19-Year-Old Skank Beats Up Little Old Lady In Road-Rage Incident

You can call this “road rage”, or “elder abuse”, but I prefer to call it an out of control, deranged bitch, who was never taught to respect her elders:

Jessica Vasquez (pictured), 19, was taken into custody after she assaulted Evelyn Page, 81, who she thought was driving slowly in the 6200 block of South Meridian Street, on Indianapolis’ south side, according to Indianapolis Metro police.Police said Vasquez sped around Page and then slammed on her brakes, forcing the elderly woman to stop.

Then, according to police, Vasquez jumped out of her car, opened the driver’s-side door of Page’s car and began beating her.Police said the victim tried to get away, but that Vasquez pulled her out of the car and continued beating her, forcing her to fall into two lanes of traffic.Page’s face was bloodied and her leg was broken in 14 places, 6News’ Jack Rinehart reported. She will also have to undergo knee replacement.”This is a crime that is outrageous, something that we don’t normally see,” said IMPD Detective Wendall Daniel. “We don’t normally see a female, 19 years old, beating an 81-year-old woman.”

Remind you of anyone?

Here’s the local News Clip:

The Mugshot:

The Victim:

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

13 thoughts on “19-Year-Old Skank Beats Up Little Old Lady In Road-Rage Incident

  1. Yeah daddy, she’s a keeper!
    Nice going Mom & Dad! Or more likely just Mom. Any self-respecting Dad would have whipped that nasty little scrunt’s ass into the human race a long time ago.
    What’s the over/under on the jail sentence? 6yrs?


  2. She isn’t an unattractive girl. She needs a beating that will make her permanently as physically unattractive as she is an unattractive personality.


  3. Better idea: she should be treated in the same manner as the French women who collaborated with the Germans. Shave her head, badly.


  4. Thanks so much Nice Deb for the compliments on my blog. It is a labor of love and it is something I am passionate about.

    You should see my latest blog entry…..

    Hope you are well.

    Iranian Ajax


  5. “Remind you of anyone?”

    I see I guessed wrong about who she should remind me of, because my first guess was Girly Talis, the wheelchair-chick-punching troofer from the children’s book signing in NYC.
    She still kind of reminds me of him, though.


  6. I just saw the clip….someone should throw HER onto an on-coming train……..from the thighs down so that she lives through the ordeal and feels it……throwing her to kill her would be no fun….


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