9 thoughts on “Crazee Mugshots On Parade

  1. Sure did, but nothing compared to seeing that and scrolling down to your pick of Michelle. She is a dead ringer for Michelle with a hang over.


  2. There’s some Grade A unadulterated crazy in that group. The guy on the left who is for sale and number 18. Those with the tatoos on their necks and the guy with the tats around his eyes certainly have careers as front counter help in a fine retail establishment.


  3. I have no doubt, but after, years in the Military and more in the DOC, my ability to properly grade assorted lunatics has been impaired. I have to admit, the guy with the ear loop did get a double take though.


  4. That guy is positively scary. If I saw him on the street, I would turn around and run.

    But #5 looks pretty normal. I don’t know what he’s doing there.


  5. Wow, that’s a shock to the system. Not sure I could stand the others, ha. I’ll go check them out any way.

    I always love the Hollywood stars, before the make up artist and photo touch ups. EWWWWAAAAH


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