Allahpundit’s boss says to show some solidarity with the Dutch by embedding this video. So I’m happy to oblige. I’ve only had time to watch about five minutes of it so far, but it looks to be good.

Here is Geert Wilders’ own website.

Thanks to The Jawa Report for the link.


Okay, now that I’ve had a chance to see it, I have to say…I saw nothing even remotely objectionable in this film. It merely speaks the truth. Jihadis don’t seem to be able to handle the truth. Too bad.


Oops, how awkward…it seems Wilders has made a bit of a gaffe in editing his film.


Here is the new version of Fitna, with the Westergaard Mohammad image replaced.

Here’s a good article from FrontPageMagazine on The Left and Fitna.


20 thoughts on “Fitna

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  2. Solidarity with teh Dutch? In which planet do you live? The public Dutch and Belgian TV have shown all the fragments of the film, also most of the newspapers online have the video.

    FYI, any TV station would ask to see your film first before airing it and Wilders-looser refused to show it to the producers beforehand. Even the Muslim public broadcaster offered to show it on their air time if Wilders was to appear afterwards in a debate and HE REFUSED.

    Now, about the film, it is a pamphlet. It tries to associate the deeds of some lunatics (who try to justify themselves with the Q’uran) with ALL the moslims.

    It also is poorly done. Some of Wilders blunders:
    – The use of the Danish cartoon was not authorized by the cartoonist. He just called Wilders a thief in an interview on Dutch TV.
    – He changed some words on the verses (soerat 8, vers 60 does not say ‘terrorize’)
    – The image he uses of Van Gogh’s killer is actually a Moroccan raper. Proof that xenophobes think that all Muslims look and act the same?

    Just as a note: I am not a Muslim but the film sucks content and editing wise.


  3. It tries to associate the deeds of some lunatics (who try to justify themselves with the Q’uran) with ALL the moslims.

    Some lunatics? What? A tiny, insignificant handful of troublemakers? Did he somehow photoshop the huge crowds chanting their murderous slogans? Are we silly, and naive hayseeds here in America really to believe that it’s only a teeny, tiny insignificant number of Islamists who have this murderous rage against the West?


    And how does Wilders associate the deeds of some “lunatics” with ALL Muslims? Do you mean the fact that he points out that there are many….let’s say, “problematic” verses in the Koran? For the sake of political correctness, we’re not allowed to say anything about it? Bull. See this post below if you’d like to see what can happen when the Koran is intelligently questioned.

    As for the rest of what you say…provide links…you’ll forgive me for doubting you, but here in the states left-wing socialist types are known to be profuse liars.


  4. As for the use of the Danish cartoon…Please!…I hope the artist never goes on the internet because it’s unauthorized use is all over the place.

    Oh, look…it seems he does want to debate.


  5. Don’t you just love how they still try and toss out the “tiny tiny” little portion of radicals nonsense. All I can say is, better dead than dhimmitude.


  6. I really have no idea what percentage of Muslims are radical Islamists, but I do know it’s plenty enough to be a threat to our way of life.

    I think the left despises the right so much, they’d give up all their freedoms just to see us defeated.


  7. Just as a note: I am not a Muslim but the film sucks content and editing wise.

    Andra dahlin,
    The question is not whether or not you are a Muslim. The question is: Just how many Muslims are you being PORKED by?…opps can I say that?


  8. Well, if there were 1% and we know it is much higher, then we are looking at 1.5 million. Time to harvest, and soon.


  9. Eh…I think she’s just one of those snooty, lefty European types who think they’re more sophisticated, and worldly than we simple minded Americans.


  10. I disagree. I think she is just one of those europeans that is simply terrified to death of what they have allowed to happen and figures if she submits she will survive. Muslims have a historical degree of leniency toward submissive female captives as long as they are serviceable.


  11. Not all muslims are terrorists.
    But all terrorists are muslims.

    The ‘silent majority’ of muslims that don’t throw bombs onto buses or cut off girls’ clitorises or saw peoples’ heads off with knives? I take your silence as assent to these evil deeds.

    I consider every muslim man woman and child to be my mortal enemy.


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  13. i find it increasingly annoying at how many people confuse all Islam with Terrorism…., the answer is simple. “It sells” but the major majority of Muslims are not as described terrorists and killers… most are more honorable and righteous than most Christians in the west.

    That video had me thinking, oh crap this is seriously bad… we gotta do something, but in reality its nothing like what is portrayed.

    But if there is injustice or hate anywhere or everywhere Jesus Christ will conquer it, either now or at the end.

    In response to all this hate, Any Muslim that is in need i will welcome into my home as a friend. How many westerners after seeing that video could do a thing like that?


  14. *Picks head up off of keyboard*

    I find it increasingly annoying that many people continue to confuse hatred of Islamofascism with hatred with all Muslims. The fact that the basis for the terror employed by Isamic terrorists is found in the Koran is not an indictment against all Muslims, but it does strongly suggest that some serious reform is in order. Many Muslims agree:

    Incidentally, I wouldn’t open my house to a stranger of any race color or creed. I have a family to protect.


  15. most are more honorable and righteous than most Christians in the west.

    Ha. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!

    Oh, trust me, I know very well how silly that statement is.


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