job that during her campaign for governor, Palin said he would quit if she was elected. But he didn’t.


  3. Beauty Queen and cheerleader??? I wonder if she has a map to find out where “the Iraq” is. I guess GWB was a cheerleader. How did that work out for us?


  4. Thanks Anonymous, for those sobering points. My understanding is that she was fighting corruption in the Republican party, but I admit I haven’t dug too deeply.

    Bill, nice overt sexism. How’s that working out for you.


  5. The anonymous contributor has posted almost the exact same diatribe at several sites, signing herself as “Sally in Sitka.” There’s a more balanced assessment here.


  6. Sarah Palin supports aerial shooting of wolves and bears even though the people of Alaska have voted twice to ban it.

    Uh yeah. That’s probably because the professionals at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game support aerial shootings for the purposes of predator control.

    Re: Sarah Chavez

    As far as I can see, she negotiated better lease terms for her state. What exactly is the issue here?


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  11. Good for him. Campaign events aren’t the place to hold protests. Obama would do the same thing, I’m sure you realize. (Of course most Republicans have enough class and common sense not to try it).


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  13. Great Choice he made. I haven’t found anything negative. We need change. If the country truly wants change, the McCain/Palin ticket is certainly the proven way to go. Get the mavericks in there. She has changed her state, McCain has made changes in Congress.

    Certainly this covers all, her Alaskan roots keep sound environmental concerns to rest.
    Her keeping the petrol industry in check will help with the foreign oil issues.
    Her savings of not using the states jet, (only commercial transporation) and elimination of the protective detail shows she is serious about fiscal responsibility, keeping the taxpayer in mind.

    On top of that, she has 80% almost 90% approval rating as Governor. Anything over 50% is great in itself, but 80%????

    Go Sarah!


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  15. I am so happy that he chose Palin! This is so exciting! Go McCain, what a smart choice! I was hoping for Lieberman but Palin will hopefully spice up the campaign! I am very happy about this!


  16. If you people think this is a good choice, I fear what this country will become. This is nothing put a VERY transparent political stunt which is going to backfire bigtime. A 72 year old President picks somebody LIKE THIS to take over should, God forbid, something happen to him? THIS is who America needs when Russia steps up to Poland with it’s military to stop the implementation of defense missiles? THIS is who is capable of leading troops in Iraq as Commander in Chief? THIS is who is going to have her finger on the button? You people are out of your damn minds!

    The lack of thought beyond the here-and-now and the incredible irresponsibility of this stunt is sickening… absolutely sickening. Think LONG AND HARD about a “worst case scanario” over the next 4 years. THIS is the leader you’d want to represent America in the 21st Century with the very serious challenges we now face in this world.

    Seriously, STOP! Stop right now and listen to yourselves. If you are willing to support McCain after this choice, then I honest to God am paralyzed with fear.

    This choice was insane. The issues in 2008 are to great to allow this. This is madness.


  17. I address this primarily to “Stop” . First of all ,in my experience, political races are full of “transparent political stunts” no matter which party you are focusing on . I am curious as to what you were referring to when you were asking the question as to whether or not Palin could handle an international crisis . Were you referring to her gender ? Maybe it was her lack of experience ? Remember something people …ALL of the candidates lack experience when it comes down to it.That is why they have cabinets full of professional advisers who take these politicians by the hand and set them on the best course of action hopefully . It would not matter who MCain selected . Any running mate will have to face the biases and virulent attacks of their opponents…lets all pray that God will bless us with a team that will best manage and lead the
    U.S. .


  18. this is great for the country. Obama wanted change, so here we have change and new face. We have a female when obama rejected and dislike women as leader. good choice for america. I am loving it


  19. democrat did not want a female as a leader…why are they so scared that we repblican are given women a chace to be a leader? we care about women and we believe we are equal. but obama don’t think like that about women…so much for his talk about bringing people together. it is good for america and the whole world now can look at america and say “that country really care about women”


  20. Hey, stop…just what is it about Sarah Palin that has you so aghast at her unworthiness?

    The woman is confident, intelligent, multi-talented, has executive experience, is morally grounded, and says what she thinks. She has an impressive record of accomplishment as Governor, and has a 80% approval rating even after stepping on quite a few toes fighting political corruption in Alaska (both parties). What do you find so unworthy about her?

