51 thoughts on “Beware Of Imposters

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  3. ….Annnnd the race card is played.

    Obama is a black man seeking a white man’s job?

    Not the point of this essay at all. Only a person obsessed with race would see that.

    How about a: race obsessed Marxist ideologue trying to portray himself as a “post racial” moderate.

    But that required some actual thought, didn’t it? It’s much easier to cry, “RACISM!”

    (But I’m the shallow one).


  4. I’m a democrat, recently turned Independent, who totally agrees with that picture. I linked this, so you may get some Obamamaniacs attacking you.


  5. Where’s Clinton? Getting shot at again?

    Or is SHE doing the shooting this time? Perhaps Cheney’s friend need some more buckshot?


  6. Is Hillary really good with a gun? Did Bill ever get some of that buckshot after a hard day in the Oval Office?

    ha ha ha!


  7. April, 10, 2008 — nicedeb

    “Maybe you haven’t read Dreams From My Father yourself, but have read Jim Geraghty’s reviews. Or maybe you’ve read Ann Coulter’s brutal take downs, here, and here.”

    Since when do Clinton supporters suckup to Coulter? Talk about shocking. What’s next? Cozying up to Bush in order to find more ways to slam Obama? Are you a Democrat or a rightwinger pretending to be one?

    “After hearing it compared to “Mein Kampf”, I finally decided to order a copy of the book, myself.”

    Rightttttttttt. Obama IS HITLER! (Have I wandered into some kind of white hole? Are there any sane people here?
    Talk about shocking! This is enough to make sane people vomit!)

    Have fun with your circle jerk! The smell in here is too much to take. Bye!


  8. Egad. Who said I was a Clinton supporter? I’m a card carrying member of the VRWC.

    As for Coulter….don’t tell me this is the first time you’ve noticed that she sometimes overstates things for dramatic and comical effect.

    Jeez, grow up, and get a sense of humor.


  9. Oh, okay – it was a joke that Obama IS Hitler!

    Sorry I hurt you little feelings with MY jokes!

    I guess you can dish it out but you can’t take it.

    By the way, when is McCain going to introruce Hagee to us – the guy who said the Pope is the antichrist? Or was it Pastor Parsley? Which of them said that New Orleans deserved Katrina? That was a really big laugh riot!

    And is he ever going to get the difference between Sunnis and Shi’ites? Or is he too busy deciding whether the US will be in Iraq for 100, 10,000 or a million years?

    Or are you one of the arm of the VRWC that says McCain had a black (!) child out of wedlock and collaborated with the Viet C ong? That’s another joke, right?

    Saying that Obama is Hitler, of course, puts him on YOUR side! You didn’t even think of the actual punchline, eh?


  10. Errr….who said my feelings were hurt?

    Political humor has to have an element of truth to it in order for it to sting.

    That’s why nothing you have to say is (intentionally) funny, or in the least bit hurtful.

    By the way, why did you come back here, I thought the smell was too much to take?


  11. Errrr….who got all hot and bothered by my comments?

    Twas you. You obviously have no idea what humor is.

    Or is it Bush looking under his desk for WMD’s while our troops were dying? Or was it when he showed our mangled troops his splinter? HO HO HO HO!

    Is that humor in your opinion?


  12. I’d leave her alone, ND: nothing she’s said so far has been accurate or entertaining. When she is exposed as an idiot, as in her 4/14-9:51 comment, she ignores it and continues rambling.

    Guess I should say something nice: ummm….she is quite chatty.


  13. Or better yet, edit her comments. I love watching that. To make it challenging for yourself, try to edit them in a way that doesn’t add content to her comments.


  14. Here’s a Danielle Steele treatment (at least I think it is):

    Lizzie struggled in the iron grip, knowing she didn’t have the strength to break free, wondering if she even had the will. She had thought herself true to Barack, but he was forgotten now as these feelings surged within her, stronger than ever before. Still, knees trembling, bosom heaving, she struggled – more against this forbidden desire than against the hands that held her fast.

    Finally she succumbed, letting her uncontrollable passions carry her to a place reason had denied her. She melted against that chest, gazing up wonderingly at the weathered face, the face that had broken her, the face that now owned her…

    “Hillary,” she breathed.


  15. What a bunch of lunatics here! Playing with each other!

    Editing other people’s posts! I guess you ARE all rightwingers! How’s Bush’s approval rating going, eh?

    How’s the dollar? Lowest ever compare to the Euro! One dollar is now only buys 62 Euro cents!

    Bushie Bushie sittin’ on the fence

    Tryin’ to make a dollar out of 62 cents!

    Have fun!


  16. You’re right, ND, I’d just let her comments stand as is. We can’t improve on the whackiness, nor the natural flow of the substandard English.

    She’s not the most annoying troll, nor the stupidest, but I think she is the most juvenile. Keep ’em coming, Lizzie, you’re on a roll!


  17. Crikey, geoff….that was some mighty fine slammin’…if you had a tip jar, I’d be throwing in some beer money…I’ll have to buy you a cold one next time I’m in your neck of the woods….


  18. Nice photo montage, btw, nicedeb…I was grinning as I scrolled down, then guffawed when I saw Barry at the end…


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  20. That’s Just How White Folks Will Do You”

    Slavery never happened! Segregation never happened!

    This blog seems to have died a well-deserved death!


  21. Nice work Deb.

    To Lizzie I would say: Godwin’s Law applies.

    The law says: “As a blog discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

    By convention, as soon as this occurs the discussion is considered to be over and the person who first made the comparison has automatically lost the debate.

    You win Deb.


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