Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #28

40 infidels, strung like fish beneath symbolic Islamic heavens

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Damned to Hell

Time to emphasize the ugliest aspect of the terrorist memorial mosque that is now being built in Shanksville Pennsylvania. It does not just INCLUDE the terrorists in some kind of reductio ad absurdum of multiculturalist moral relativism. Actually, there is not a single speck of moral relativism in the entire design. Rather, the terrorists are explicitly championed, while the 40 infidels are again and again depicted as symbolically damned to Islamic Hell.

This is the evil genius of architect Paul Murdoch’s use of the crescent and star layout. Everywhere the four hijackers are memorialized, they are symbolically placed inside the Islamic heavens (the crescent and star parts of the memorial). Everywhere the 40 infidels are memorialized, they are represented outside of the symbolic Islamic heavens, which in Islam means they are damned to Hell.

In most instances, the immense scale of the design makes this theme difficult to grasp from ground level unless you know what to look for. The one exception is up at the Tower of Voices part of the memorial, where the symbolic damnation of the 40 heroes will be immediately visible to visitors.

The 93 foot tall Tower of Voices is formed in the shape of an extruded crescent, cut at an angle at the top so that its crescent arms reach up into the sky:


As seen from the base of the tower, the top of the tower will be a clear Islamic-shaped crescent, projected against the sky above. Hanging down below these symbolic heavens will be forty tubular steel chimes, one for each of the murdered passengers and crew. In Islam, if you don’t go to Heaven, you go to Hell, thus those forty symbolic souls, strung below the symbolic Islamic heavens like fish on a string, are symbolically damned.

The imagery could not be clearer. Here is what hundreds of thousands of visitors will see when they look up the crescent tower:

40 tortured souls,100%

40 tortured souls, gonging restlessly though heat, cold, wind, snow and rain (pictured).

What are patriots going to do when they see that Islamic crescent in the sky, soaring triumphantly over those forty symbolic infidel souls? Is the Park Service trying to start a rebellion? We are talking literally hundreds of people every day being confronted by this outrage.

Never to rest in peace

The crash site is a graveyard, from which the remains of our forty heroes can never be extracted. A cemetery is supposed to be a place for resting in peace, but these symbolic forty souls are to gong mournfully though the ages in their symbolic Islamic hell.

Over and over the defenders of the crescent design accuse us critics of seeing what we want to see in the design, as if we could see forty symbolic souls hanging down from an Islamic shaped crescent in the sky if the architect did not PUT these things there for us to see. Look at the architect’s own drawings people. Do you not see the Islamic shaped crescent in the sky? Do you not see the forty wind chimes hanging down, specifically designated to represent the lives of the 40 passengers and crew? We are describing FACTS.

One of the most obvious facts is that it is the defenders of the crescent who are seeing what they want to see, or more precisely, who are choosing NOT to see what they DON’T want to see. It’s like gate security, trying desperately NOT to see the bearded man in the suicide vest.

The irony is that Flight 93 is supposed to be the symbol of our woken vigilance. Those charged with the memorialization of Flight 93 are not just un-vigilant. They are relentlessly anti-vigilant, absolutely determined not to even consider the possibility of untoward intent.

We hosted an open design competition in time of war and literally invited the entire world to enter, yet the idiots who sent out this invitation cannot concieve that the enemy might have actually taken them up on it. They are outright hostile to anyone who points out the overwhelming evidence that this is in fact what happened.

Other places where the 40 heroes are depicted as symbolically damned

In the sequence of 44 glass blocks that are to be emplaced along the flight path (equalling the number of passengers, crew AND terrorists, all four “extra” blocks are placed in the Islamic heavens.

The three that are to be inscribed with the 9/11 date will be placed on a separate upper section of Memorial Wall that is centered on the bisector of the half mile wide central crescent: exactly the position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. Thus the date goes to the Islamic star. The date goes to the terrorists.

The 44th block is at the upper crescent tip, commemorating the spot where, in architect Paul Murdoch’s description, the terrorists broke our circle and turned it into a giant (Mecca oriented) crescent, to be inscribed: “A field of honor forever.”