    Obama’s only executive experience was his chairmanship of the Annenberg Challenge in Chicago where with the help of his terrorist buddy Bill Ayers, he squandered 49.2 mil in grant money by handing it out only to flaky left wing educational programs. Nearly 50 million down the drain and zero/zip/nada improvements in Chicago’s school system.

    Now imagine him doing with our tax dollars what he did with all that grant money, and you have a pretty good idea of what kind of President he would be.


  21. need to stop and look back through history. Not that long ago a women led another superpower through the darkest days of the cold war. Not only was she strong in the face of “possible” Russian attacks, she stood firm against all of the nay-sayers and idiots who did not think she was capable or competent for the job.
    Lighten up and look at this as an opportunity to finally shake the stereotypes of the American Political System.
    Tongue-in-cheek…Regardless of who prevails in November, there will be historical change.


  22. A 72 year old President picks somebody LIKE THIS to take over should, God forbid, something happen to him? THIS is who America needs when Russia steps up to Poland with it’s military to stop the implementation of defense missiles? THIS is who is capable of leading troops in Iraq as Commander in Chief? THIS is who is going to have her finger on the button?

    …of course, if we elect Obama, we’ll be facing that sort of incompetence immediately. At least Palin will have a chance to get some experience before she’s called upon to make those sorts of decisions. And at least she has executive experience – something noticeably lacking among the other 3 gentlemen.


  23. i was not even thinking to vote. but now i can see a new face that stand up against not only to democrat, but to her own party. that is what we need…someone who would do the tough and right choice. the election is over. republican already won. pack your bag and go home


  24. Wow for the first time in my life I am actually excited about presidental race. just what this country needs a person who goes on right and wrong not left or right. I think it is an insult to say she was picked because she is female. I was so disgusted by my choices until mcCain picked her. You guys got my vote!!!!


  25. “Protesters said police raided three Minneapolis homes on Saturday after a late-night raid on a building used by protest organizers. No arrests were made, but the protesters said deputies seized laptops, protest literature, bus schedules, a map and sign-making materials. Sheriff Bob Fletcher said authorities moved to head off efforts to disrupt the convention”

    democrat always act like idiots. they have their convention and they just cannot let other have their. democrats are like sickness. thye are the same people who always are talking trash about our heroes soldiers.


  26. SP’s everything clinton isn’t – all the more reason ‘NOW’ won’t want anything to do with her. As for “80%”: clinton couldn’t even get that from her own family.

    >> The woman is confident, intelligent, multi-talented, has executive experience, is morally grounded, and says what she thinks. She has an impressive record of accomplishment as Governor, and has a 80% approval rating even after stepping on quite a few toes fighting political corruption in Alaska (both parties).


  27. If you think that having five kids is responsible today and to constantly be glorified then I think society is being irresponsible and not a real good steward of God’s creation. No politician is going to be willing to talk honestly how population adding another 2.5 billion people to the planet and fueling urban sprawl which destroys small towns values, makes living in large cities depressing due to cement everywhere and nothing left to do but watch TV, computers, eat out and creates more obesity and loss of quality of life. Hell, we have had to argue about climate change, deal with the population and sprawl and you step on cultural developers idea of progress and religious institutions that keep their head in the sand and hide behind religion while being irresponsible.

    I know people do not like what I say, but the issues need to be put on the table for the survival of the human race and do not be narrow minded follow what my preacher says without truly thinking.


  28. Willam Zaffer, are you an idiot or what? if we would really follow God’s plan, then we should have as many children as possible. If you read the bible, you will notice that women would have 12 and 14 children. SP only have 5…I think she is taking thinking about not over populating the world by not having 12 or 14 children. You do not even know the bible. go to snday school you piece of junk


  29. and my parents have 8. so, I think they are the cause of why there is so much trouble on this world…some people really do not know what to write anymore. let face it, Sarah Palin is a great choice and the democrat do not know what to do now. So, they are just writing crazy things like the big foot story


  30. Zorrilla, please proof read before you hit the submit button, hard to understand your point when we can’t read it!


  31. Damascus: “If I were an American, I would vote for [Barack] Obama because, being a black man who grew up in the US, he knows the meaning of injustice! A man who has felt injustice would never practice it against others.” -

    well, now we know why democrats want obama to win


  32. “ST. PAUL, Minn. – Thousands of protesters descended on the city hosting the Republican National Convention Monday, some smashing cars, puncturing tires and throwing bottles”

    why democrats act like a bunch of idiots…I dislike democrats for this. they do not know how to talk. they just like to create problems


