Should Obama “Disown” Reverend Wright?

I have to do one more quick post before I go to bed.

Some pundits like Byron York, and Andrew Sullivan are offering Obama free advice, strongly suggesting that he “disown” Reverend Wright.


“I think he’s going to have to walk farther away from Wright, if he wants to win the general election,” one Democratic strategist told me Monday night. “He could say, ‘This is different now. Just to eliminate any questions, I am going to leave this church, because I believe the country is more important.’ It would say that Wright’s rhetoric has no place in his campaign or the lives of his children.” (As the Wright controversy has festered, observers on both sides of the political divide have wondered, usually in whispers, about Obama’s decision to take his young children to Wright’s church.)


Obama needs not just to distance himself from Wright’s views; he needs to disown him at this point. Wright himself, it seems to me, has become part of what Obama is fighting against: the boomer, Vietnam era’s obsession with its red-blue, white-black, pro and anti-America fixations. That is not what this election needs to be about; and Wright’s massive, racially divisive and, yes, bitter provocation requires a proportionate response.

We need a speech or statement from Obama in which he utterly repudiates this poison, however personally difficult that may be, however damaging the impact will be.

(Here’s Ace’s hilarious take on St. Andrew’s change of heart).

First of all, STOP trying to help the enemy, Byron.

(Here’s Karl Rove trying to give him some free advice, too). Stop that!

Second of all, what can he possibly say as a means to explain how he was able to sit in Reverend Wright’s pews for 20 years, and listen to that garbage? He can “disown” Wright all he wants, but he can’t disown his participation in that loathsome church for 20 years; a church that practices the profoundly racist Black Liberation Theology.

He, and Wright, and the media can spin spin spin all they want that Wright was taken out of context, but the American people, (the majority, anyway) are not such ignorant buffoons that they would believe such unmitigated bullcrap. The unedited versions of his sermons, taken completely in context, (which he sells in his own church giftshop!) are even worse.

So to say that Obama just needs to “disown” his Pastor of twenty years doesn’t cut it. But don’t tell the panicky nutroots that. They’re still holding on to hope, (and change).

What Obama really needs to do is drop out before he does any more damage to race relations in this country.


GOP operatives, always slow on the uptake, are finally noticing Obama’s weaknesses, and are preparing a $500,000 hit on him. Something tells me it’s going to be lukewarm, and unsatisfying:

Whereas Obama once seemed an almost cultlike figure who transcended race and class, the narrative that has emerged from his campaign’s recent trials has given Republicans hope that the Illinois senator can be tagged as an elitist with the same effectiveness with which Michael Dukakis and John F. Kerry were so labeled.

The elitist story line has provided Republicans with press release fodder against freshman Democratic House members and statewide elected officials in roughly two dozen states.

Whoa, Nellie! Hardcore! Elitist, eh?

The guy’s got our nations enemies, tin-pot dictators, known commies, radical pinkos, (and Reverend Wright) supporting him; he’s buds with a former terrorist, for crying out loud, and the best they can do is try to paint him as an elitist?

They had better do better than that, by God.

Reverend Wright’s October Surprise?

Reverend ‘US of KKK A’ Wright is the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans. He’s writing a book that will be published later this year.

He announced this good news during his speech in Detroit:

“So let me give you the outline of the rest of this message. You can either fill in the blanks for yourselves or you could wait for my book that will be out later this year.”

Later this year…as in…say…October? Blogger Steve Sailer likes to think so. He predicted this, earlier this month:

If you were a literary agent, say, wouldn’t you want to sign Wright up for a quickie bestseller, with a release date targeted at, say, 10/1/08? Hustle your best ghostwriter out to Tinley Park and get Wright’s memoirs and views on current issues slapped together by the Fourth of July. Make that deadline and you could have it on the bookshelves five weeks before Election Day! No, I don’t think we’ve heard the last from Rev. Wright.

Some people are saying that Wright is mad at Obama for throwing him under the bus during his speech on race. I’m not so sure about that. I think Wright actually wants to help Obama. He’s just too delusional to know how to go about it.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


Anybody getting Reverend Wright fatigue? Do you watch the clips of Wright saying G-D Damn America over and over in front of his whooping and hollering congregation, and get demoralized? Do the US of KKK A intonations give you heartburn. Here’s the antidote. (I really think Baldilocks is in love).

Obama Served As Chairman Of Ayers Created “Chicago Annenberg Challenge”

Just One Minute has been doing some fact checking on Obama’s relationship with unrepentant Weatherman Underground member, William Ayers.

