Obligatory Spitzer Post

I suppose I should say something…even though practically everyone else in the blogosphere, (left and right) has already posted on the Elliot Spitzer Prostitution Ring Sex Scandal. Particularly Ace, who has already written four posts….here, here, here, and here. Shoot, the boy’s in hog heaven because this story has all the elements he loves… sex, political intrigue, sex, it’s bad for Democrats, and kinky sex. This is the kind of thing he lives for.

Wall Street has weighed in on the scandal: “There is a God!”

Hillary (whom Spitzer endorsed) declined to comment on the controversy, but wasted no time in having her blog scrubbed of any references to him.

I’ll also link to Hot Air to see if I get the trackback. The last few times I linked there, my blog didn’t show up on the trackbacks. I think their trackback system is broke…or Allahpundit has it in for me. But what could Nice Deb have said or done to get on his S*** list?


Two more posts from Ace already, here and here. Dude’s on fire!

Rosetta has some reactions from the animal kingdom. (Skip the lemur…it’s too disturbing).


Another Spitzer post from Ace….Wow.

I’m keeping tabs, now. Let’s see…that makes seven, already and counting!

UPDATE (march 11):

All the latest here, and here. (guess who).

Whoa Nellie!

Spitzer Doing Whores For Six or Seven Years, Maybe Even Ten, and Feds Can Prove It!

That cad.