  33. “About 200 people from a group called Funk the War noisily staged its own separate march. Wearing black clothes, bandanas and gas masks, some of their members smashed windows of cars and stores. They tipped over newspaper boxes, pulled a big trash bin into the street, bent the rear view mirrors on a bus and flipped heavy stone garbage bins on the sidewalks.”

    these are the so called “obama democrats”. jesus, what are they thinking


  34. the GOP (Grand Old Party)
    is just that Grand Liers
    Old farts (Palin’s philosophy points to that)
    and a Good Ol boys Party

    You want change? Vote Democrat, the only party to give you real change since 1865!

    Change… don’t make me laugh, George Wanker Bush had 8 years, the Repubs had the house during most of it… Republican’ts don’t care about change, if they did, they had their chance and blew it.

    Have the balls to elect a real maverick.. how about a 1/2 black senator from chicago who want to help poor people, women, minorities, fix the economy not give it away, repair international relations, and give some of your taxes to schools? (yeah i thought not)

    not another white guy (oh yeah and a tough talking, but oh yeah, sensitive WHITE woman.) Swallow that bs repubs, swallow some more, and more, and more…


  35. Since 1865, when the republicans freed the slaves? You really want to start in that year? Good lord what an idiot.

    And for everyone talking about the size of her family and urban sprawl, I just love how liberals pretend to love humans until you start to talk about children. Real liberalism would favor children, not want to kill as many as they can. More humans = good, less humans = bad. I thought you psychos were humanists! You freaks are insane and contemptable.


  36. I address this to Stop,
    If you fear a woman God help you.You fear McCain will die and a woman will take over.Well look at it this way,what if Obama wins and he don’t die would we be any better off no.As for Russia do you thank Obama knows what to do, the answer is no unless someone writes it for him.You should know that the Democrats are the noumber one enemy of this country.Obama only wants to start a socialist country where the government controlls every aspect of your life.All the programs he wants to start ,how will he pay for them TAX TAX TAX.This country can’t afford a welfare state.As for Sarah Palin she has more experience than Obama and his vp pick.The issues are to great to let some puppet controlled by to pull the strings.You said you would be paralyzed if McCain was to win let me suggest a good Dr.


  37. There is a lot of finger pointing going on. Everyone should take a moment and think about how they will utilize their right to vote. Whether Republican or Democrat…man or woman…black or white…parent or non-parent 🙂 Name-calling is childish. Whatever information we are using to make “an informed decision” will be biased according to the venue we use. This is the truth. Use your vote. Don’t try to force someone to use it the way you want it to be used. Politics is rough.


  38. Stop is right.

    The thought that this person could be VP is a terrifying thought.

    She has all the international diplomacy skills of a moose – she just doesn’t have the background to be let loose in an international arena. Look at what she said in her ABC interview about a “possible war” with Russia. This is not the answer for someone aiming for high office. Its inflammatory and offers a terrifying glimpse of what she might do in a crisis.


  39. If speaking plainly, and giving a straight answer to a direct question shows that she lacks diplomacy skills, than I suppose you’re right.

    But she answered Gibson’s question about war with Russia in the context of Georgia being a NATO member of which she is in favor:

    GIBSON: Would you favor putting Georgia and Ukraine in NATO?

    PALIN: Ukraine, definitely, yes. Yes, and Georgia.

    GIBSON: Because Putin has said he would not tolerate NATO incursion into the Caucasus.

    PALIN: Well, you know, the Rose Revolution, the Orange Revolution, those actions have showed us that those democratic nations, I believe, deserve to be in NATO.

    Putin thinks otherwise. Obviously, he thinks otherwise, but…

    GIBSON: And under the NATO treaty, wouldn’t we then have to go to war if Russia went into Georgia?

    PALIN: Perhaps so. I mean, that is the agreement when you are a NATO ally, is if another country is attacked, you’re going to be expected to be called upon and help.

