Say Goodbye To The Easter Bunny

Say hello to the “Spring Bunny”.

Yes, yes, of course this had to happen. It’s the logical extension of the war on Christmas. If we can’t have Christmas trees, why should we be able to have an Easter Bunny?

Some other non offensive names being used by malls across America are Baxter the Bunny, Peter Rabbit, and Garden Bunny.

Tom Purcell at FrontPageMagazine says:

Peter Rabbit was the name of choice for a Rhode Island school superintendent who, according to, decided the Easter Bunny ought not visit his school district.

His decision made the ACLU happy. After all, as one ACLU fellow said, schools shouldn’t be in the business of promoting Easter celebrations.

Which leads to some interesting questions: What is the Easter celebration, anyhow? What is the origin of the Easter Bunny?

Lawrence Cunningham, a University of Notre Dame theology professor, said in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Easter Bunny has little to do with religion.
“The bunny is a fertility symbol with no religious connection to Easter,” he said. “The egg, which was popularized in Greece, Russia, and Eastern Europe in connection with Easter, does not have a religious connection to Easter. By taking away the term ‘Easter,’ these symbols to some extent return to their pre-Christian roots as symbols of spring fertility.”

In other words, somewhere along the line, the furry fellow got twisted up with the resurrection of Jesus. Somewhere along the line, he started wearing a vest and handing out eggs and candy. It took a bit of time — hundreds of years or more — for the Easter tradition I knew as a kid to evolve.

But the fascists at the ACLU have no interest in allowing things to evolve naturally. Through their intimidation, holiday traditions are forced to change dramatically overnight.

And what’s the point? The Spring Bunny is just as apt as the Easter Bunny to give your children an unhealthy sugar buzz that will last for days.

It will always be an Easter Bunny to me and mine, no matter what the forces of political correctness choose to call it.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Tired of Obama? ….Yeah, I thought so.

How about a “Person Gets Bit In The Ass By Something In Their Toilet” kind of story?

Yes??? Alrighty then:

A DISABLED woman was horrified after being bitten by a rat which came up through her toilet while she was sitting on it.

Maxine Killingback, who lives on her own, jumped up in shock when she felt the rat bite the top of her leg and fell over onto the floor, hurting her back.

She said: “You don’t expect to sit down to spend a penny and be bitten by a rat.

Wow…What a shock to the system that must have been. But her nightmare was only beginning. What follows plays like a scene from a horror flick:

“When I jumped up it seemed to still have a hold on me.”

Ms Killingback, who has rheumatism in her legs and back, said the rat was still trying to get out of the toilet after she fell on the floor.

She tried flushing the toilet chain twice but the creature came back each time.

Ms Killingback said: “It was a big, black one, seven or eight inches long.

“It was trying to climb up but it kept sliding back down. I put a plunger down the toilet but it kept trying to get out.”

Ms Killingback, who says she has a nervous disposition, then jammed a bleach bottle next to the plunger and kept it there until the rat had drowned.

You’d think that would be the end of it, but noooo:

She said: “Then there were more coming up, I could see their noses poking through the gap.

“I just put two big boxes of washing powder and other things on top of the toilet to block it and shut the bathroom door.

“I’ve never known anything like it”.

So this poor unsuspecting woman has to battle rats in her boyfriend’s bathroom, and what’s the first comment in the story’s comment thread?:

how sad is dat! why didnt she jst open d winda n shut d door. i fell sorry 4 d rats. dey r living 2 wot rite dus she hav 2 kill dem! dat is cruel!

Do you ever get the shivers just knowing that such mind-blowingly stupid people are out there?

I do.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC