The New Black Panther Party is back on the Obama ’08 website, as of yesterday, with this ‘stirring’ endorsement:

Obama represents “positive change” for America and the World. Obama is capable of stirring the “melting pot” into a better “molten America”.

If you recall, it’s inclusion among other Obama supporting blogs at the community website caused a minor firestorm a couple of weeks ago, causing the embarrassed Obama campaign to remove it, while intimating that it was a hoax. (It wasn’t).

We’ll see how long it takes, this time.

UPDATE (2:18pm):

Annnnd it’s gone.

They’re getting quicker.

Hat tip: Aaron Klein, WND, who obviously has been keeping a close eye on this.


2 thoughts on “It’s BA-ACK

  1. Fitna is back at LiveLeak too…of course with the usual disclaimer that they didn’t produce nor do they endorse it…they must not know much about Islam if they think the threat is gone


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