Thursday News Round-Up

Surfing the net, this morning I’m coming across all sorts of interesting tidbits, so I’ve decided to just dump them in one big post, rather than several small ones.

For instance, I really don’t have any thing to add to this story that broke, today: Muqtada Al-Sadr is comatose in an Iranian hopital (hat tip: Ace)….other than: WOOT WOOT!!!

Then there’s this story about a bomb blast to a military recruitment station at Times Square. A person was seen on a bike, and “acting suspiciously” prior to the blast. Dr. Rusty Shackleford of the Jawa Report says the Kos Kidz are already blaming a right wing conspiracy. But as Rusty says, “Every one knows we on the right all drive gas guzzling SUVs”! See Ace for more details. Hot Air has the surveillance video.


8 House Democrats got letters and a photo of the Times Square recruiting station in Manhattan before it was bombed this morning.

You will want to see, “Islam’s Ann Coulter”, Wafa Sultan debate a couple of Islamist goons on al-Jazeera, brought to us by MEMRI. How this intelligent woman can carry on a conversation with these troglodytes without her head exploding is beyond me.

Remember the Dallas Fox News investigative reporter, Rebecca Aguilar, who ambushed that 70 year old man in his car after he shot some intruders on his property? Well, she’s been canned. But she’s not going quietly:

Aguilar, who hired an attorney after the suspension, declined to say whether she’d take any legal action against Fox4. “Let me just put it this way,” she said. “I’m going to use any method I can to regain my reputation.”

Libertas brings us The Top Five Most Disturbing Films, and The Anti Jihadist Comic Book Hero.

Gateway Pundit has the pictures of Thousands Of Gazans Celebrating the Jerusalem school shooting. Normal people do not do this.

Smooth Stone has more on the school shooting: Muslim barbarian kills 10 innocent Israelis.

Barry, Out West has the hot YouTube video: “Obama, Building A Religion”. Don’t we know it.

Guess Who’s Expecting?

And due in May, no less!”

Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband are expecting their fifth child in May, she announced Wednesday.

Palin, 44, who just three months ago was modeling for the fashion magazine Vogue, doesn’t look seven months pregnant.

“I will be delivering an addition to the first family,” Palin told a stunned group of reporters.

The Republican governor, now in her second year as Alaska’s chief executive, said she does not believe the pregnancy will affect her ability to run the state. Palin has been mentioned as a potential running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.

Wow, she’s gonna catch up with me, if she’s not careful!

Elephantman at Draft Sarah Palin For Vice President says:

What this means for our movement: Gov. Palin is due in May, meaning that the littlest Palin will like be two months old by the time Sen. McCain makes VP choice (traditionally these things are done in around July, especially considering the Democrats’ drawn-out primary). Obviously we will be watching this situation very closely, but as of now there are no plans to change our operations in any way.

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Hat tip: Lucianne