Londonistan: Muslim Only Swim Sessions At Public Pool

Can you believe this?

A father and his five-year-old son were turned away from their local swimming pool because they were the wrong religion.

David Toube, 39, and his son Harry were told that the Sunday morning session was reserved for Muslim men only.

Hackney Council, which runs the Clissold Leisure Centre in Stoke Newington, north London, claimed staff there had made a mistake.

However, the Muslim-only session was advertised on its website.

Mr Toube, a corporate lawyer, described his experiences on a blog.

“I arrived at the pool to discover that they were holding what staff described to me as “Muslim men only swimming”,” he wrote.

“I asked whether my son and I could go as we were both male. I was told that the session was for Muslims only and that we could not be admitted.

Now…I can understand: Adults Only Swim, Family Swim, Senior Swim at pool centers, but Muslim only?

Or should we say, “NO Christians, NO Jews, NO Dogs Allowed.

The manager explained that it was “a requirement of the Muslim religion that Muslims could not swim with non-Muslims.” That assertion seems to be in dispute:

Dr Taj Hargey, chair of the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford, said it was not true that Muslims could not swim with non-Muslims.

“There is no Koranic verse or any statement from the sources of Islam that says different religions should be segregated,” he said.

“The only requirement is that when women swim they should be modestly clad.”

The Prophet Mohammed is recorded as saying that it is a Muslim’s duty to learn to swim as it could save his or her life.

The swimming sessions for male Muslims were advertised as taking place every Sunday from 8am to 9.30am.

Leaflets stipulated: “It is compulsory for the body to be covered between the navel and the knees.

“Anyone not adhering to the dress code or rules within the pool will not be allowed to swim. All brothers welcome.’

It sounds like the management at the center is now backing away from the ‘Muslims only’ position:

A leisure centre spokesman said staff were wrong to refuse entry to Mr Toube.

He added: “The member of staff the user spoke with at the time was mistaken when referring to the session as Muslim-only.

“The men’s modesty session is not a private hire and is, therefore, open to the public.

“Staff cannot ask your religion on entrance and you won’t be refused entry if you don’t appear to be Muslim.”

Luckily for the folks in this North London neighborhood, the victim of this bias happened to be a lawyer, and it looks like the problem is being nipped in the bud.


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Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

Obama’s Moral Equivocation FAILURE

I’m talking about Obama’s latest demented moral equivocation which took place at the Tuesday night Democrat debate. This time it was his Senate pal, Tom Coburn, not his grandmother, who was tossed under the bus.

I touched on this briefly in my Radicals, Terrorists and Tyrants post:

Obama characterized his relationship with Ayers as the same thing as being friendly with fellow Senator, Tom Coburn who favors *GASP* the death penalty for abortionists who perform abortions (except in rare cases to save the life of the mother). An extreme position to be sure, but does it make him a terrorist? Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were terrorists, no if, ands, or buts. Does Tom Coburn support Obama? Donate to his campaigns?

Can you imagine how awkward it’s going to be the next time Obama bumps into his friend, Coburn on the Senate floor? *Cringe!*

Byron York is lowing the boom on Bambi:

Would you rather be associated with a ’60s radical who plotted to bomb the Pentagon and to this day believes, as he said a few years ago, “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough,” or would you rather be associated with — slight pause, please — Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.)?

That was the rather bizarre scenario raised by Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) at Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Philadelphia.

Yesss. That’s what I meant to say. He goes on:

But wouldn’t Coburn be more comparable to Ayers if he, Coburn, had bombed abortion clinics in the past — and then said that he not only did not regret bombing the clinics but wished that he had done more? And then, after bombing abortion clinics and refusing to express regret, he held a political event in his home for Barack Obama, which Obama attended?

And if all that had happened, would Obama say it wasn’t a problem because Coburn had bombed those clinics a long time ago, when Obama was just 8 years old?

Do you believe that would endear Obama to voters in the Democratic primaries?

Hmmmm…huh!…hmmmmm…let me think about that one.

But-but-but Obama said the American people were smarter than to think otherwise:

So this kind of game, in which anybody who I know, regardless of how flimsy the relationship is, is somehow — somehow their ideas could be attributed to me — I think the American people are smarter than that. They’re not going to suggest somehow that that is reflective of my views, because it obviously isn’t.

Obviously my ass. Obama’s many known associations with pinkos, commies, radicals and terrorists actually reflect something quite disturbing about him…that their ideas do in fact reflect his views.

But note how he tries to intimidate ‘the American people’ into brushing past all that. We’re supposed to be smarter than that. If we question any of his troublesome associations, or endorsements, we’re knuckle dragging troglodytes who don’t appreciate arugula.

“Isn’t that guilt by association?” Alan Colmes will simper.

Let’s play a little mind game:

How many awful associations does a lib have to have before a fellow lib sees a problem? And how many awful associations does a conservative have to have before the same lib sees a problem?

Compare and contrast answers.


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