    But NATO, I think, should include Ukraine, definitely, at this point and I think that we need to — especially with new leadership coming in on January 20, being sworn on, on either ticket, we have got to make sure that we strengthen our allies, our ties with each one of those NATO members.

    We have got to make sure that that is the group that can be counted upon to defend one another in a very dangerous world today.

    GIBSON: And you think it would be worth it to the United States, Georgia is worth it to the United States to go to war if Russia were to invade.

    PALIN: What I think is that smaller democratic countries that are invaded by a larger power is something for us to be vigilant against. We have got to be cognizant of what the consequences are if a larger power is able to take over smaller democratic countries.

    Get your facts straight.


  40. umm, I don’t understand the video giving Craig Ferguson honorary citizenship. A married womon sends a tape of herself, not showing Alaska at all, to a single male TV comedian. She grants him this with a wave of Catholic crossing, she is not Catholic! She gives him a responsibility
    to come visit and points to herself not around her like she does previously when talking about ALaska, she also points to herself when offering the wild succulent salmon, is wearing a rumpled jacket closed but unbottoned, they try to hide with the black bar at the bottom but this isn’t present on youtube or on the show, cos I saw it. UMM the enuendoes are blarring whether it is subconciously done by her or not. She is definitly coming on to him. when I first saw this it was funny, I didn’t know she would be picked for VP????!!! I wonder what her husband would think of this tape? I have never seen her with rumpled clothes and hair. If she has time to court celebrities who is caring for her family and state? I will NOT vote for this lady. She has a different personna in every thing I see her in, like Sybil, with the multiple personalities. I get an ice cold feeling in the pit of my stomach to think she could be VP and then Prez if something God forbid happen to John Mc Cain. DEsparate reach for a sinking ship!!


  41. No, I have my facts straight. You don’t know what I do for a living.

    There are times when a “straight answer” in politics is needed. International diplomacy at the highest level does not operate like that. It’s not about the nature of the answer, its about the words that are used, and either (1) Mrs Palin does not have the background or experience to understand that or (2) she doesn’t care. And if its the latter, then its a very dangerous situation indeed.


  42. Bull. Sorry, but we are not on the brink of war with Russia because if Palin’s words. Stop pretending she’s ‘dangerous’, because she answered a question correctly.


  43. Shuttergirl:
    Diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice doggie” until you can find a big rock. But when you already have a rock in your hand, and the dog is chewing on the kid from down the street, you let the dog know you mean business. Your kind of thinking is why the pinstripe suits in Foggy Bottom have qualified as bigger threats than those outside our borders for quite some time.


  44. What’s wrong with answering questions correctly and honestly. Bottom line is, “diplomacy” answers are saying what someone wants to here. Right or wrong. It has nothing to do with honesty. There is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade. As a society, we have taken being PC, way too far and are afraid of offending people. If you’re offened, maybe you should look inside. As for Foggy Bottom, those weenies have lost there mind. They all have started believing there own press.


  45. Did you see her interview with Katie Couric or other unscripted answers? In your heart, do you really want such a high stakes job go to someone as naive and superficial as her?
    You gotta be kidding or be living in a dreamworld!


  46. Yeah, I saw her and she did fine.

    You haven’t the first clue what is in my heart, if you did, you would see it breaking for a country that is on the verge of electing a thoroughly corrupt, lying socialist p.o.s.

    That assessment is not based on “living in a dream world”, but on my research of the facts.


  47. All I can say, is that if anyone votes for McCain, and he is elected in office, and something happens to him, and let’s face it he looks have gone already, and Palin gets into power… all I can say is: “Spend your money on nuclear bunkers, because this woman with her lack of grace, diplomacy and tact, will wage war on Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and anyone else she has a grievance with, and bottom to the consequences”… She is a loose cannon, and nicedeb, if you seriously think she did fine in the interview with Couric, then I seriously worry for you as well… Palin has no experience, shoots from the hips, has the diplomatic skills of a caveman with stomach ache, has abused her power, changes her mind about politics when it suits her and underneath that glamour and “aw shucks, folks” persona and beauty (yes, I admit she is very good looking), she is one mean mofo…. I have a feeling that if you thought Bush was bad, you haven’t seen nothing yet.. this woman, once she reaches PMT, she’s a nuclear bomb… America and the world, be warned…


  48. I do love it when we get lectured by the Brits. Something happened, around WWI, I believe, when the majority of British backbone was eliminated from the sceptered isle, and the decline into mediocrity became irreversible. Your last hurrah was the Battle of Britain, and now, sadly, you can’t muster the courage to deal with the viper of Islam which you have resolved to take to your breast and squeeze tight. I weep for Brittania, and its wholesale acceptance of dhimmitude and subserviance to any thug which wishes to flash its teeth in the UK’s direction, because beore long, you will run out of others to feed to the alligator, and we in the United States will see little or no reason to keep you and the rest of Europe off the menu. Enjoy sticking your head in the sand. The darkness is coming for you just the same.


