Obama Says “Wright Was Never My Political Council”

Bestest photoshop evah! ^^^ (She SAID we could use it).

Fox News reports:

Barack Obama said Sunday he never sought Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s counsel on political issues and would “absolutely not” seek his advice on policy if he gets to the White House.

The Democratic presidential candidate said his retiring pastor built a wonderful church that “lived out the social gospel,” but ultimately Wright’s comments about the United States “over the last several months and over the last several years … are contrary to what I stand for and who I am.”

Well huh! I’m scratching my head here, because I distinctly recall him saying in January 2007:

Obama says that rather than advising him on strategy, Wright helps keep his priorities straight and his moral compass calibrated.

“What I value most about Pastor Wright is not his day-to-day political advice,” Obama said. “He’s much more of a sounding board for me to make sure that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible and that I’m not losing myself in some of the hype and hoopla and stress that’s involved in national politics.”

Now….when Obama says “not his day-to-day political advice”, he doesn’t mean he doesn’t get “day to day political advice” from reverend Wright. He just means it’s just not what he values most about his relationship with his pastor.

But his statement does strongly suggest some “day to day political advice”.

Now perhaps Obama didn’t/doesn’t consider Wright a political councilor because he never sought his advice, and the good reverend just offered it in an unsolicited manner….. “Day-to-day”.

Obama just never told him to can it because he’s such a nice guy, and all.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Just sayin’


Alice H. reminds me of this well known example of Obama/Wright political consultation:

(From the WSJ):

The title of Mr. Obama’s bestseller “The Audacity of Hope” comes from one of Wright’s sermons. Mr. Wright is one of the first people Mr. Obama thanked after his election to the Senate in 2004. Mr. Obama consulted Mr. Wright before deciding to run for president. He prayed privately with Mr. Wright before announcing his candidacy last year.

You know what? I’ll quit playing “gotcha” when he quits lying.

8 thoughts on “Obama Says “Wright Was Never My Political Council”

  1. I’ll start believing the “Tooth Fairy” and the “Easter Bunny” before I ever begin to give this emply suit any credibility. What a huge bag of lying political trash.


  2. At the rate Obama’s backpedaling on Wright, in a few weeks he will have never met the man.


  3. I feel much better about my bitterness and stringent opposition to this so-called man, Obama.

    I tell you, I was dead set against him the moment he announced his candidacy.

    None of this should surprise us. He promised, after all, with a solemn promise not to run for president until he finished his senatorial term. And see what happened? He is so utterly unreliable. Or rather, we can rely on him to lie to, deceive, and take advantage of us.


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