CA Man Busted For Stealing Used Grease From Burger King

No, I am not a child molester!

49-year-old David Richardson was found pumping the storage bins behind Burger King clean. Normally, fast food joints pay for contractors to remove and dispose of the inedible and (considered by most), useless oil, but the franchise’s manager called the police when he saw what Richardson was doing.

I say, hey…save yourself some money, BK…let the guy have it if he wants it that bad.

One wonders if Richardson was inspired by the Simpson episode, Lard Of The Dance:

It’s assumed that Richardson intended to convert the grease into biodiesel that he could then use in his own vehicle to save money on fuel, or to sell for a profit. It’s not known what penalties he’ll face.

It seems odd that a fast food restaurant manager would report someone stealing grease, but could be an indicator of things to come. Could used cooking grease become a commodity just like other fuel sources?

This website says yes.

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The plot thickens:

Police suspect the Illinois man, who worked for Restaurant Oils of America in Las Vegas, intended to recycle the oil at an Atascadero refinery for $1.35 a gallon. A full tank would have been worth $6,750.

“Our guess is it’s a biodiesel fuel thing. It’s like someone stealing copper wire,” said Morgan Hill police Cmdr. David Swing. “This might turn into something that starts to occur more frequently.”

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Surely She Jests: Madonna Wants To Remake Casablanca Set In Iraq?

The Daily Mail is reporting:

A source at a major Hollywood studio that was recently approached by the 49-year-old star said: “She is still determined to make it in the movies.

“She and her representatives have been touting around a project which is a remake of Casablanca. The reception has been lukewarm to say the least. No one can understand why she wants to redo what many people consider the greatest film of all time.”

And she plans to play the Ingrid Bergman part of Ilsa Lund.

Ingrid Bergman was a beautiful, fresh-faced new comer when she played the part of Ilsa, (which made her a star).

Madonna is what? A 50 year old, and not so fresh faced veteran of many very awful films, already. Combine that with what I’m sure would be her overwhelming temptation to throw in some leftist propaganda and we have the makings of something truly craptacular.

I can’t even imagine how horrible this would be.

A spokeswoman for Madonna refused to comment.

More here.

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Hey! Zombietime Now Has A BLog!

It’s about time!

The first post at Zomblog is about the Code Pink Berkeley April Fools Day Hoax (We kicked the Marines out of Berkeley!) that didn’t fool anybody, but yes disturbed them because their batshit craziness is indeed disturbing to behold, and as always, Zombie supplies plenty of pictures of the crazy.

I hope he/she doesn’t mind if I swipe this video of Code Pink’s little play, because it is just too precious. And by precious, I mean disturbingly weird:

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