Irony Alert: Code Pinko Founder Medea Benjamin Calls On The Marines For Help

This story just floors me.

The source for it is an email to MAF’s Melanie Morgan from Eamon Kelley, the young Marine who is featured in Move America Forward’s TV commercial.


Melanie Morgan:

CodePink has set up a virtual blockade at the recruiting center, expanding it’s efforts to harass our troops and turn back young Americans looking to enlist. (The Berkeley City Council stubbornly refuses to apologize and continues subsidizing free parking for CodePink efforts to drive our soldiers out of town.) Eamon, who is recovering from back surgery, gutted it out under blazing skies in the boycotted town.

He sent me this e-mail after spending four hours there.

Titter Meter: HIGH.

“While we were at the protest in Berkeley from 12 to 4 PM a white volvo drove by and a man spat upon code pink. They chased him down the street and got into a verbal altercation. The police were NO WHERE in sight. That’s not the best part, ready for this? Medea Benjamin yelled and I quote “Marines!” she actually yelled for our help because this man had stepped out of his car. Lol. I even asked her if she was yelling Police and she told me “I said Marines” then put her arm around my friend Allen (the Marine vet) Ironic? Ok back to the emails!! “

Yes, ironic, considering she is on record as saying:

I don’t think I need soldiers.

MAF’s Melanie Morgan is scheduled to appear on The O’Reilly Factor, tonight.

(Photo of Medea Benjamin from Zombietime).

Hat tip: Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press


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