In contrast, the forty blocks inscribed with the names of the forty heroes are placed just above the crash site, down below the star on the Islamic flag. They are outside of the symbolic Islamic heavens, which makes them symbolically damned.

Murdoch continues this theme with the 38 Memorial Groves. There CAN’T be 40 because the Memorial Groves are part of the giant crescent, which makes them part of the symbolic Islamic heavens, and infidels can’t be depicted in the Islamic heavens. The full analysis of the 38 groves shows Murdoch’s evil genius at its fullest flower. Sickening, but well worth comprehending, if you can stomach it.

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Wednesday’s Hero: Major Mark E. Rosenberg

Maj. Mark E. Rosenberg
32 years old from Miami Lakes, Florida
3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division
April 8, 2008

Mark Rosenberg grew up in South Florida. “All boy,” his aunt, Madelyn Rosenberg, remembers. “Very active, but very lovable.” As long as she can recall, Maj. Rosenberg wanted a military career like his father, Burton Rosenberg, had.

He attended New Mexico Military Institute and entered the Army in 1996. Later, he met a woman, Julie, and they married one day after his sister’s wedding. He and Julie had two boys, now 3 and 22 months. They settled in Colorado near Fort Carson, where he was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division.

Maj. Rosenberg was on his second tour of duty when the Humvee he was riding in was struck by an IED in Baghdad.

“He would say he’s over there to do a job,” Madelyn Rosenberg remembered. “He loved what he was doing.”

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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By Indian Chris, Right Wing and Right Minded

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Pope Benedict XVI Arrives At White House

I’ve been looking for the video of the Marine band playing the *jingoistic* Battle Hymn of the Republic for the Pope, but haven’t been able to find it. Rush has been playing it on his show, and can’t stop gushing about it.

It’s one of my favorite hymns, too.

See Pope Coverage to stay up to date on the Pontiff’s visit.

Here’s a video from The Catholic News Agency:

Blech…You can see how Catholic dissidents are reacting to the Pope’s visit at The Catholic League.

A few charming examples:

The National Coalition of American Nuns, a pro-abortion group, says the pope is not welcome

· The Women’s Ordination Conference played a game of make-believe by having women dress up like priests to say Mass

· Catholics for a Free Choice, an anti-Catholic front group, is hawking condoms and wants no one to leave home without one

Compare these weirdos to the families out on the White House Lawn singing Happy Birthday to their beloved pope.

Sometimes, it’s not too tough to “separate the wheat from the chaff”, is it?

The Anchoress is also covering the Pope’s visit, as only she can.


Rush Limbaugh has the video of the Marine band playing Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Thanks, Patty Ann!

Very Interesting: McCain Channeling Fred Thompson’s Tax Plan

Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind covered John McCain’s economic speech Tuesday, which had some new news-making ideas:

McCain has said he wants to drop the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% and preserve President Bush’s tax cuts. He also reaffirmed his free trade stance. That puts him in stark contrast to Smoot-Hawley Democrats like Sens. Clinton and Obama. The new elements include doubling the exemption for a child or dependent from $3500 to $7000, allowing businesses to expense new equipment purchases in the first year, ban internet and new mobile phone taxes, and make the R&D tax credit permanent.

The news-making proposal is ditching the federal gas tax over the summer. Of course by McCain’s logic on the Bush tax cuts reinstating the gas tax after Labor Day would amount to a tax hike.

Here’s the part that sounds strangely familiar to Fredheads:

The most surprising element of McCain’s plan is an optional simplified tax system. It would have “two tax rates and a generous standard deduction.”

Last fall, Fred Thompson issued a tax plan that included an optional flat tax with two tax rates and a generous standard deduction. Another element of the Thompson plan was reducing corporate tax rates.

I don’t know if Thompson and McCain have spent any time together since McCain became the GOP nominee. Like a wrote above McCain for some time has been talking about cutting the corporate tax rate. The optional alternative tax came out of the blue. I wonder how much influence Thompson had?

Nice Deb knows. Nice Deb knows all.

I just felt a tingle go up my leg.