What Obama And Wright Hath Wrought

Michael Smirconish (filling in for Bill O’Reilly today on his radio show), played a clip from his interview with Hillary Clinton.

What an annoying piece of work, O’Reilly is. He says he feels sorry for Obama because his lunatic former pastor is derailing his campaign. Poor Obama is a nice guy, according to O’Reilly, and Reverend Wright is hurting him. What does Hillary think?

Frankly I don’t care. I realize she’ll just give a careful politician’s answer to that question. It’s O’Reilly’s sympathy for Obama that I’m interested in. As always, with O’Reilly, he wants to come off as a very mature, reasonable, independent thinker. So he basically implies that those of us whose hearts don’t bleed for Obama’s suffering in this cruel predicament are mean spirited wingers.

I can’t stress forcefully enough what utter bullshit that is. I don’t feel one teeny tiny bit sorry for Obama, and neither should anyone. In fact I think he owes me an apology for insulting my intelligence to the degree that he has. You don’t sit in the pews of a church for as long as he did and not notice the crazy, Marxist, race-baiting style of the Pastor. To try to convince us that Reverend McCrazyRace-baitingMarxist only came out when Obama and his family were not in the pews, strains credulity. It’s simply. not. credible. And that’s putting it nicely. Frankly, it’s BS – Barbara Streisand horse-hocky. Eh…I wish I had a really foul mouth right now…. if anyone deserves heaps of foul-mouthed scorn poured down on him, Obama does for being such an arrogant, insulting….!@#$%&* And what pisses me off the most are the dumcoffs who buy his bull, hook-line-and-sinker.

He also owes the country an apology for setting race relations in America back 50 years. By causing a spotlight to shine on his demonic church in Chicago, (because that’s the church he attended for nearly 20 years, and as he was running for POTUS, he had to know it would be looked at) he has forced millions of whites to recoil in disgust, and exclaim WTF??? What kind of pastor screams “God damn America”, and what kind of congregation whoops and hollers in appreciation at that kind of rhetoric…in church??? What kind of pastor blames the “US of KKK A” for the insane and unwarranted destruction on 9/11, the very weekend after the attack?

I used to believe that vast majority of Americans, both black and white, despised racism, and craved racial unity. Now we’re all forced to wonder how many of these black churches engage in that sort of “worship”, when normally we wouldn’t consider it any of our business how other congregations worship. I always assumed (mistakenly it turns out), that black churches were lively, but still reverent, and respectable, but in the case of TUCC, I can see I was wrong.

Christians are not supposed to damn anyone. That is why the curse “God damn” is such an egregious one. Christians are called to forgive their neighbors, not sit in supreme judgment of them. I understand that throughout history, there have been evil, or wrong-headed “men of God” preaching hate from the pulpit, I didn’t realize it was still going on to this degree.

How many more black pastors preach such hate from the pulpit. I shudder to think. I really don’t know the answer to that. I don’t think I want to know.

Thanks Obama.

6 thoughts on “What Obama And Wright Hath Wrought

  1. “How many more black pastors preach such hate from the pulpit. I shudder to think.”

    That’s an important investigation. Black congregations are well established to be more susceptible to emotional appeals than others. (Go ahead, call me a racist. I don’t care; facts are facts.) A black preacher with an emotion-filled message message of hatred to propound from his pulpit has a vulnerable group before him. The results are seldom pleasant.


  2. Hard to put your finger on the most offensive displays we’ve seen from Rev. Wright, but for me, his absolute giddiness blaming America for 9/11 probably tops the list.

    Man I hate Illinois Nazis.


  3. Just this morning my Congresswoman, Lois Capps, a superdelegate, endorsed this empty suit. She stated “his proven judgment” and “hopeful vision” is what pushed her to support this idiot. We are absolutly living in an upside down world people. PROVEN JUDGMENT? I give up.


  4. What’s scary is he actually has a very good chance of winning, because there are so many idiots like that out there.

    Say goodbye to capitalism if he does. Say goodbye to freedom of speech.


  5. Deb,

    It is scary. “Group thinking” and “get into lock step” with the Democratic party is here now. The Dems are clearly marching on the path to full blown socialism and wealth distribution is going to happen. Not far behind is a communist agenda.


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