FIA Chief Caught In “Sadomasochistic Nazi Orgy”

This story out of the UK seems to making big headlines overseas. It involves the head of of the FIA, (International Automobile Federation) Max Mosley, who has apparently beclowned himself by taking part in a “sadomasochistic Nazi orgy” with five prostitutes that reportedly involved Nazi role-playing in a “torture chamber” in Chelsea.

Formula One’s governing body is keeping its distance from sexual allegations in a British tabloid newspaper about its president, Max Mosley.

“This is a matter between Mr. Mosley and the paper in question,” an International Automobile Federation (FIA) spokesman said.

EWWWW! This makes Spitzer look like a choirboy!:

The revelations are particularly damaging because Mr Mosley’s father, Oswald, was the pre-war leader of Britain’s fascist “blackshirts” who invited Adolf Hitler to his wedding.

Mr Mosley was said to have spoken in German and brandished a leather whip as he beat the women after allowing himself to be subjected to a humiliating inspection for lice. The News of the World said that Mr Mosley paid £2,500 cash for the prostitutes’ services.

The five-hour orgy ended with “the prostitutes drinking wine while Mr Mosley, 67, recovered his composure with a cup of tea”.


The revelations angered Jewish groups, who called for his resignation from one of the most powerful positions in world sport.

Motor racing insiders also questioned whether his position was tenable. The FIA does not simply administer Formula One but all other motor racing championships and even holds sway over road safety organisations such as the AA and RAC.

Video here. Warning!!!: not for the faint of heart…involves a lot of bending over and being spanked.

Kind of makes our country’s sex scandals look tame in comparison.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Why Some Dems Are Nervous…

If Obama winds up being the nominee, as he almost certainly will be, Republicans will have a field day with ads like this one:

Get a load of this telling exhortation from My DD:

If we choose Obama as our nominee, we are locked-in to this narrative. There is no going back, no bogus NBC polls to save the day. No Anderson Cooper softball interviews or phony charges of racism that will rescue us.

You mean this guy is so bad, even the usual Democrat play-book election year shenanigans won’t help? Awww Shucky darns!
I love it when the mask slips, a little, don’t you?

Found via the News Bucket’s Top 10 Reasons The GOP Could Beclown Obama In November.

Hat tip: Hot Air headlines 

Outrageous! Dutch Dhimmis To Prosecute Wilders For Anti-Koran Film

You’ve got to be kidding me:

The Dutch prosecutor’s office is preparing to take legal action against the maker of an ‘anti-Koran’ film in an attempt to ease tensions over the film’s release, the Dutch foreign minister said on Monday. Maxime Verhagen told ambassadors from 26 Muslim (countries?) that he was happy with the relatively calm reaction he had witnessed since the short film was posted on sites Thursday by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, adding that the film in no way reflected the religious views of the Dutch government.

 Dr. Rusty Shackleford ofThe Jawa Report wants to know what the charge is going to be: “Failure to submit?”

I want to know: If you’re happy with the “relatively calm reaction” to the film…why throw the film maker under the bus?


Allahpundit found some corroboration:

Radio Netherlands quotes the Dutch foreign minister as saying prosecutors are looking into it and the last line of this DPA report agrees. Scum:

The Dutch prosecutor’s office is preparing to take legal action against the maker of an ‘anti-Koran’ film in an attempt to ease tensions over the film’s release, the Dutch foreign minister said on Monday…

Although moderate Islamic groups have said the film is “nothing new” and have made appeals for Muslims to “react calmly and within the law,” the prospect of a backlash in the Islamic world remains a distinct possibility.


The New Black Panther Party is back on the Obama ’08 website, as of yesterday, with this ‘stirring’ endorsement:

Obama represents “positive change” for America and the World. Obama is capable of stirring the “melting pot” into a better “molten America”.

If you recall, it’s inclusion among other Obama supporting blogs at the community website caused a minor firestorm a couple of weeks ago, causing the embarrassed Obama campaign to remove it, while intimating that it was a hoax. (It wasn’t).

We’ll see how long it takes, this time.

UPDATE (2:18pm):

Annnnd it’s gone.

They’re getting quicker.

Hat tip: Aaron Klein, WND, who obviously has been keeping a close eye on this.