  49. Lady Palin will need to prove to world leaders that she is able to communicate intelligently, effectively and with a great deal of insight. I’d love some some examples of any proposals on any global political issue we could credit as having originated from her own info sponge??

    At least “Ole Joe” IS established and has an ACTUAL world stage track record…additionally so as I expect that by Palin logic we could suggest he is an expert on US-European relations since the Atlantic Ocean is the only thing that separates Delaware from Europe!!!

    Seems to me the only international experience she brings to the table is having correctly pointed out where the Ruskies are on a map.

    There is no time to waste showing that we didn’t just pick Palin for the head of the cheer leading squad. Anyone who believes otherwise is as incompetent as a voter as she is as a VP candidate. Rah Rah Rah.

    I wish we’d just save the MILLIONS that are going to be wasted trying to prevent the inevitable.

    Love the discussion Deb!


  50. Slow Joe is established…as wrong on everything he says when he opens his piehole to speak forth on a foreign policy issue. Seriously. After the complete lack of command over the facts that he demonstrated in the debate, the Obama camp has to be thanking its lucky stars that there is only one debate and they can put ol’ slow Joe back in an unfurnished corner where he is a danger to no one but himself.


  51. I wish we’d just save the MILLIONS that are going to be wasted trying to prevent the inevitable.

    Yeah, I mean, Gawd, those icky election thingys are just so gosh darn annoying, aren’t they? Why can’t we just anoint the guy you want as President and be done with it already?

    Dear Lord, just when you think these people can’t get anymore pathetically childish and immature, they lower the bar.


  52. It is somewhat frightening to see how some people would blindly follow this woman into the abyss purely because she says she is a Republican.

    I think the only reason we don’t hear her championing “abstinence-only” sex-ed is that one of her kids got knocked up out of wedlock. That’s just the thin end of the wedge.

    Like many posting here she cannot stand the shades of grey and areas of uncertainty that make up the real world. Everything has to be black or white, cut and dried. That sort of kindergarten simplicity, combined with a homely “y-all”, is what has made so much of the world despise America while George W. Bush has infested the White House.

    For the sake of good relations with those of us living in the rest of the world, please post guards on the White House lawn with orders to “shoot to kill” if she comes within 100 yards.

    And I only came here because I was looking for a photo. I got one, it nicely matches with this: the caption is “Separated at birth?”


  53. Like many posting here she cannot stand the shades of grey and areas of uncertainty that make up the real world. Everything has to be black or white, cut and dried. That sort of kindergarten simplicity, combined with a homely “y-all”, is what has made so much of the world despise America while George W. Bush has infested the White House.

    Ahh…”shades of grey” and “areas of uncertainty”. The gateways to “nuance” and voluminous exposition that states nothing of consequence.

    Whether you like to believe it or not, there is such a thing as right and wrong, and the black and white template which you hold in such contempt is a means of deliberately beating back the fog of ambiguity under the cover of which so many nefarious schemes are advanced. Since so many are simply regarding the “Shades of Grey” in an attempt to determine what is momentum and what is feint, much is unnecessarily conceeded until we are so compromised that the “Shades of Grey” and “Areas of Uncertainty” are considered justification for the paralysis and capitulation with the otherwise unthinkable and unacceptable.
    A return to basic principals and a clear delineation of what is and what is not in our interest is a a step in the right direction.

    I know. You feel secure and smug about your brillant take on the world and feel that people who don’t like us don’t like us because of Bush. Like most half-wits, you’re half right. These same people wouldn’t like us anyway, but the fact that we have a leader who isn’t inclined to allow the creeping, probing attacks and will look them in the eye and let them know they are being watched is what has drawn their contempt into the open, out of concealment.