As most of you know, Obama has repeatedly characterized his relationship with Ayers as insignificant…they lived in the same neighborhood, served on the same board… purely coincidental connections, (which doesn’t at all explain why he held a 1995 campaign event at the home of Ayers and his wife, fellow former terrorist Bernardine Dohrn).

Now, it appears that Obama and Ayers had a working relationship (friendship) that predates their work together on the Woods Fund of Chicago board.

Barack Obama has a new entanglement with unrepentant Weatherman Bill Ayers which I detail below. The gist is this – back in the mid-90’s Bill Ayers was instrumental in the creation and early operation of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an effort committed to the reform of Chicago’s public schools. Barack Obama was Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which suggests he worked closely with Ayers for several years.

Yet in his recent nationally televised appearances and at his website, Obama fails to mention this Ayers entanglement. Why so coy? It’s hard to believe he actually forgot his executive role in this important foray into public policy; that said, the Chicago Challenge foundered on the hard rocks of Chicago politics and was widely viewed as ineffective, so perhaps he would prefer not to highlight his failure to bring people together and produce real change.

Or maybe Obama was a do-nothing figurehead who honestly forgot that Bill Ayers was running the show. Awkward spin, that. In any case, there is also a question of shared values. Ayers brings a highly progressive approach to education – dare we ask whether Obama shares his values?

See Just One Minute for details and plenty of background links.

Here’s the segment of Obama’s interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace where he deals with his relationships with Reverend Wright, and William Ayers. The Ayers portion doesn’t start until about 7:28 in.

Here’s one place where my B.S. Detector started going off:

We served on a board together that had Republicans, bankers, lawyers, focused on education, who worked for Mayor Daley.

Nobody is suggesting that the board was full of notorious thugs like Ayers, but Republicans? Are we supposed to believe that The Woods Fund of Chicago is a bipartisan organization? I suppose…but I decided to check the political affiliations of its members to see if that panned out, anyway.

Here’s a list of Woods Fund Members:

Accessed April 2008:


  • Deborah Harrington* – President
  • Suzanne R. Boyle*- Treasurer
  • Consuella L. Brown – Program Director
  • Deborah D. Clark – Grants and Operations Manager
  • Jeffrey T. Pinzino – Program Officer

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Laura S. Washington, Board Chair* – Ida B. Wells-Barnett University Professor and Fellow of the DePaul Humanities Center
  • Jesus G. Garcia, Vice Chair* – Executive Director, Little Village Community Development Corporation
  • William C. Ayers – Distinguished Professor of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Lee Bey– Director of Media and Governmental Affairs, Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill LLP
  • Doris Salomon Chagin– Category Manager – Ethnic Markets, BP Products North America
  • Beth E. Richie – Professor and Head of the Department of African American Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Patrick M. Sheahan – Executive Director, Public Affairs, UBS Investment Bank
  • Charles N. Wheatley – President, Sahara Enterprises, Inc.
  • Lucia Woods Lindley – Board Member Emeritus

Other Officers

  • Kristin Patton* – Secretary
  • I give up. I couldn’t find any Republicans in the 2008 group. I either found them to be donors to Democrat candidates, or I found their bios to contain all the earmarks of Democrat activism, without being able to prove it, (I didn’t link to those). I doubt I’d find any Republicans in the 2001 group, either:

    People (2001)


  • Ricardo A. Millett – President
  • Todd Dietterle – Vice President – Program Director, Community Organizing Program
  • Deborah Harrington – Program Director, Enabling Work and Reducing Poverty
  • Phillip Thomas – Program Officer
  • Sally E. Gonzelez – Grants and Operations Manager

Board of Directors

  • Howard J. Stanback– Board Chair – Manager, New Kenwood, LLC
  • Maria G. Valdez – Board Vice Chair – Attorney-at-Law Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • William C. Ayers – Distinguished Professor Of Education, University Of Illinois At Chicago
  • Cynthia M. Campbell– President, Mccormick Theological Seminary
  • R. Eden Martin – President, Civic Committee And The Commercial Club
  • Barack Obama – State Senator And University Of Chicago School Of Law
  • Charles N. Wheatley – President, Sahara Enterprises, Inc.
  • Suzanne Boyle, Board Treasurer
  • Kristin Patton, Board Secretary

I may do some more investigating later, but color me skeptical of the idea that there have more than one or two token Republican Woods Fund members in the whole history of its existence.

Thanks Beth And Carol

Didn’t they do a wonderful job babysitting my blog for the weekend? With very little notice, they stepped up to the plate, and posted several very interesting, ( and linked to) posts that generated traffic, and kept my blog stats from dwindling down to nothing (but Chuck Norris Google hits), and I truly appreciate that.

Chuck Norris still rules, though.

