Marine Corps Reservist Rescues Flag From Unspeakable Fate

He was arrested for his troubles, but no charges are being filed:

– A U.S. Marine Corps reservist won’t be charged for ignoring police requests and wading into a protest to rescue an American Flag.

(Ray Adam) Modisette of Shawnee was arrested Friday afternoon on a complaint of interfering with official police process.

“We believe the act was emotional and not really deliberate,” Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said. “It caused us to take action, but we hated to have to do it.”

What caused the 20 year old reservist to react the way he did?

A Westboro Baptist Church protester was stuffing the American flag down her pants. 

Modisette was leaving Tinker Air Force Base in his car Friday when he saw the protester with the flag. He said he turned around and headed for the crowd to get the flag. He was handcuffed after ignoring several requests by officers to move away from the small group of demonstrators from Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan.

 Midwest City Assistant City Attorney Randal Homburg said he thinks there are grounds to prosecute Modisette for an act of civil disobedience, but he said that at the request of police, he’s declining to file charges.

Thank goodness. He should also be given a medal for service above and beyond the call of duty.  Semper Fi, dude!

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

McCain’s Daughter Has A Blog

Meet 23 year old Blogette, Meghan McCain.

At McCain Blogette you are privy to things like, 10 Things You Don’t Know About MY Mom, and her Night At The Plaza, (a campaign stop with dad, where she makes the discovery: There ARE Republicans in NY!).

I’ll be sure to check in from time to time.

See also her interview in GQ:

Charming and self-deprecating, McCain Blogette often makes Meghan’s 71-year-old father seem less old, which is surely one of the reasons it exists, even if Meghan occasionally does something like refer to Barack Obama as “sexy,” which she did right before the New Hampshire primary.Today Meghan doesn’t back off that observation at all. “He’s a rock star,” she says of the Illinois senator. “Everybody flipped out, but I think universally women find him attractive. Whatever.”

By the time we arrive at Garduño’s, the discussion has moved on to the Romney brothers’ dad, Mitt. It’s two days after he suspended his run, and we’re trying to puzzle out why voters never really got around to liking the guy.

“Mitt didn’t keep it real,” Meghan says, munching on a nacho chip.

At the time of our meeting, John McCain’s pretty much got it in the bag. His closest GOP competitor is Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher who has managed to siphon off a surprising number of right-wing voters. Some have suggested that John McCain consider Huckabee as a potential running mate, to placate the Bible Belt.

“That’s not going to happen,” Meghan says firmly. “I don’t think they’d be a good match for a lot of reasons and am not even sure if that’s what Huckabee’s going for, anyway. I think he wants to be the head of the evangelical movement.”

Veddy interesting.

Hat tip: The Politico, via Lucianne

Wednesday’s Hero: Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown

Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown has done something only a very few female soldiers in American history have ever done. She’s been awarded the Silver Star.

Brown saved the lives of fellow soldiers after a roadside bomb tore through a convoy of Humvees in the eastern Paktia province of Afghanistan in April 2007. “I did not really think about anything except for getting the guys to a safer location and getting them taken care of and getting them out of there.”

“We stopped the convoy. I opened up my door and grabbed my aid bag,” Brown said.

She started running toward the burning vehicle as insurgents opened fire. All five wounded soldiers had scrambled out.

“I assessed the patients to see how bad they were. We tried to move them to a safer location because we were still receiving incoming fire,” Brown said. “So we dragged them for 100 or 200 meters, got them away from the Humvee a little bit,” she said. “I was in a kind of a robot-mode, did not think about much but getting the guys taken care of.”

For Brown, who knew all five wounded soldiers, it became a race to get them all to a safer location. Eventually, they moved the wounded some 500 yards away and treated them on site before putting them on a helicopter for evacuation.

“I did not really have time to be scared,” Brown said. “Running back to the vehicle, I was nervous (since) I did not know how badly the guys were injured. That was scary.”

The military said Brown’s “bravery, unselfish actions and medical aid rendered under fire saved the lives of her comrades and represents the finest traditions of heroism in combat.”

And who says women can’t serve on the front lines?

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

By Indian Chris Right-Wing & Right Minded

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Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #24

QiblaLocator confirms Mecca orientation of Flight 93 crescent

Blogburst logo, no accident

Reader Max K. found another Islamic website with a Mecca-direction calculator. It can be used to construct yet another graphical demonstration that the Flight 93 memorial points to Mecca.

Muslims face Mecca for prayer, with the direction to Mecca calculated by the great circle method. Enter your street address into the search field at and it brings up a Google map with a red line showing the Muslim prayer-direction (or “qibla”) from your home.

At the Flight 93 crash site, Skyline Road passes through the center of what is to become the giant central crescent of the planned memorial. Enter “Skyline Rd, Shanksville PA” into the QiblaLocator search box and it generates this map:

QiblaLocator, Skyline Rd, PA

Red line points to Mecca. (Azimuth, also in red: 55.19° clockwise from north.)

