26 thoughts on “When It’s Okay To Say, “Oh SHIT!!!”

  1. You’re welcome!

    I found those pix (all but the last one) in an email my husband sent me over a year ago, and I for some reason kept. I decided to copy the “Beware of imposters” idea.


  2. A swear word in a Nice Deb post?? On NICE DEB?!?!?!

    The terrorists have already won.

    Also, I think that first picture might be fake. NTTAWWT

    Have a great weekend, Nice Deb!


  3. Yeah, that is the only thing about spring time I don’t like. It causes work. If I hadn’t sworn off flying commercial a few years ago, I am pretty sure I would have given it up.

    I see you have been busy making a name for yourself. Great work. Be sure and save me an 8X10 glossy when you are filling in on Fox News. Talk about a Hot combo. Michelle Malkin, Mary Kathrine Ham, and Nice Deb. O’Rilley would have a heart attack.


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