There are going to be a few more weekends this year when I’ll need someone to keep my blog going for me while I’m gone, so I’ll be requiring their services again. I’m glad to know that I can depend on them.

Thanks again, and a HUUUUGE tiara tip to my Cotillion sisters, Carol, and Beth! tip – nuking the splogs (Beth)

You know how you’re always seeing pingbacks from content scrapers at splogs (spammer blogs) where your posts are copied in full or in part, surrounded by Google ads? They suck.

DON’T ALLOW THOSE PINGS TO POST to your comments, because it helps their Google rank, and they’re making money for your work.

Because your blog is at, you can’t ban them through your .htaccess file, and (as far as I know) you can’t add plugins to catch them or ban them. (I do this at my blog because it’s self-hosted.) You can, however, nuke the pings another way so they don’t clutter your Akismet queue (or worse, get posted).

First, it’s a good idea to check the IP and make sure it resolves to the domain in question. Then go to Settings > Discussion. Put the splog’s IP in the blacklist, and everything from them will automatically be marked as spam. You can stick the domain (i.e. – a big stupid splog source) in there, if you prefer.  It’s that easy. This isn’t the same as banning IPs from regular spammers (who usually use random IPs), because the IP is attached to the domain and will always come from the that splog.

If you’re at a self-hosted WordPress blog, let me know and I’ll give you some tips on plugins you can and should use to cut down on this scourge.

For everyone: Do what you have to do to keep that crap off your blog. At the very least, delete the pingbacks.

A good way to find who’s doing the content scraping is to route your feeds through Feedburner (which I highly recommend anyway) and insert a line in each feed post (something nonsensical, like “nvihe894ufiefsudiguklufweir7ww” that won’t be duplicated elsewhere). You can then Google for the nonsense string and find who’s stealing your shit, and report the splogs to Google Adsense, and/or if you use the Firefox McAfee SiteAdvisor add-on, report them there. Yeah, doing all that reporting and stuff is extra work, but if you’re pissed about content scrapers, it helps.

By the way, especially for those of you who use (but a lot of her material applies to all bloggers), I recommend checking out Lorelle on WordPress for tips on how to make the most of She’s got some very thorough information about splogs and content thieves there, too.

Paultards trying to subvert the National Convention (posted by Beth)

I saw this at Digg (where else?) last week, but ignored it after burying it. It seems, though, that Paultards are quite serious about hijacking the Republican Convention. If you don’t want to see the “plan” at the Paultards’ blogs, read it here. Snip:

*The Strategy:*

The strategy therefore must be to get as many Ron Paul delegates selected to represent their states at the National Convention.

That means our delegates need to stay low-key.

Resolutions are a dead giveaway, especially when they are fought over things like opposition to the war, or abolishing the Federal Reserve and the IRS, all signature issues of Ron Paul.

So, the best plan is to shut up, move along, do what you have to do to get selected, sign the pledge to “support” McCain (it doesn’t say you promise not to abstain!) and just get in short of outright lying, of course.

If there are any ethical concerns about this supposed “stealth tactic,” think about what ethical concerns you may have if you allow McCain to become president by your inaction. [Continue reading…]

Ethics? We don’t need no stinkin’ ethics! It’s REVOLUTION! Forget about the sheeple’s votes, this is a coup!

At least one person is fighting back. Heather Johnson of

I am a Mitt fan and have a blog for his support. But I have also pledged on my blog my support for McCain as a our GOP nominee. I am trying to do my part in stopping these Ron Paul fans from overtaking the convention with their agenda nonsense and just get McCain officially nominated.

Heather is trying to just GET to the convention, but she needs help (financially) getting there. If you can drop a few shekels her way, you’ll be doing your part to shut up these asshat Paultards. Make no mistake, they are extremely well-organized (online activity and caucus results should tell you that much) and you can be sure they’ll make their presence known at the National Convention. Unless you want to see the GOP have an even more f’d up convention than it looks like the Dems will have, the Paultard kiddies must be stopped.

Ron Paul has even given tacit support to this idea (or that’s how it’ll be read by his fanatic supporters), while leaving his options open for a third party run:

“I’ll be very cautious about what I do,” he said, noting his effort to encourage his supporters to get involved with their local Republican committee.

And you know Ron Paul–he’s a stickler for the last letter of the Constitution. If it can be interpreted to allow this “loophole” that can get him nominated–or at the very least, create chaos–it’s A-OK. He’ll say this is exactly what the Constitution was designed for. (Nevermind the votes for the candidates–the votes for delegates matter more? LOL.)

Please help Heather out – I absolutely vouch for her honesty and ethics 100%. She needs help getting to the Convention, and we need to put the final nail in the Paultard coffin of crazy once and for all.

Ron Paul Revolution OVER