To see how this direction to Mecca compares with the orientation of the planned memorial, first impose some orientation lines on the Crescent of Embrace design:


The short black line connects the two most protruding tips of the half-mile wide central crescent. The long black arrow shows the orientation of a person standing between the crescent tips and facing into the center of the crescent. (Every particle of this original design remains completely intact in the so-called redesign, which only disguises the giant crescent with a few additional trees.)

Next just lay the site-plan graphic on top of QiblaLocator’s Google map:


The red and black lines are almost parallel.

To be precise, the upper crescent tip is the end of the thousand foot long, fifty foot tall, Entry Portal Wall. The bottom crescent tip is the last pair of red maple trees at the bottom end of the crescent walkway. Connect these tips, and the perpendicular bisector (black arrow) points 53.5° clockwise from north (within two degrees of the exact direction to Mecca).

A crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca is called a mihrab, and is the central feature around which every mosque is built. The Flight 93 Memorial will be the world’s largest mosque.

Earlier Mecca direction graphics

In 2005, Sarah Wells constructed a somewhat similar graphic. She used the Mecca direction calculator at to get a qibla line that she superimposed onto the memorial site plan:


Green “qibla” circle shows direction to Mecca from nearby Pittsburgh. Again you can see that a person standing between the tips of the crescent and facing into the center of the crescent will be facing almost exactly at Mecca.

Sarah’s graphic and the QiblaLocator graphic both demonstrate that the giant crescent points to Mecca in the way that Muslims define the direction to Mecca (by the “great circle” or “shortest distance” method).

The first graphic to show the Mecca orientation of the crescent memorial was posted by the pseudonymous Eaotin Shrdlu on September 10, 2005, two days after the crescent design was unveiled:

Etaoin Shrdlu's graphic 60%

The large map projection and the small site-plan inset both have north at the top. Etaoin’s graphic shows that direction to Mecca from crash site (green line) and direction of person facing into crescent (red line) are the same.

University of Pennsylvania Professor Tim Baird, a member of the Flight 93 Advisory Commission, says that everyone involved in the Memorial Project is fully aware of the factual accuracy of the Mecca direction claim. Nevertheless, they all stand by as Project spokesmen keep denying the Mecca orientation in the newspapers. The Project even found an academic fraud to tell the press that there is no such thing as the direction to Mecca:

Daniel Griffith, a geospatial information sciences professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, said anything can point toward Mecca, because the earth is round. (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, August 18, 2007.)

Any Muslim would have denied this absurdity, but the Post Gazette does not want Griffith’s fraud exposed, because the Gazette itself has been fully complicit in covering up the Mecca orientation of the memorial since 2005. Post Gazette reporter Paula Ward told Alec Rawls in 2006 (download 3, p. 108) that editors and reporters at the Post Gazette saw all of the demonstrations of the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent back in 2005 and made a top level editorial decision not to publish this explosive information. Editor Tom Birdsong thinks it would hurt the Democrats, so he is not going to publish it, and neither are other newspapers.

This shouldn’t be a right-left issue, but try telling our newspaper editors that. Which leaves it up to the rest of us to get the word out about Islamic and terrorist memorializing symbolism in the Flight 93 Memorial. This is going to have to be passed person to person.

You can help. To join our blogbursts, email Cao (caoilfhionn1 at gmail dot com) with your blog’s url.

By Alec Rawls, Error Theory

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New Black Panther Party Endorses Obama

On his own website.

I’m not sure that this is what the Obama campaign really needs, right now.

The racist NBPP is led by notorious extremist, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and is a registered team member and blogger on Obama’s campaign website.

Here are some excerpts from Discover The Networks on Shabazz:

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Shabazz defended Osama bin Laden and blamed President Bush for the horrors of that day.

At a reparations rally in 2002, Shabazz blustered, “The President wants to talk about a terrorist named bin Laden. … The real terrorists have always been the United Snakes of America.” He has also intimated that Jewish conspirators possessed exclusive foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and saved their own lives that day by not going to their jobs in the World Trade Center.

Shabazz regularly trumpets his outrage over the alleged epidemic of white-on-black violence. “If any racist, straw-chewin’ tobacco-chewin’ racist redneck lays their hand on any black man or woman in this county,” he said at an April 2001 news conference in Bowie, Maryland, “crush that devil that is trying to do you harm and to do you evil in the name of God and in accordance with your legal rights.”

He believes that all black prisoners in the United States should be set free, on grounds that they could not possibly have been tried fairly in a racist nation. In 2002 Shabazz expressed his solidarity with then-murder suspect Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, who was ultimately convicted of killing a black sheriff’s deputy in Georgia. Shabazz is also a devoted supporter of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal. In 2003 Shabazz created Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ), an organization promoting the notion that black inmates have been unjustly railroaded into their prison cells.

Shabazz reserves perhaps his largest measure of contempt for Jews. “I say to all Jewish people and all white people,” he told a Howard University audience in April 1994 … stop pushing your Holocaust down my throat, when the black holocaust is the worst holocaust humanity has ever seen.” Five months later at the same school, he warned, “We will never bow down to the white, Jewish, Zionist onslaught.”