    I know how seductive your world view can be. I used to believe in the world of nuance. Then I grew up. Keep trying. You might, too.


  54. So Sarah has been found to have unlawfully abused her power as Alaska’s governor by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper. This is a from a ethics committee (Bipartisan , both Dems and GOP) investigation.. It deals a significant blow to an already embattled Republican ticket just over three weeks until Election Day. Why because she’s just another two faced catty lady, who allowed her husband Todd to strong arm the firing of her sister’s divorced husband. Could this get any more small town. And some of you continue to think she’s a wise choice for Vice President? Why is America so dumb? Another crook with great legs.


  55. So Sarah has been found to have unlawfully abused her power…

    Please remind me again what law was violated, Vida.



  56. Let me tell you I live in the most Liberal state in the country where we have had Ted Kennedy in office for almost my whole life. I was a democrat when I started voting in the 70’s but after following the way the Democratic and Republican Party work I am now unenrolled and will be staying that way . If People out there want to be taxed beyond belief vote Obama if you really want a chance to get out of this crap we are in Now vote McCain . lets see where that takes us. actually I’m Voting for Sarah because she looks good and i’m sick of looking at the likes of of Hillary.


  57. Anytime I run across forums like these, I read through looking for posts with intelligent opinions and valid points, rather than just stupid remarks and name calling (from both sides, not just one or the other). I do that because I try to understand the other side, and it helps me learn. Unfortunately I have yet to come across any information on Mrs. Palin that leads me to believe she is anywhere near competent enough to be in the White House. From what I’ve read, it seems like people really like the idea of this attractive mother who has moved up in politics in Alaska coming up to a position of power in the country. It seems like it is more about the idea. People keep mentioning how she has “spiced up” the campaign. I can’t say how often I have read that phrase. I don’t believe “spice” is what is needed for our country right now. “Spice” is what you put into a fading relationship, a soap opera with a story line running dry, or food. She just seems to me that she is an image with nothing substantial beneath it. I know what her record in Alaska is. And even though I don’t agree with all of Hillary’s ideas, I know that woman has at least years of experience and a knowledge that Palin couldn’t touch. That may not be all it takes to be president or VP, but it is still needed at the very least.


  58. Also, to Boston Voter: Did you really say you would vote for Palin because she looks good and you would not have for Hillary because she doesn’t?

    To Nice Deb: You support (or, “Woot”) that statement, but call someone else sexist because he compared her to a beauty queen and cheerleader? I don’t think you should get to have it both ways.


  59. From Sarah Plain’s bio:

    Sarah Palin first ran for public office in 1992 and won a spot on the Wasilla city council at age 28. In 1996, she became mayor of Wasilla, unseating a three-term incumbent. In 2002, she sought the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor and experienced her first political defeat. In 2003 she was appointed to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, but resigned, concerned over ethics violations. Running as an outsider on an ethics reform platform, she was elected governor in 2006.

    When Palin was running for office in ’92, Hillary was…….first lady. When she was elected the Mayor of Wasilla, Hillary was…..first lady.

    When she was fighting corruption, and resigning from the Conservation Commission in protest, Hillary was a first term Senator who got elected in a very liberal state on her husband’s coat tails.

    Sarah Palin was elected Governor with no ones help, and quickly became the most popular Governor in the country.

    Hillary is a formidable woman, too, and earned my respect for what she went through during the primaries. I would take her over Obama any day of the week.

    But, naturally, I prefer the more honest, and conservative Palin.


  60. She is a twit and Mc Cain is a nit-wit . I m not a Republican but I had respect for the senator. But when he made this woman His running mate . He lost credibility instantly . Even the Republicans had to question his decision making skills. This woman would have been a heart beat from running our country .. That is more frightening than Knowing Reagan had access to the button. And a hottie she is not.


  61. Yeah, Anon, two moderates on the ticket would have been a real winner.

    Palin motivated the base of the party and breathed life into a dying campaign. They were winning until the financial crisis was wrongly blamed on Republicans.

    She has a bright future in the party. That’s why you fear her.


  62. Palin is a moron. She can’t read, can’t remember what she said. She brought up the ticket by 13 points and then dropped the bottom of out of it. Everyone knew a month after she was tapped that McCain’s selection cost the Republicans the White House.


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