71 Year Old Leads Police On Chase, Gets Tasered, Craps Pants

Wait…I think I got the order wrong.

First he was reported missing by his daughter, then he crapped his pants, then he was spotted by the police, but wouldn’t get out of the car because he crapped his pants…..oh, shoot I’ll just let NBCNews4 out of Columbus, Ohio tell the story:

Ross county officers told NBC 4 the man wouldn’t go with them, in part because he was
unclothed except for a jacket and boots. He told them his pants were soiled and he didn’t have spares. He drove off with deputies following, eventually ending up in Pike County in a ditch. He still wouldn’t open the cab to his pickup for officers who ended up tasering the half-dressed driver and taking him off in cuffs.

Did they have to taser the poor guy? I mean talk about adding insult to injury….or is it injury to insult in this case?

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Hillary Using GOP Handbook, Now

Well, that’s what Obama is saying, anyway:

After days on the campaign defensive, Democrat Barack Obama accused rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday of leveling criticism straight from the Republican playbook and said even so, he will win the White House over John McCain and an “out of touch” GOP.”This philosophy isn’t just out of touch, it’s put our economy out of whack.”

Obama spoke at The Associated Press annual meeting, a few hours after McCain had made a less combative appearance of his own.

“I may have made a mistake last week in the word that I chose, but the other party has made a much more damaging mistake in the failed policies they’ve chosen and the bankrupt philosophy they’ve embraced for the last three decades …” Obama said.

It’s called capitalism. I gather Barack doesn’t like it very much.

The VRWC welcomes its newest member.

How The Tide Has Turned

Wow, how the tide has turned since January. At the beginning of the primary season, Obama was the more imposing force, with his consistently larger, and more enthusiastic crowds. In fact, his support looked almost cult-like, taking on religious overtones, hence the nickname “The Messiah”. He was clearly the MSM’s favorite, and soon became the frontrunner. He still is the frontrunner in the Democrat race, but is looking much, much less intimidating to Republicans.

Last fall, it was Hillary we conservatives feared. Obama, the green, first term Senator wasn’t being taken seriously, yet. So the right wing blogosphere focused all its attention on her, and actually rooted a little for Obama, because Hillary was seen as the stronger candidate.

When all that started to change, and Obama started to look inevitable, Operation Chaos was implemented, and conservatives started actively rooting, (and voting for) Clinton.

Now Obama’s supporters are looking even more like cult followers, hopelessly undeprogrammable. But fewer people appear to be jumping on board. The latest poll from PA doesn’t look promising for Obama. And the superdelegates can no longer be counted on to to hand the nomination to Obama. If he is perceived as unelectable, they may end up going with Hillary. At any rate, Obama and Clinton are destined to duke it out all the way to the Democrat convention.

It is truly a a testament to Obama’s sheer awfulness that Hillary looks positively acceptable (from a conservative point of view) compared to him.

But when you consider the company Obama keeps, and the words that keep coming out of his mouth, it’s hard to consider him anything but the crypto-Marxist he appears to be. And I was hesitant to say this, (because far be it from me to question somebody’s faith!) but now that Lisa Schiffron has cleared the way:

I now feel fully vindicated in my suspicion that Obama’s attendance at Wright’s church was entirely political and expedient. No one who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ — or even moderate respect for other people’s religious views — thinks in these terms about why working class people might believe in God. Or believes that a more enlightened government will supplant that.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking the very same thing.

Baldilocks suggests he is indeed a true believer in black liberation theology, and only frowns upon the “religion clinging” of white Christians. I suspect that he is only an adherent of the non-Christian aspects of the theology. But I don’t know, and that’s why I haven’t said a peep about it, until now. I really prefer to take what people say at face value….but you just don’t know with this guy…He is a follower of Saul (Rules For Radicals) Alinsky.

All I know for sure is, none of this bodes well for Barack Obama. He just had a very bad weekend. In fact the past couple of months have been very bad for Obama; his associations with Reverend Wright, and other radicals have been a disaster for him, too.

Bottom line: Obama is looking less and less inevitable.

Another Terrorist Vindicates Geert Wilders

Yes, another one. The dirty little secret is that terrorists agree with Wilders about the Koran. They quote the Koran all the time to justify their actions. The latest example comes to us from the UK.

A longer version of this martyrdom video, featuring 29-year old Umar Islam, was shown to jurors in the United Kingdom in the conspiracy trial of eight alleged plotters who hoped to use liquid explosives to blow up airplanes in the summer of 2006. This four minute version has been released to the public by British Authorities.

ABC News describes the video as chilling, which it is if you disregard the missing tooth:

“Allah loves us to die and to kill in his path, and anyone who tries to deny this, then read the Koran and you will not be able to deny this, because this is the words in the Koran…”

Is it to late to edit this guy into Fitna?


Britain is currently monitoring 30 terror plots:

“There are 22,000 individuals who are being monitored. There are 200 networks involved and 30 active plots,” Smith said in an interview with the News of the World.

“We now face a threat level that is severe. It’s actually growing,” said the interior minister.

Smith said the level of threat showed why the British government is seeking legislation to extend the detention of terror suspects to 42 days from the current 28-day limit.

Hat tip: The National Terror Alert