Aaron Klein interviewed Shabazz for WND:

“I think the way Obama responded to the attack on him and the attempt to sabotage his campaign shows true leadership and character. He had a chance to denounce his pastor and he didn’t fall for the bait. He stood up and addressed real issues of racial discord,” stated Shabazz

“I have nothing but respect for Obama and for his pastor,” said Shabazz, referring to Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor of nearly 20 years.

Shabazz referred to Obama as a man with a “Muslim background, a man of color.”

Keep talking, Shabazz. The whole country needs to hear this.

More on Shabazz’s bio, according to Klein:

Shabazz has led racially divisive protests and conferences, such the 1998 Million Youth March in which a few thousand Harlem youths reportedly were called upon to scuffle with police officers and speakers reportedly demanded the extermination of whites in South Africa.

The NBPP chairman was quoted at a May, 2007, protest against the 400-year celebration of the settlement of Jamestown, Va., stating, “When the white man came here, you should have left him to die.”

He claimed Jews engaged in an “African holocaust” and he has promoted the anti-Semitic urban legend 4,000 Israelis fled the World Trade Center just prior to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

I hope Obama isn’t counting on the Jewish vote….’cause I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen for him at this point.

Welcome Right Wing News, DoublePlusUndead, Urban Grounds, Conservative Beach Girl, and American Pundit readers! I’d bring you all juice boxes, but I’m fresh out.


Looks like the Black Panther Page has been scrubbed. Luckily for us, DoublePlusUndead got a screenshot.


Fox News has picked up this story:

“The page in question has been removed from our campaign Web site,” Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor told after inquiries about the endorsement. “It’s our policy with any content generated by a group that advocates violence.”

Can just any yahoo off the street become a blogger for Obama? Isn’t there any screening involved?

Apparently not:

Obama ’08 Response To Fox News “Story”:

You see, more than 700,000 people have created accounts on the system. You can create one right now if you choose, in about a minute — anyone can.

Now, from time to time people get up to no good — creating fake profiles (like one for Sean Hannity created today), or posting profane or inappropriate content. When they do, the community reports the offending content and if it violates our terms of service it is removed (as the Sean Hannity profile was). has been at the core of our bottom-up organizing strategy. The tools available have been put to work by a community of supporters that is bigger and more powerful than anything presidential politics has ever seen.

Yada yada yada…with all due respect…it’s time to rethink this strategy, the potential for embarrassing episodes like this one is just too great.

Obama ’08 blogger, Sam Graham-Felsen, in his scathing Response to Fox News “Story” (note the sneer quotes on “story”) suggests that the New Black Panther site was bogus.

Yet in the WND story I linked to yesterday, Aaron Klein interviewed NBPP national chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz, who confirmed his organization’s endorsement of Obama.

The NBPP endorses Obama on its own page of the presidential candidate’s official site that allows registered users to post their own blogs.

The group labels itself on Obama’s site as representing “Freedom, Justice, and Peace for all of Mankind.” It links to the official NBPP website, which contains what can be arguably regarded as hate material.

The NBPP racked up 396 Obama campaign points, which purportedly are points given to users who raise funds, sign up other supporters or score high user ratings.

This is a “story”, all right.


Aaron Klein of World Net Daily weighs in on the “scrubbing”.

UPDATE (March 20):

Here’s a You Tube video of Shabazz and Hashim Nzinga appearing on various Fox News programs. Talk about black hate and rage:

Wright Says ‘That Dirty Word’: ‘Israel’

Whoa…I haven’t seen this one yet. Here’s Wright harumphing about the fact that the U.S. avoided a conference which dealt with alleged racism in the U.S. and Israel: “I said that dirty word again”…

“Don’t be scared…don’t be scared…”

Via Israel Insider:

More than 50 black ministers from around the country participated in a 90-minute conference call Sunday with representatives of the Obama campaign, according to Dr. Frederick Haynes, one of the participants. Haynes said the pastors — some of whom were angry with Obama –– felt something had to be done to address the concerns of African-Americans, particularly those in the black ministry.

When I read that the pastors were angry with Obama….I so wanted to believe it was because his afro-centric, hate-mongering pastor was making them look bad. Alas, I was wrong:

Haynes, pastor of the 10,000-member Friendship-West Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas — who considers Wright a “mentor” — said there was a sense of “outrage,” a feeling that Wright was “being lynched in the media” and reduced to sound bites by those “ignorant of black culture, black expression and the black church.”

I hate to say what this reminds me of…but it reminds me of what Islamists say when you dare to criticize radical Islam. The word, “ignorant” gets used a lot.

I tell you what…this whole thing has been quite an eye opener.

Michelle Malkin says goodbye to the “Glowbama mystique”.

I will henceforth only post pictures of him without the halo.

(By the way, I did mention that the halo was starting to look a little tarnished back in February. Just sayin’).